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David and Goliath再び

大きな組織・権力とそれに対抗する小さな集団の比喩としてDavid and Goliathがよく用いられることは、このブログで何度か記事にしてきました。今週の60ミニッツにロシアのパンクロックバンドのプッシーライオットが登場したのですが、この比喩が使われていました。

David and Goliath ADJECTIVE
used to describe a situation in which a small or weak person or organization tries to defeat another much larger or stronger opponent

The match looks like being a David and Goliath contest.

From the Bible story in which Goliath, a giant, is killed by the boy David with a stone.

Lesley Stahl: What was it about them that drew so much attention?
Garry Kasparov: You may say whatever you want about their performance, but it was innocuous. It was not threatening. And the state machine, KGB, Church, you know, all going after them. I think it's just, you know, there's some sort of a version of-- it's not even David - Goliath. Just you know, Goliath versus girls.


Lesley Stahl: Mr. Putin seems stronger than ever. There are new laws against dissent. It sounds like it was David and Goliath and Goliath won.
Katya Samutsevichl: I don't think it's like that. It's a fight, it's an ongoing fight. Just because there was a court case doesn't mean that we're going to stop and shut our mouths. We have a lot of things to say. We're going to continue to work, continue to do what we do.
So the battle of Goliath and the girls goes on, but like a Russian novel, it's complicated. The polls show that most Russians were offended by that dance on the altar, but most also think the punishment was way too severe.