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Stan Wawrinka jokingly calls Roger Federer 'an a******' in emotional speech after Indian Wells final
Charlie Eccleshare

20 MARCH 2017 • 10:36AM
An emotional Stan Wawrinka paid tribute to his compatriot Roger Federer in a heartfelt speech following the Indian Wells final on Sunday night.

Wawrinka was defeated 6-4, 7-5 by his fellow Swiss Federer, and in his post-match speech revealed the extent of his admiration for his rival.

“I would like to congratulate Roger,” Wawrinka said, with tears in his eyes as he glanced over at Federer. “He’s laughing. He’s an a******, but it’s OK.”

He continued: "I lost some tough ones against you, but when you played the final in Australia I was still your biggest fan so congratulations for your comeback and congratulations for today.

"Anybody who loves to watch tennis loves to watch you so it's always good to see you back at that level, hopefully for many years."

もちろんこれはonly a true friend can say that.というYoutubeのコメントにもあるように公私とも仲が良い二人だからこそ許される発言に違いありません。




日本でもベストセラーになった辰巳渚さんの「捨てる!」技術がThe Art of Discardingとして英語版が発売されるようです。ここでの「技術」がArtになるのは面白いですね。(the book that originally inspired a young Marie Kondo to start cleaning up her closets)とコンマリブームに乗っかる気満々です(笑)

The book that inspired Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Nagisa Tatsumi's international bestseller offers a practical plan to figure out what to keep and what to discard so you can get - and stay - tidy, once and for all.

Practical and inspiring, The Art of Discarding (the book that originally inspired a young Marie Kondo to start cleaning up her closets) offers hands-on advice and easy-to-follow guidelines to help readers learn how to finally let go of stuff that is holding them back--as well as sage advice on acquiring less in the first place. Author Nagisa Tatsumi urges us to reflect on our attitude to possessing things and to have the courage and conviction to get rid of all the stuff we really don't need, offering advice on how to tackle the things that pile up at home and take back control. By learning the art of discarding you will gain space, free yourself from "accumulation syndrome," and find new joy and purpose in your clutter-free life.


Tips From The Life-Changing Book That Inspired Marie Kondo’s Konmari Method
MARCH 16, 2017 5:30 PM


Set limits. The limit may be the capacity of a particular container—a bookcase, say, or a closet. Once your possessions exceed that capacity, get rid of anything that isn’t required. Or simply decide how much of something you are likely to use—for example, wrapping paper—and don’t allow your stock to exceed that.
What sort of things?

• Clothes, towels/sheets (cabinet; closet); shoes (shoe rack); food (food shelves); books (bookcase);
• Pens, pencils (pen holder)
• Wrapping paper, string, boxes
• Used paper
• Pajamas
• Bath towels, sheets
• Mugs
• Chopsticks, spoons, etc.
• Cloths
• Pots, kitchen utensils
Strategy variations

• Clothes, towels/sheets (cabinet; closet); shoes (shoe rack); food (food shelves); books (bookcase)
Don’t keep clothes on bedroom walls, in the corridor or the hall, etc. Decide on just one place to put them. Once that fills up, start checking through what you’ve got. If there’s anything there that you never use, think about getting rid of it. The same approach can be taken with towels and sheets, with shoes that don’t fit on the rack, food that doesn’t fit on the shelves, books that won’t go in the bookcase. Once you’ve decided on the amount of space each type of item should be allocated, think carefully before increasing it.
• Pens, pencils (pen holder)
It may seem a minor thing, but it’s worth keeping an eye on pen holders. They tend to fill up very quickly, and you want to be able to take pens out and put them back with ease. So once this becomes difficult, get rid of some pens. It’s likely that there are some that don’t work very well, or others you were given but never use. Don’t make the mistake of starting up a new pen box in your drawer.


Our clutter-loving critic hates throwing anything anyway. But he’ll happily make an exception for this bossy-boots self-help manual from Japan that’s ordering him to tidy up his life...
By Craig Brown Event for The Mail on Sunday
PUBLISHED: 22:01 GMT, 18 March 2017 | UPDATED: 22:01 GMT, 18 March 2017

Are you still with me? It so happens that this week I am reviewing a book called The Art Of Discarding, which its publishers confidently describe as ‘The book that inspired Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying’. It has, they add, already sold two million copies in Japan.

‘Throwing stuff out: it’s a fundamental issue,’ reads the very first sentence. Quite clearly, I am the target audience. The chapter titles give the gist of what is to follow: 1: Don’t keep it ‘for now’. 2: Avoid ‘temporary storage – decide now!’ 3: ‘Sometime’ never comes. 4: ‘Really convenient!’ to somebody else – irritating junk to me. 5: Nothing is sacred. 6: If you’ve got it, use it.

And so forth. On page seven, the author squeezes the message of the entire book into a single sentence. ‘It’s very simple: keep things you use and discard those you don’t.’ The rest of The Art Of Discarding is little more than a repetition of this basic message, over and over and over again. Even though it is an extremely short book – 168 pages with big type and a lot of blank space – it seems much too long. A recurrent phrase is ‘As I’ve said already’. If only the author had followed her own strictures, and discarded anything unnecessary, she could have boiled it down to a couple of paragraphs at most.

Like many self-help manuals with a message too brief to fill up the available pages (diet books, for instance, are all long-winded variations on two words: ‘Eat Less’), The Art Of Discarding includes a survey conducted by the author from her circle of acquaintances. ‘The majority of responses were from the Tokyo area, but some were also from Osaka, Kyushu, Shikoku, Chubu and Hokuriku,’ she adds, helpfully.


If only the author had followed her own strictures, and discarded anything unnecessary, she could have boiled it down to a couple of paragraphs at most.

