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煽り気味のタイトルにしてしまいましたが、太宰治の人間失格の新訳が出るそうです。以前はドナルド・キーンさんの訳でしたが、11月に出るものはMark Gibeauさんが出がけタイトルもA Shameful Lifeとしています。

Osamu Dazai is one of the most famous—and infamous—writers of 20th-century Japan. A Shameful Life (Ningen shikkaku) is his final published work and has become a bestselling classic for its depiction of the tortured struggle of a young man to survive in a world that he cannot comprehend. Paralleling the life and death of Dazai himself, the delicate weaving of fact and fiction remorselessly documents via journals the life of Yozo, a university student who spends his time in increasing isolation and debauchery. His doomed love affairs, suicide attempts, and constant fear of revealing his true self haunt the pages of the book and reveal a slow descent into madness. This dark tale nevertheless conveys something authentic about the human heart and its inability to find its true bearing.

“Dazai's reputation has not waned a bit in seventy years. Reading Mark Gibeau's brilliant translation will show you why.”
—Roger Pulvers, award-winning translator, film director, and author of LIV

“Certain novels evoke such a vivid sense of a character that it almost hurts to reach the end. This nuanced, engaging translation of Dazai Osamu's masterpiece A Shameful Life is just such a work: subtle and complex, it pulls the reader in and refuses to let go. Indeed, Mark Gibeau's helpful afterword left me wanting to turn right back to the first page and dig into the book again. A Shameful Life has that kind of power: it is Dazai at his finest.”
—Michael Emmerich, Associate Professor of Japanese Literature at UCLA



ドナルド・キーンさんのタイトルはNo Longer Humanと日本語に忠実に訳しています。

Mine has been a life of much shame. 
I can’t even guess myself what it must be to live the life of a human being. I was born in a village in the Northeast, and it wasn’t until I was quite big that I saw my first train. I climbed up and down the station bridge, quite unaware that its function was to permit people to cross from one track to another. I was convinced that the bridge had been provided to lend an exotic touch and to make the station premises a place of pleasant diversity, like some foreign playground. I remained under this delusion for quite a long time, and it was for me a very refined amusement indeed to climb up and down the bridge. thought that it was one of the most elegant services provided by the railways. When later I discovered that the bridge was nothing more than a utilitarian device, I lost all interest in it.

Again, when as a child I saw photographs of subway trains in picture books, it never occurred to me that they had been invented out of practical necessity; I could only suppose that riding underground instead of on the surface must be a novel and delightful pastime. 

I have been sickly ever since I was a child and have frequently been confined to bed. How often as I lay there I used to think what uninspired decorations sheets and pillow cases make. It wasn’t until I was about twenty that I realized that they actually served a practical purpose, and this revelation of human dullness stirred dark depression in me. 

Mark GibeauさんのタイトルはA Shameful Lifeですが、冒頭のI have lived a shameful life.(恥の多い生涯を送って来ました。)からとったもののようですね。

I have lived a shameful life.

I can't understand how this thing called "human life" is supposed to work. I was born out in the country, in northeast Japan, so I was already fairly old by the time I saw my first steam engine. Back then I didn't realize that the bridges in the station were there simply to let people cross the tracks and get to their platform. I thought they were there to to give the station an air of sophistication and fun - like the playground.  I maintained this belief for quite sometime, and clambering up and down those stairs always seemed to me the height of refined entertainment. Surely, I thought, this was the most considerate of all the services provided by the railroad. When I eventually discovered that they were nothing more than a practical set of stairs, my sense of delight vanished

Almost time, when I was a child, I saw an illustration of a subway. It never occurred to me that it might have been designed with some practical purpose in mind. I thought that people must have grown bored with riding above ground and the underground trains were built to provide new and exciting ways to travel.

I was a sickly child and often confined to my vet come flying to my bed. I remember lying there, gazing at the sheets, the pillowcase, the quilt cover and so on, wondering at their insipid designs. It wasn't until I was nearly twenty years old that I I realized that these things actually had a practical purpose, and, yet again, I was grieved by the dismal parsimony of humankind.

太宰治の没後60年を迎えた今年、青谷優子さんがEnglish Journalでも走れメロスを取り上げてくださいましたね。人間失格は中学生の頃読んでなんじゃこりゃという感想しかなかったんですが、改めて読んでみようかなと思っています。



Saturday, 20 October 2018

The Saudi Attorney General said on Friday night that the investigation showed the death of Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi during a fight in the consulate.

