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The Economist [UK] March 15, 2013 (単号)The Economist [UK] March 15, 2013 (単号)


先週のEconomistはテクノロジー好き待望のTechnology Quarterlyでしたね。一番のメインは、所有からシェアへの経済の最新動向と課題を取り上げたAll eyes on the sharing economyだとは思うんですが、個人的に興味深かった以下の記事に触れたいと思います。

Picture imperfect
Digital imaging: Insurers, publishers, law-enforcement agencies and dating sites are using software that can detect the digital manipulation of photos
Mar 9th 2013 |From the print edition

Picture imperfectという記事タイトルはいうまでもなく下記イディオムからですね。

picture-perfect adjective
exactly right in appearance or in the way things are done
Her wedding day was picture-perfect.
The White House has worked for years to produce picture-perfect events to frame the President as the nation's leader.


In around one in 75 insurance claims, photos documenting property damage have been fraudulently retouched, says Eugene Nealon of Nealon Affinity Partners, a company based in London that advises insurers. Liz Williams, editor of the Journal of Cell Biology, says her publication rejects around 1% of peer-reviewed scientific papers after discovering that microscope images have been doctored to make results look good.

Many fakes are obvious. But unmasking a sophisticated forgery can require hiring an expert for days, says Hany Farid, professor of image forensics at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, who sometimes acts as an expert witness. Rockefeller University Press, publisher of the Journal of Cell Biology and other journals, employs a full-time analyst to examine submitted images, opening them in Adobe Photoshop and looking for anomalies by adjusting a series of display settings.



The ultimate solution may be to separate photographers from their photographs, so that they do not have the opportunity to manipulate them, says James DeBello of Mitek Systems, based in San Diego. Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and other big American banks let customers deposit cheques remotely by taking pictures of them with their smartphones. They do so using an app provided by Mitek that takes a snapshot of the cheque and sends it straight to the bank, leaving nothing on the phone itself.

Codasystem, a French start-up, offers a similar service. Its “Shoot and Proof” system allows an image to be taken with a mobile device, tagged with a timestamp and location and then uploaded to an online repository. The image can then be viewed and downloaded, but the original remains in the repository, untouched. Any nefarious Photoshoppery can therefore be easily exposed. Digital technology can, it seems, be used to prove that an image is genuine—even as it makes it easier than ever for cameras to lie.


A feature introduced several years ago by Canon and Nikon, the two leading camera manufacturers, gives photographers a way to prove, if challenged, that their images have not been manipulated. When a picture is taken, the cameras attach a coded signature that is destroyed if the image is modified and resaved. An intact signature, then, should prove that a photo is genuine. But researchers at ElcomSoft, a computer-security firm based in Moscow, have shown that the system is easily fooled. Counterfeiters can copy an image’s security signature and reapply it after retouching, says Vladimir Katalov, ElcomSoft’s boss.



ブランド名および社名である「ニコン(Nikon)」は、元の社名である「日本光学工業(NIPPON KOGAKU K.K.)」の略称である「ニッコー」の語感を良くしたものである[1]。アメリカ英語では「ナイコン」と発音されているが、イギリス英語では「ニコン」である。ヨーロッパおよびアジア諸国ではニコンの呼び名が主流である。





ニューズアワーのIs Sheryl Sandburg's 'Lean In' Elitist or Universal?ように大きな議論を起こしているこの本ですが、彼女の本に何が書いてあるのか、彼女の伝えたいことは何か、まずその辺りを理解したいですよね。


Sheryl Sandberg: The HBR Interview
by HBR IdeaCast | 6:22 PM March 14, 2013

A written transcript will be available by March 22.


April 2013
“Now Is Our Time”
An Interview with Sheryl Sandberg by Adi Ignatius

Would you describe yourself as a feminist? That word has taken a beating in recent years.
Had you asked me that when I was in college, I would have said I was not. But I think we need to reclaim the “F word” if it means supporting equal opportunities for men and women.

