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Coen Brothers to Rewrite Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' (Exclusive)
4:33 PM PST 2/25/2013 by Borys Kit

Jolie is directing the project centering on World War II survivor Lou Zamperini.

The Coen brothers have been tapped to rewrite Unbroken, the adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s 2010 book, for Universal -- which has been trying to mount a Zamperini story in some form or fashion for decades.

Universal picked up the rights to the book in January 2011, initially for Francis Lawrence to direct. Jolie boarded as director in December. She has spent weeks searching for top-flight writers to tackle the project, with sources saying the director was extremely choosy.

4月5日と6日にWomen in the World Summitが開かれたようですが、アンジェリーナ・ジョリーはマララ・ユサフザイを称えるスピーチをしたようです。

Women in the World Summit 2013 Recap (VIDEO)
Oprah introduced her favorite guest ever, Meryl Streep paid tribute to an Irish activist, Tom Hanks remembered the great Nora Ephron, Pakistani activist Khalida Brohi got a standing ovation—and Hillary Clinton gave a rousing call to arms for women everywhere. Watch the best moments from the fourth annual Women in the World summit.


She is powerful but she is also a sweet, creative, loving little girl who wants to help others, to work for others.
She doesn’t want to be a center of attention. Her goal is progres not notoriety.
When she was in a hospital. Her father saw a poll in the newspaper of the ten most influential people in the world.
Malala was number six. President Obama was number seven.
Her father broght it to her in the hospital. And he said “Look at this! Doesn’t this make you happy?”
A little Malala said, “No. I don’t think human beings should be categorized in such a way.”
So there’s a lot we can learn from this little girl.


Angelina Jolie pays tribute to Malala Yousafzai at Women in the World summit
Star says Taliban attack only strengthened the teenager's call for girls' education

Jolie, a special envoy for the UN refugee agency, said Malala's father had shown his daughter in the hospital a poll that said she was the sixth most influential person in the world, and that President Barack Obama was seventh. But the teen said she didn't think people should be categorized like that.

“So we can learn a lot from this girl,” Jolie said with a grin.

Once introduced via a video from the UK, the 15-year-old said: "Today I'm going to announce the happiest moment of my life," at one point shyly covering her face with her hands. She said a new school in Pakistan would be built for 40 girls. "Let us turn the education of 40 girls into 40 million girls," she said.

アンジェリーナは彼女がタリバンに襲撃された昨年の10月にWe All Are Malalaというエッセイを書き、積極的に彼女を支援をしているようです。

We All Are …というタイトルは何かに対し共感、連帯をしめしたいときに使われるもので、2001年米国同時多発テロのさいにルモンドはNous sommes tous Américains (We are all Americans)という社説を載せたのは有名です。

Angelina Jolie: We All Are Malala
by Angelina JolieOct 16, 2012 2:18 PM EDT
I told my kids—and you should too: Girls’ education is under threat in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and around the world. It’s time we all took a stand. By Angelina Jolie. Plus: Here’s how you can help.

今年の2月にはMalala Fundという基金を設立したことを発表していました。こういうプレスリリースに読みなれておけば、TOEIC的な文体にも慣れると思います。

Special Message from Tina Brown and Angelina Jolie

February 4, 2013
Dear Friend of the Women in the World Foundation,

I want to share with you this important message from Tina Brown and Angelina Jolie

The world is thrilled this morning to finally catch a glimpse of Malala Yousafzai, who is recovering well from a five-hour operation in Britain. Yousafzai said she is feeling well and "eager to serve," announcing the formation of a new Malala fund to support girls' education.

We are touched and heartened by Malala's recovery, as well as the donations pouring in to endow a Women in the World fund in her honor used exclusively to educate girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan. When she was only 10, this amazing girl accompanied her father to a press club in Peshawar and declared: “How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education?” Now people are echoing her all over the world by joining the cause.

In today’s video, Malala announces the formation of a Malala Fund created by Vital Voices, the international nonprofit that trains women leaders. Malala herself will help direct the use of these joint funds. To reinforce Malala's efforts for girls’ education, we are donating the Women in the World Foundation funds raised to date to the Malala Fund.

The donors who have generously contributed $150,000 to the Women in the World fund for girls' education are a coalition of kindness—high school students in Memphis, children in the Dominican Republic, grandparents who wanted Malala, and girls like her, to have the opportunities of their own grandchildren. We thank every one of you and ask you to keep up the efforts.

The annual Women in the World Summit in New York City on April 4 and 5 will include a salute to brave women and girls like Malala, young women like her risking their lives every single day just to get an education for girls. There is no better time than now for the world to join us in saying, “I am here for Malala.”

「私は三重です」はI’m triple.じゃない


仕事で日本の地名ばかりのページがあったのでGoogle翻訳を使って英語に翻訳をしたのですが、三重をtripleとしていました。試しに「私は三重です」という文をGoogle翻訳に入れたらI’m triple.と、「私は三重出身です」でもI am from tripleと訳していました。

「私は三重です」I’m triple.