The Attorney General said in a statement that preliminary investigations on the case of Jamal Khashoggi showed his death, and that investigations continue with the detainees in custody of the case and the number so far is 18 people, all of Saudi nationality.

サウジの英文メディアArab Newsでは情報機関のAl-Asiriを解任したと踏み込んだ説明もしています。

Ahmed Al-Asiri has been removed from his position in general intelligence and Saud Al-Qahtani from his advisory role at the Royal Court, royal decrees ordered.


By David D. Kirkpatrick and Ben Hubbard
Oct. 18, 2018

ISTANBUL — The rulers of Saudi Arabia are considering blaming a top intelligence official close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, three people with knowledge of the Saudi plans said Thursday.

The plan to assign blame to Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri, a high-ranking adviser to the crown prince, would be an extraordinary recognition of the magnitude of international backlash to hit the kingdom since the disappearance of Mr. Khashoggi, a prominent Saudi dissident. A resident of Virginia and contributor to The Washington Post, Mr. Khashoggi was last seen entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2.

Blaming General Assiri could also provide a plausible explanation for the apparent killing and help deflect blame from the crown prince, who American intelligence agencies are increasingly convinced was behind Mr. Khashoggi’s disappearance.


Who said what


飯山陽 カテゴリ:ワールド  2018年10月18日 木曜 午後1:35







Huda al-Saleh, Al Arabiya.netThursday, 18 October 2018

By Turki Aldakhil Al Arabiya News ChannelSunday, 14 October 2018
I read the Saudi statement in response to the American proposals regarding sanctions on Saudi Arabia. The information circulating within decision-making circles within the kingdom have gone beyond the language used in the statement and discuss more than 30 potential measures to be taken against the imposition of sanctions on Riyadh. They present catastrophic scenarios that would hit the US economy much harder than Saudi Arabia’s economic climate.
If US sanctions are imposed on Saudi Arabia, we will be facing an economic disaster that would rock the entire world. Riyadh is the capital of its oil, and touching this would affect oil production before any other vital commodity. It would lead to Saudi Arabia's failure to commit to producing 7.5 million barrels. If the price of oil reaching $80 angered President Trump, no one should rule out the price jumping to $100, or $200, or even double that figure.
An oil barrel may be priced in a different currency, Chinese yuan, perhaps, instead of the dollar. And oil is the most important commodity traded by the dollar today.


木村太郎  カテゴリ:国内  2018年10月16日 火曜 午前9:30


By  Jamal Khashoggi   August 28
The United States’s aversion to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is more apparent in the current Trump administration, is the root of a predicament across the entire Arab world. The eradication of the Muslim Brotherhood is nothing less than an abolition of democracy and a guarantee that Arabs will continue living under authoritarian and corrupt regimes. In turn, this will mean the continuation of the causes behind revolution, extremism and refugees — all of which have affected the security of Europe and the rest of the world. Terrorism and the refugee crisis have changed the political mood in the West and brought the extreme right to prominence there.
There can be no political reform and democracy in any Arab country without accepting that political Islam is a part of it. A significant number of citizens in any given Arab country will give their vote to Islamic political parties if some form of democracy is allowed. It seems clear then that the only way to prevent political Islam from playing a role in Arab politics is to abolish democracy, which essentially deprives citizens of their basic right to choose their political representatives.


‘I heard they broke him ... they told me this he’s not going to be the same person again. They destroyed him,’ says source
Borzou Daragahi Tuesday 2 October 2018 15:25 

Mr Zamel has been charged with serious offences, including membership of the Muslim Brotherhood, the outlawed international Islamist political group that renounced violence decades ago and once received the backing of the Saudi state.

According to the Saudi newspaper al-Riyadh, he was also charged with ties to Qatar, the tiny Arabian Peninsula nation that has had a cataclysmic falling out with the Saudi leadership. He’s also accused of “inciting and sowing sedition in society,” seeking the violent overthrow of the Saudi regime by calling for protests, and leaking “sensitive” information that could harm national security, as well as violating cyber law by “mobilising his followers on social media.”


As part of the plan, the Crown Prince wanted to pressure Saudi businesses into replacing expat workers with locals. But Mr Zamel – who at one point had close to one million followers on Twitter – warned that the plan would cause a recession by reducing demand.

