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Not Even Closeはどっち?


基本語の短い表現はニュアンスが掴みきれないことがあります。今回Yutaが感じたのはand It's Not Even Close。スケボーに詳しくないこともあってどうしてこんな表現が使われているのかピンときませんでした。「ぶっちぎりですごい」と「全然すごくない」二通りに受け止められるかと思うからです。


Japan’s Sakura Yosozumi claimed the gold medal and Kokona Hiraki won the silver in the first women’s Olympic park skateboarding event Wednesday—and settled for good the question of which country is the best at skateboarding in 2021.

Sky Brown, the 13-year-old phenom who skates for the U.K. but was born in Japan, won bronze.

Of the nine medals in skateboarding awarded at the Tokyo Summer Olympics so far, five have gone to Japan—including all three golds.

ここまでなら、タイトルでTop Skateboarding Nation in the Worldと述べている通りです。「メダル独占」を強調するためand It's Not Even Closeを付け加えたとも取れます。ただ少し気になることもあります。動画の後半でも触れていることですが、記事の最後で公道でのスケボーの禁止の例をあげて「スケボー大国ではない」日本の実情を注意喚起するためにand It's Not Even Closeがあるとも取れるでしょう。

The medal haul of young Japanese skaters stands in stark contrast to Japan’s mostly negative attitude towards skateboarders: no-skateboarding signs are common on the street—including one spotted just outside Ariake Urban Sports Park, the Olympic skating venue in Tokyo. Skateboarders can get hassled by police officers or security guards for just carrying their skateboards around.


Not even close.
⦅略式⦆[相手の発言に対して] それどころではない, ほど遠いよ
“Are you all right?” “Not even close.”
「大丈夫?」 「大丈夫どころじゃないよ」.

(Farlex Dictionary of Idioms)
and it's not even close
Said to highlight a large disparity between someone or something and the other people or things concerned.
Blaine is going to win this heat, and it's not even close! He really outperformed his fellow competitors.
Looks like Tweed is going to be voted into office, and it's not even close.
Loyola is her first choice of schools, and it's not even close.

上振れするのか下振れするのか、あくまで文脈によるのでしょう。 例文にあった以下の文は上振れの例です。

Blaine is going to win this heat, and it's not even close! He really outperformed his fellow competitors.


Jul 27, 2021 Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer

It was merely the latest example of Ohtani's unprecedented greatness -- and yet another reason why Angels manager Joe Maddon sees him as an easy choice for the American League's Most Valuable Player Award.
大谷の前代未聞の偉大さは単に最新の例に過ぎないが、エンジェルス監督のJoe Maddonが大谷をアメリカンリーグのMVPの有力候補とし見ている理由ともなっている。
"To me, it's not even close," Maddon said after a 6-2 victory from Angel Stadium. "When people talk about it being close -- it's not. It's not. What he's doing is so unique. It's just so different compared to anybody else right now."
まあ、普通に読めば、TIMEの記事もスケボーで圧勝している日本の現状を伝える内容が記事の大半を占めていたので上振れの意味でand it's not even closeを使っていると読み取れるんでしょうが、最後にスケボー禁止の内容も触れていたので、スケボー奨励してない現状を伝える下振れの意味にも取れる可能性もあるかなと思います。




以前このブログで取り上げたpivotという言葉。この動画の冒頭にも登場していました。自分で取り上げておきながらhas been forced to pivotの部分がうまく聞き取れずにいて調べてみたら、まさにこの単語でした。

PUBLISHED TUE, MAY 18 20219:17 AM EDT Shawn Baldwin

With more than 1.9 billion drinks served every day, Coca-Cola is one of the world’s largest beverage companies.

From its humble beginnings selling a single product at a drugstore for 5 cents a glass, the company has grown to have a roster of 200 brands that includes Coke, Fanta and Sprite. 
開業当時はささやかで一つの商品をドラッグストアで一杯5セントで販売していたが、同社は成長して、Coke, FantaやSprite など200のブランドを抱えるまでになった。

With U.S. soda consumption on the decline, the soft drink maker has been forced to pivot. Coke recently launched Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, marking its first move into alcoholic beverages on its home turf after a four-decade long hiatus. The company has also recently invested in the sports performance drink category with BodyArmor and it purchased U.K. coffee maker Costa in 2019.
アメリカで炭酸飲料の消費が減少する中、このソフトドリンクメーカーは方向性をかえざるを得なくなっている。同社はTopo Chico Hard Seltzerを売り出した。本国でアルコール飲料を出すのは40年ぶりとなる。同社は最近スポーツ飲料のカテゴリーであるBodyArmorに投資をし、イギリスのコーヒーメーカーCostaを2019年に買収した。






ダイヤモンドリーグ(Diamond League)は、ワールドアスレティックス(旧国際陸連)が主催する14戦の陸上競技大会で構成される最高峰のリーグ戦。2010年に新設されたリーグであり、各大会は例年5月から9月にかけてヨーロッパ、北アメリカ、アジアの11カ国14都市で開催される。男女各12種目の選手が年間総合成績を競い、優勝者には賞金とダイヤモンドトロフィーが授与される。2012年まで韓国の電機メーカーサムスン電子がスポンサーを務めていたことから、サムスン・ダイヤモンドリーグと呼ばれていた。2020シーズンから10年間大連万達集団がスポンサー予定[1]。日本では、2011年シーズンから2014年シーズンまではWOWOWが、2015シーズンから2019年シーズンまでは日テレジータスで放送されていた。2020年シーズンはどのテレビ局も放映権を獲得しなかったため、公式YoutubeやFacebookでの配信で見ることができる。

The Diamond League is an annual series of elite track and field athletic competitions comprising fourteen of the best invitational athletics meetings. The series sits in the top tier of the World Athletics (formerly known as the IAAF) one-day meeting competitions.