What’s the big idea in Lean In?
The book is for any woman who wants advice on how to sit at any table she wants to sit at, and for any man who wants to be part of creating a more equal world. If we could get to a place of true equality, where what we do in life is determined not by gender but by our passions and interests, our companies would be more productive and our home lives not just better balanced but happier.


Some have criticized you for essentially blaming women for not being “better,” even though many of the challenges they confront are institutional. How do you respond?
Women face huge institutional barriers. But we also face barriers that exist within ourselves, sometimes as the result of our socialization. For most of my professional life, no one ever talked to me about the ways I held myself back. I’m trying to add to that side of the debate. There’s a great quote from Alice Walker: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” I am not blaming women; I’m helping them see the power they’ve got and encouraging them to use it.








I'm afraid David is out at this moment. May I take a message?

May I take your order?



リスニングセクションしか分析しなかったのは単に大変だったからです(苦笑)マクミランでは以下のように「許可」の次の項目でpolite request or offerと「丁寧な提案」として項目をたてています。「~してもいいという可能性の提示」や「相手に許可をもらう」から「相手の意向を尊重した可能性としての提案」というニュアンスになっているのでしょうか。

2 be allowed to do something
a.SPOKEN used for politely asking someone to let you do something
May we come in now?
May I use your phone?
Thesaurus entry for this meaning of may

3 SPOKEN used when making a polite request or offer
May we offer you a glass of wine?
May I see your ticket, please?
May I have a cookie?
May I help?

ロングマンもオックスフォードも項目を立てて「used when making a polite request or offer」の用法を掲載しているのに、英和辞典のルミナスもジーニアスも項目が立っていないんです。ウィズダムは以下のように載せていました。

5 《控えめな提案・助言》 …してもよいのではないか ( (1)通例肯定文で. (2)しばしばwant, like, wish, preferなどの希望を表す[動]を伴う; この用法ではcouldよりもmight, mayが好まれる; →might1 8)
If your kitchen counter space is tight, you may want to consider a smaller coffee maker. 台所のカウンタースペースが狭い場合は, より小さなコーヒーメーカーを検討してもよいのではないでしょうか.

Hummerさんの『全力特急』ではYou may want to check …(~を確認されてみては如何でしょう)と提案表現として登場していました。TOEIC公式問題集でもYou may want to …だけではく、We may want to …として使われていました。主語weなのは同じチーム内でやるべきことを提案するケースだったからです。

We may need to buy another lock.

To some extent we may want to return to handicrafts,


We may need to create waiting lists for the workshops if they grow too large.


We may need to create waiting lists for the workshops if they grow too large.

TOEIC公式問題分析という視点だけではなくて、こういうのはオフィスで使う表現として活用できますから、このような実状に即した参考資料が一刻も早く望まれるのです。英語学習者的には、このような提案表現を自分からも使いこなせるようになっていきたいです。You may want to ...なんて日本語的発想では出てこないですよね。

How to succeed? Get more sleep

今回はBusinessweekの中から軽めの記事を紹介します。ハフィントンポストの創業者として有名なArianna Huffingtonさんが、在宅勤務や経済界での女性進出について語っているものです。雑誌版にはThe founder of the Huffington Post on her painful burnout and learning when to lean backというサブタイルがついていました。learning when to lean backを見るだけでフェイスブックのSandbergさんの著書Lean inに対抗した内容だなと想像できますね。

Hard Choices
Arianna Huffington on Burning Out at Work
Posted on March 14, 2013

I disagree with a policy of needing to be at the office. I don’t want rules about where people work. The whole debate around where you work is just a tiny part of what we’re dealing with. Because we’re able to work from everywhere, we’re expected to work from everywhere. You answer e-mails until midnight and get up to answer more at 7 in the morning. What I say to people here is, “Once you leave the office, unless there’s an emergency, you’re off.”