ダイエット本の核心もEat lessで済むじゃないかという指摘は痛快ですね。

Like many self-help manuals with a message too brief to fill up the available pages (diet books, for instance, are all long-winded variations on two words: ‘Eat Less’)




美女と野獣の主題歌もリメイクなんですね。実写版リメイクについてはlive-action retellingとかlive-action remakeとされています。live-actionは「実写の」という意味になるとは知らんかったです。

(of a film/movie) using real people or animals, rather than drawings, models or computers


Class size is limited, so please sign up at the library before Saturday!


Beauty and the Beast Opening Night Fan Event
See Ariana Grande and John Legend's "Beauty and the Beast" music video in theaters
Includes: Commemorative giveaways and concession offers

Commemorative giveawaysとしてオリジナルグッズがもらえるようですが、そこでの注意書きです。

Collect these pins!
At participating theatres, while supplies last.

while supplies lastは「なくなり次第終了(数に限りがあります)」という意味です。

concession offersの方はspecial concession stand promotionsということでポップコーンやジュースが割引されるそうです。concession standは映画館内の売店のことですね。

Theaters from AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Marcus and Wehrenberg are participating, as is the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, and each theatre circuit will be offering special concession stand promotions and commemorative give-away’s celebrating the film and the event. Tickets for the Beauty and the Beast opening night fan events are on sale now and available through BeOurGuest.com/fan-events.

while supplies lastはセール時にLimited quantities are available while supplies last!のように頻出する表現のようでBlack Fridayのセールで画像検索するとたくさん出てきました。コストコの例が以下です。

Costco Black Friday 2015 ad has just been posted and features 10 pages of deals including Thanksgiving Weekend Coupon offer preview starting on November 27, 2015. Costco Black Friday will start at 9am on Friday through closing while supplies last.

while supplies lastの「なくなり次第終了(数に限りがあります)」はTOEIC公式問題集ではまだ使われていないようですが、見慣れていればすぐに理解できますね。

ついでにfareに「料理」の意味があるというのは金フレでも紹介してくれていますが、classic movie fare such as popcorn, nachos, premium movie candy, and Coke® soft drinksとありました。ポップコーンもコーラもfareに入るんですね(苦笑)

Our Concession Stands offer a wide variety of classic movie fare such as popcorn, nachos, premium movie candy, and Coke® soft drinks.
Additionally, you will find our own
• pretzels & pretzel nuggets
• freshly-baked cookies
• NATHAN's Famous® Hot Dogs
• Tostitos® Nachos
• and much more!
Menu choices may vary per location. 

最後の文Menu choices may vary per location. (メニューは店舗によって異なります)は無駄のない英語ですね。日本人だとMenu is different depending on the store.のようにしてしまいそうです。

小ネタ coffee shop とcoffee house

L&R問題集2のパート7のお話です。歴史ある建造物を巡るツアーでNorthside Coffeehouseが登場しました。このcoffeehouseも歴史的建造物なのか本文を読んだだけではわかりませんが、歴史を匂わせる語ではあるようです。

coffee house
喫茶店; ⦅英⦆コーヒーハウス〘18世紀ごろ人気があった軽食喫茶クラブ〙.

coffee house
a restaurant serving coffee, etc., especially one of a type popular in Britain in the 18th century or one in a city in Central Europe

もちろん単なる喫茶店やカフェの名前の可能性の方が高いんですがTOEICの世界でcoffee houseは滅多に登場しないんですよね。使われるならcoffee shopの方が多いです。公式問題集で登場する頻度を調べたものです。

café 50%
cafeteria 40%
coffee shop 10%


我々は日常生活ではカフェとか喫茶店とか言わずにスタバとかドトールとかチェーン店名でいう方が多いですね。スタバの方は意識してcoffee houseという言葉を使っているようですね。スタバのcoffee houseはイタリアのcoffee barのようなA place for conversation and a sense of community. A third place between work and home.を目指しているとか。やはり普通のcoffee shopじゃないという意気込みがあるのではないでしょうか。

In 1983, Howard traveled to Italy and became captivated with Italian coffee bars and the romance of the coffee experience. He had a vision to bring the Italian coffeehouse tradition back to the United States. A place for conversation and a sense of community. A third place between work and home. He left Starbucks for a short period of time to start his own Il Giornale coffeehouses and returned in August 1987 to purchase Starbucks with the help of local investors.

From the beginning, Starbucks set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only celebrated coffee and the rich tradition, but that also brought a feeling of connection.

Our mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.


We’re not just passionate purveyors of coffee, but everything else that goes with a full and rewarding coffeehouse experience. We also offer a selection of premium teas, fine pastries and other delectable treats to please the taste buds. And the music you hear in store is chosen for its artistry and appeal.



coffee shop




(雑感)Life is a marathon, not a sprint.


You can tell a lot about a person from a way they trade.
I take my time, get my fundamentals right, and give my position a chance to mature.
Life is a marathon, not a sprint.
No one trade will ever make me or break me.
This is how I trade. This is who I am.


Life is a marathon, not a sprint.(人生はマラソンで、短距離でないのだから)というよく出るフレーズがここでも使われています。

先ほどのエントリーの補足です。a copy of your resumeをどう日本語にするか、少し気になったので。。。公式でもブレていますね。。。

To apply, please send a cover letter, a copy of your resume, and a sample of your work to Haroon Raja, head of the Office of Recruitment.
申し込みに際しては、カバーレターと履歴書の写し、作品見本を採用担当課のHaroon Raja課長宛にお送りください。

If you are interested in contributing to our publication, please send me a copy of your resume.

現実に即した形にすれば、履歴書をコピーしたものを提出することはほとんどないですから、「履歴書1部」が自然ではないでしょうか。copy は金フレでも多義語として取り上げてくれていますね。