The inaugural season was in 2010.[1] It was designed to replace the IAAF Golden League, which had been held annually since 1998.[2] The full sponsorship name is the Wanda Diamond League, the result of an agreement with Wanda Group that was announced in December 2019.[3]

While the Golden League was formed to increase the profile of the leading European athletics competitions, the Diamond League's aim is to "enhance the worldwide appeal of athletics by going outside Europe for the first time."[1] In addition to the original Golden League members (except Berlin) and other traditional European competitions, the series now includes events in China, Qatar, Morocco, and the United States.






Is Facebook putting company over country? New book explores its role in misinformation | PBS NewsHour
The back of your book has this sort of — a sort of humorous way of pointing out this pattern. This is 14 years of mea culpas, we got it, we understand the problems, from Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg.
Do you get the sense that they really do appreciate that this is an ongoing problem, or is this, these mea culpas, a sort of Kabuki that they go through to keep the regulatory wolves at bay?
Cecilia Kang:  The reason why we put those blurbs in the back is because we realized the patterns are what's really powerful.
And so the dichotomy is, is that, if they continue to want growth to come first here, there will be collateral damage. And so, yes, they do recognize there are problems, and they do try to correct them. But it's always a few steps behind, at least.
Marco Rubio slams 'meaningless' Cuba sanctions as experts say they won't weaken communist regime  | Daily Mail Online
'I actually don't think they have any significance,' said Jose Gabilondo, law professor at Florida International University. 'I think their goal is to appease part of Joe Biden's would-be electorate because he did poorly in Florida.
「何かしらの意義があるとは思えません」とフロリダ国際大学のJose Gabilondo法学教授は語る。「思うにバイデン大統領の支持者を懐柔するのが目的のようです。フロリダではうまくいっていませんから」
'There were already a quite complex set of sanctions in place.
'It's kabuki politics.'


We're All Supposed to Pretend There's a Serious Investigation of January 6 That Republicans Would Support (msn.com)
"Unless Speaker Pelosi reverses course and seats all five Republican nominees, Republicans will not be party to their sham process and will instead pursue our own investigation of the facts," McCarthy said.
McCarthy expanded on this meretricious kabuki at a subsequent press conference, at which everyone was supposed to pretend that there is any serious investigation of the insurrection that he and his caucus would support.




最近話題になっている本をPBS News Hourでも取り上げていました。そこでいくつか英語以外の外国語の単語が使われていました。興味がある方はXXXXの単語を聞き取ってみてください。

But, Carol, let me start by asking you, what was President Trump's bottom line in this final year in office? What mattered more to him than anything?
Carol Leonnig: You know, his public image and getting reelected.
Maintaining his grip on power, Judy, was XXXX in everything he did. And one of the takeaways — Phil and I reported this in real time, but when we did that deeper excavation, the big takeaway was how disturbed and unsettled insiders in the Trump administration were about to the degree in which the president was willing to put American lives and democracy in danger, again, for his primary goal, staying president.


but also how they were worried that he could use troops to, in your words, perpetuate his power by somehow intervening in the election.

Carol Leonnig:That's right.
From our reporting, Judy, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff believed that this was a XXXX moment, essentially compared president's moves to Hitler's efforts to consolidate power, believed that he was trying to create chaos and disturbance and fear basically to hold on to power, and was worried about this coup.


numero uno
名(複 ~s /-z/) C(口)(戯)最高の[最も重要な]人[もの];自分(◆ イタリア語より)(=number one)

(オックスフォード ネイティブ向け)
numero uno
informal The best or most important person or thing.
Origin  Italian, literally ‘number one’.


Reichstag /ráɪkstɑ̀ːg; G ráɪçstaːk/
n ⦅もとのドイツの⦆国会⦅1) 神聖ローマ帝国の帝国議会 (c. 1100–1806)2) 北ドイツ連邦 (1867–71)の議会 3) ドイツ帝国 (1871–1918)の帝国議会 4) ヴァイマル共和国 (1919–33)の国会⦆;⦅Berlin の⦆国会議事堂⦅1933 年 2 月 27 日放火され,ナチスはこれを機にヴァイマル憲法を事実上廃止した⦆.

1. Also called: diet (in medieval Germany) the estates or a meeting of the estates
2. the legislative assembly representing the people in the North German Confederation (1867–71) and in the German empire (1871–1919)
3. the sovereign assembly of the Weimar Republic (1919–33)
4. the building in Berlin in which this assembly met and from 1999 in which the German government meets: its destruction by fire on Feb 27, 1933 (probably by agents of the Nazi government) marked the end of Weimar democracy. It was restored in the 1990s following German reunification

こういう原語をそのまま使うのは超有名なものぐらいだと思います。英語辞書にも載っているので、定着しているのでしょう。ここでのナチの歴史の大きな流れを掴んでいるとReichstag momentという表現で言いたかったことを想像しやすくなります。