“He dug into the economic aspect and concluded it was unworkable,” said Iyad al-Baghdadi, an Oslo-based Arab political activist.

Mr Zamel also criticised the Crown Prince’s plan to the take the country’s national oil company, Aramco, public to raise $2 trillion (£1.5bn). To reach such a valuation, Mr Zamel argued, the firm would have to sell off reserves, which he deemed not the property of the company.


Bruce Riedel September 23, 2018

At home, the roundup of prominent Saudis last fall at the Ritz-Carlton has led to capital flight and much reduced foreign investment. Confidence in the economy and the prince’s handling of economic issues is dropping. His signature plan to open up ARAMCO is now dead, the king having killed it. The prince arrests any independent voice — even if it is supporters of allowing women to drive, which he pushed for.
Fearing for his security, the crown prince is said to spend many nights on his half-billion-dollar yacht moored in Jeddah. It’s a floating palace longer than a football field and with many perks. It is also a potential escape hatch.



Al-Monitor Staff  October 18, 2018
Why it matters: Ankara believes it has been successful in convincing global audiences that Khashoggi was murdered by officials closely linked to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. At the same time, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has yet to make an official statement about the case.
The dual game of leaks and official silence is widely seen as a bid to both embarrass and extract concessions from a geostrategic rival. Ankara and Riyadh are at odds over a wide range of issues, from Turkey's support for Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood to Ankara's staunch opposition of Saudi-backed Kurdish rebels in Syria. What exactly the Turks hope to gain from their negotiations with the Saudis remains shrouded in mystery.


Aggregate Score: 7/100 (0=Least Free, 100=Most Free)

Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarchy restricts almost all political rights and civil liberties. No officials at the national level are elected. The regime relies on extensive surveillance, the criminalization of dissent, appeals to sectarianism, and public spending supported by oil revenues to maintain power. Women and religious minorities face extensive discrimination in law and in practice. Working conditions for the large expatriate labor force are often exploitative. 







新しい項目の一つが「語のイメージ」。これを監修したのは大西 泰斗とポール・マクベイのお二人。ファンも多いですし、売り上げ貢献役を期待されているはずです。







【単語の記憶】 《CIRC》 (環)
circle 小さい環, 円
circuit 一周
circulate 循環する
circumference 円周
circumstance (周りを取り巻くもの) → 事情

【構文】 「be+形容詞+(that) 節」をとる形容詞
[例] Are you sure (that) you turned the gas off? ガスは確かに消しましたか.
aware (…であることに)気づいている.
・careful (…するように)注意している.
・confident (…であると)確信している.
・disappointed (…であるので)がっかりしている.
・glad (…であるので)喜んでいる.
・proud (…であることを)誇りに思う.
・sad (…であるので)悲しい.
・surprised (…であるので)驚いている.

【日英比較】 日本語の「青い」は英語の blue よりも指す範囲が広く, 草木や信号の「青」などは英語では green を用いる. 顔色の「青い」は blue より pale を使うことが多い.






TOEIC テスト頻出語句
『ルミナス英和辞典』 では TOEICテストによく出る約 2000 語句に頻度の高い順に 【T1】 【T2】 【T3】 の印をつけた. このリストでは 【T1】 を色つきの太字, 【T2】 を太字で示している. また成句・用例として収録されているものは見出し語を斜体字または ⇒ で示した.



(自分メモ)WWI なぜアメリカは中立を守っていたのか


Sarah Churchwell 


Western Europe was a full year into the Great War, while the United States remained neutral. Although public sentiment veered strongly towards protecting fellow neutral nations like Belgium from German occupation, many Americans viewed the conflict as an imperialist quarrel between two equally unsympathetic foes. Despite a strong animus against what was widely perceived as a baldly nationalist venture by Kaiser Wilhelm, there was plenty of anti-British sentiment to balance that out. The sun had not yet set on the British Empire, and it was not at all clear to many Americans why they should support the nation they had fought so hard (and within the memory of living people’s grandparents) to overthrow. Irish-Americans in particular were outraged at the idea of an allegiance with Britain, as most of them had emigrated to America to escape conditions created by British rule, an offence that only deepened after the British government's brutal response to the 1916 Easter Rising. Neutrality also meant hat US citizens could contribute relief to victims in war zones, and the nation gave generously.