「私は三重出身です」I am from triple






シチュエーションを意識的に学ぶというと勉強臭がしてしまうのですが、普通にいろいろと首を突っ込む野次馬精神で十分です。この場合、雰囲気がつかめればいいのですから。一例として今週のNewsweekのカバーにHugo Chavez: Going Going … Goneとチャベス大統領の追悼記事がありました。


Farewell, El Commandante: How Hugo Chavez Polarized Venezuela & the World
by Boris Muñoz Mar 12, 2013 1:00 AM EDT
Populist, charlatan, provocateur. How Hugo Chávez split Venezuela and the world. Boris Muñoz in Newsweek.

Going Going Goneというフレーズがピンとくる方は英語になじみがある人ですよね。英辞郎では二つのシチュエーションで使われると説明があります。

going going gone
いいですか・いいですか・はい決まり、終わるよ・終わるよ・はい終わり◆セリ、オークションの最後の言葉。その前に、セリ値を云う時は「going for 100, 100」100ドル、100ドルだよ。

going, going, gone

下記の不動産のオークション動画の2分53秒あたりでGoing goingが聞けます。

野球に関してはプロのアナウンサーなかったです。下記動画で40秒あたりからgoing, going, goneとホームランを振り返っています。日本語だと「大きいぞ、大きいぞ、入った、ホームラン」という実況でしょうか。

このNewsweekの記事ではチャベス大統領は子供の頃メジャーリーグの野球選手になりたかったとありましたが、Going going goneという表現が今回の特集記事の内容を具体的に指しているわけではなかった感じです。

As a young man, Chávez demonstrated talent for public speaking in the town celebrations. But his childhood passion was baseball. He considered becoming a Major League Baseball player, but opted instead for the military academy, at the time a more secure path to escape poverty. In the army, he proved to be a natural leader and a natural conspirator, too. With a group of army colleagues, he founded the Movimiento Bolivariano 200 and plotted for more than a decade to take power in Venezuela.

Going going goneという歌もありますし、タイトルをつけた理由は推測するしかないようです。

He is gone.

Goneには亡くなるという意味もありますから、ガン闘病中であることは知られていましたから「長く闘ってきたがとうとう力尽きた」ということかもしれませんし、これまで大胆な行動をとってきて注目を集めてきた様子をgoing goigで表しているのかもしれませんし、自分にはこれといった意味は読み取れませんでした。下記は記事の最後の部分ですがチャベス大統領が推し進めていた革命が大統領の死とともに勢いがなくなることを暗示しているのかもしれません。

After the death of Chávez and three months of bitter media war, the country seems sunk in confusion. And since Chávez was never sworn in to his fourth term of office, Maduro, the acting president, has no clear mandate to govern the country. Beyond Venezuela’s borders, though, the situation is different. Other Latin American leaders seem poised to snatch Chávez’s revolutionary mantle, such as Ecuador’s socialist leader, Rafael Correa.

“We are all necessary but no one is indispensable,” Correa said, shortly after visiting Chávez in Havana. “Even if the gravity of his illness doesn’t let him continue at the helm, the revolution must go on.”

Whether that is possible, with Chávez gone, is an open question.

今回の記事とgoing going goneとの関係はともかく、going going goneとくればオークションを話題にして、競りの様子がイメージされるか、野球を話題にして野球のホームランが打たれて試合が決定づけられる場面がイメージされるということを念頭においておきたいです。まあ、意味とかよりオークション雰囲気が思い浮かべば十分じゃないでしょうか。

リチャードを探して -1-

Heather Pringle
for National Geographic News
February 5, 2013




このレスター大学の会見はYoutubeにあがっていたので次の記事で紹介します。一カ月250円、一年間2200円という破格の定期購読料の誘惑に負けてNewsweekのiPad版を購読してしまったのですが、最新号はRichard IIIを特集していました。基本的にTIMEと違ってNewsweekはサイトで見れますから、買う必要はないんですよね。雑誌として編集され、読みやすくなっている方がいいという方が買えばいいという感じでしょうか。






The Return of Ruthless Richard III
Feb 9, 2013 12:00 AM EST
A brutal king comes back to life in a frenzy of forensic romance. Simon Schama looks back at the means Richard III used to create his rock-solid center of power and loyalty—that undid him in the end.



Richard III: Victim or Monster? Asks Harold Bloom
Feb 11, 2013 12:00 AM EST
The truth about Richard III is not to be found in Shakespeare.

The Hunt for a King: How Archeologists Found Richard III
Feb 11, 2013 12:00 AM EST
Old-fashioned maps and the latest DNA tests proved the bones were Richard III’s.



上記の動画でもNow is the winter of our discontentと語る映像がありましたが、シェイクスピアの『リチャード三世』の始まりの独白の部分です。

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York;
And all the clouds that lour'd upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
Now are our brows bound with victorious wreaths;
Our bruised arms hung up for monuments;
Our stern alarums changed to merry meetings,
Our dreadful marches to delightful measures.