I learned this the hard way. Five years ago, I fainted from exhaustion. It was still the early days of building the Huffington Post .(後略)

この記事でも触れていますが、彼女は頑張りすぎたために体調を崩してしまったことがあるため健康の大切さを身を持って感じているのでしょう。I learned this the hard way.という使い方がよくわかります。今回の記事タイトルHow to succeed? Get more sleepは数年前に彼女がTEDで講演したものからとりました。

休養や独りでゆっくりする時間が大切で、そうすることで創造的になれると語ってくれています。そして、女性は女性なりの成功イメージがあるはずだと指摘していますが、これはSandbergさんのもっと積極的にLean inすべきだとは方向性が少し違いますね。

It wasn’t easy. It’s a process. I now charge my devices in another room. I go to bed with a real book, not a Kindle. I don’t always get seven to eight hours of sleep a night, but I try. I start my day by meditating. I do yoga. I’ve tried to stop multitasking. I am much more able to deal with challenges. I think I’m more creative because I don’t miss the subtle things, what Steve Jobs called listening to the whisperings.

Women need to define success differently than men. If you don’t learn to unplug and recharge, you’re not going to be as good a leader. Look at the price we’re paying. Look at the increase in heart disease and diabetes for career women. If success continues to be defined as driving yourself into the ground and burning out, it will be disastrous for our families, our companies, and our world. We have so many people making terrible decisions, despite the fact that they have high IQs and great degrees. If success doesn’t include your own health and happiness, then what is it?



情報技術とプライバシー2013年 3月 08日 19:47 JST

A few years ago when Bank of America Corp. wanted to study whether face time mattered among its call-center teams, the big bank asked about 90 workers to wear badges for a few weeks with tiny sensors to record their movements and the tone of their conversations.

The data showed that the most productive workers belonged to close-knit teams and spoke frequently with their colleagues. So, to get more employees mingling, the bank scheduled workers for group breaks, rather than solo ones.

Productivity rose by at least 10%, says former Bank of America human-resources executive Michael Arena , who helped conduct its study.

Vanity Fairの最新号では『マネーボール』のマイケルルイスがSandbergさんのことについて簡単に触れていました。彼はSandbergさんに賛同しているようです。

April 2013
Sheryl Sandberg
The most powerful working mother in Silicon Valley, Sheryl Sandberg may wish her life weren’t viewed as a social statement. But since it is, the C.O.O. of Facebook is tackling the issue head-on. Michael Lewis checks out Sandberg’s manifesto.
By Michael Lewis


Obviously, there are all sorts of reasons for the inequity at the top of American life, and Sandberg addresses most of them. But she takes a particular interest in the ways women undermine their own cause. Women tend more than men to view their success as fraudulent, for instance. They give in too quickly to the idea that you can’t have both a career and a family; they fail to take risks they need to take; they are afraid to demand that their husbands do their fair share of the housework; they misunderstand how to cultivate useful relationships with their superiors. After a female subordinate describes to Sandberg what she imagines a corporate mentor to be, Sandberg tells her, “That’s not a mentor. That’s a therapist.”

Some women will be annoyed by Sandberg’s challenge, but I’ll bet most will be thrilled by it. And I suspect at least a few men will read this book and think, Oh no, they’re starting to catch on.


After a female subordinate describes to Sandberg what she imagines a corporate mentor to be, Sandberg tells her, “That’s not a mentor. That’s a therapist.”

こういうやり取りをみるだけでもSandbergさんは意志の強い、しっかりとした人物だなと感じ取れます。自分は寝るのが好きなこともあるのでHuffingtonさんの立場How to succeed? Get more sleepを信じたいです(笑)



Wanted: More jobs for Watson
By Barb Darrow | GigaOM.com, Published: March 12

IBM’s Watson has already proven it can beat human brainiacs at Jeopardy and has shown promise in cancer research. It has even gone to college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Now, results of a new academic challenge at the University of Southern California may show that Watson can also suck cost out of legal proceedings and help sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Two dozen student teams participating in the recent IBM Watson Academic Case Competition at USC had 48 hours to come up with a new use case along with a business plan that would harness Watson’s natural language processing skills and cognitive capabilities. The plans were judged by a panel of IBM execs, school officials and business leaders.