そうだったのか、彼女はRooney Mara

下記の3つの映画、すべてRooney Maraが演じていたということを初めて知りました。


3作目の映画はスティーブン・ソダーバーグ監督の『Side Effects』で全米では2月8日から公開されるそうです。3作ともイメージが全く違いますよね。いやあ、すごい女優だ。。。デヴィッド・フィンチャーとスティーブン・ソダーバーグが一目を置くだけありますね。(すみませんねえ、いまごろ。。。)

『Side Effects』の字幕を見ながら学習できるサイト

何でこんなことを書いているかと言うと、Rooney MaraをNewsweekが取り上げていたからです。

Fifty Shades Of Rooney Mara
Feb 5, 2013 12:00 AM EST
In Hollywood—land of a million pretty young things—Rooney Mara has directors lining up to capture her icy demeanor and her inner fire.

I’m interested in the duality of people(人の二面性に興味がある)という彼女のコメントで始まる記事ですが、やはり彼女については、スカーレット・ヨハンソンやジェニファー・ローレンスなどと競いながら『ドラゴン・タトゥーの女』の主役に抜擢されたと言うことがかかせないですね。スカーレット・ヨハンソンって『レ・ミゼラブル』のオーディションも落ちたりして、なんか少女漫画の引き立て役の美少女みたいな立ち位置になっていますね(苦笑)

I’m interested in the duality of people,” says Rooney Mara, of her predilection for caliginous characters. “I have a lot of darkness and frenetic energy inside myself, so it’s easier for me to portray people with shades of gray.”

After two and a half months of grueling auditions, which included simulating the film’s lurid rape sequence, Mara beat out the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence for the role of Lisbeth Salander—an icy bisexual hacker in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. A Best Actress Oscar nomination soon followed, catapulting her to the rarefied air of Hollywood’s most wanted.

映画『Side Effects』の共演者もRooney Maraのことをベタボメしていますね。内面に熱いものを秘めている時にはShe has such a fire in herと言えばいいんですね(笑)

“It’s hard to really quantify Rooney,” says Tatum. “She has such a fire in her and you don’t think she does, because she’s so unassuming. So when she snaps, you’re just like, ‘How the f--k did that come out of this little, ethereal being with the porcelain skin?’ And when she laughs it’s completely shocking, too. It’s part of her mystique.”

Adds Law, “There isn’t a desperate bone in her body; she’s very cool. And it’s a rarity for someone of her age to be so fearless as a performer. She’s capable of going to the dark places, which is bold.”


Soderbergh took a shine to Mara after his pal Fincher showed him an early cut of The Social Network. Mara plays Erica Albright, a brainy, girl-next-door type who trades verbal barbs with eventual Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, in the film’s riveting opening sequence.

“We had two mandates: she had to be somebody who could go toe-to-toe with Jesse, because he’s so verbal and quicksilver, and she also had to be the one that got away, so she needed to be special, really bright, and pretty,” says Fincher, before adding with a slight chuckle, “you can fake a lot of things in movies, but that’s not one of them.”


The high-school version of Mara is quite similar to the current one, she says. She was incredibly shy and refused to participate in any sports or other group activities.

“The first day of high school, I went home halfway through because I was sick with anxiety,” she says. “Actually, the whole first week of school I was terrified. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time alone. I sat alone during lunch. I was a very strange child.”


The singular 27-year-old actress has four disparate film projects scheduled to hit theaters this year, including a Terrence Malick love story opposite Ryan Gosling, the gritty ’70s-era Western Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Spike Jonze’s sci-fi flick Her alongside Joaquin Phoenix, and Side Effects, a pharma-thriller helmed by Steven Soderbergh.

ですから、彼女はI don’t want people to get sick of me.と飽きられてしまうのではと心配しているようです。そんな彼女の心配に対して、ソダーバーグはすぐにはそんなことは起きないと思っているようです。というのもRooney has that innate quality. It’s called watchability.があるからだそうです。

In the meantime, Mara wants to take some time off to travel, and wait patiently on the sidelines until the right role comes along. She’s also worried that, with four films being released this year, she’ll become overexposed. “I think it’s actually too much,” she says. “I like working all the time, but I don’t think it’s good to have yourself out there all the time. I don’t want people to get sick of me.”

Soderbergh, who says he is retiring “for the foreseeable future” from feature filmmaking after Side Effects, doesn’t see that happening any time soon. “The thing that Robert Redford had that was compelling was that you never felt like you were getting all of him; he was always just out of reach,” he says. “But boy, did you want to reach him. Rooney has that innate quality. It’s called watchability.”

これも知らなかったのですがSoderbergh, who says he is retiring “for the foreseeable future” from feature filmmaking after Side Effectsとあるようにソダーバーグって引退するんですね。。。Rooney Maraが『ドラゴン・タトゥーの女』でアカデミー賞主演女優賞ににノミネートされていたのは知っていたのですが、映画をみてなかったので単なるキワモノ女優だとばかり思っていました(汗)これからは彼女にも注目していきたいと思います。