今回記事にしようと思ったのは、come up with a go-to marketのgo-to marketという言葉です。どんな意味で使われていると思われますか。

“The goal is to come up with a business plan that had to be feasible, well thought-through, come up with a go-to market, and it had to have a stable business model,” said said Steve Gold, VP of Watson Solutions for IBM. IBM provided a crash course on Watson’s capabilities, one-on-one consulting and an open Q&A — and then turned the teams loose.


adjective [before noun] mainly US
› used to describe the best person to deal with a particular problem or do a particular thing, or the best place to get a particular thing or service:
He was the company's go-to guy for new ideas.
He is the go-to politician for all federal matters in the state.
For 20 years, Wild Mountain was the go-to store for outdoor enthusiasts.

普通に載っているのは「頼りになる」という意味でgo-to guyという使われ方です。あいつのとこに行けば何とかしてくれるという感じでしょうね。

come up with a go-to marketに関してはcome up with a go-to market planとかcome up with a go-to market strategyと考えて「新規市場開拓の計画を立てる」という意味にとればいいと思います。TOEIC的にはcome up with …だけチェックすれば十分ですね(笑)





Go-To-Market 新規市場の開拓


Boston Consulting Groupの動画が話す時の参考になりそうだったので簡単に確認します。The challenges in XXX are threefold.と課題が3つあることをあげてOne is … / Second is / Thirdly …と話しているのはセオリー通りです。こういう風にさらっとしゃべれるようになりたいですね。

Go-to-market strategy is essentially a combination of thinking about marketing and selling together. In fact, BCG we call it go-to-market advantage
The challenges in go-to market strategies I think are threefold.
One is quite often companies just make the mistake of not thinking through the whole value chain.
Second is really the notion around not thinking about starting with a customer and consumer perspective. I thinkg and it's very easy for us to fall into the marketing silo or the sales silo. And yet there's always somebody out there in the end that you're trying to serve
Thirdly in light of the crowd economy right now I do think it is also about cost-effectiveness.

I thinkg and it's very easy for us to fall into the marketing silo or the sales silo.でのsiloの使われ方も日本語で言う「縦割り」的な感じで使われています。






› a person with experience in a job who supports and advises someone with less experience to help them develop in their work:
He acted as a business mentor to many young aspiring entrepreneurs.
→ See also mentee


フォーブズの動画でThought Leaderが取り上げられていました。そんな目新しい語ではありませんが、オックスフォードやケンブリッジのビジネス英語学習辞典には載っていないんですね。visonaryとかとどう違うのかと自分には分かりません。今回のようなリーダーシップ関連の記事とか、コンサルとか販促資料的なものでしか見かけないのではと思いますが。。。

Thought leader
Thought leader is management terminology for a person or an entity that is recognized by peers for having progressive and innovative ideas. Typically thought leaders have proven themselves in the business, academic or political sphere through successful implementation of their ideas. Thought leaders often publish articles and blog posts on trends and topics influencing an industry or directed internal to an organisation. Through effective communication and clarity of purpose, they effect change and are considered exemplary leaders.

How to Become a Thought Leader
公開日: 2013/03/14
Based on her recent interview with technology influencer Robert Scoble, Forbes contributor Dorie Clark shares four tips for becoming a thought leader in your field.

1. Start with one thing
2. Ride a growing wave
3. Expand your empire
4. Go where the people are


LEADERSHIP | 3/14/2013 @ 2:19午後 |101 views
How to Become the Next Thought Leader


How to Become a Thought Leader in Six Steps
by Dorie Clark | 9:18 AM November 9, 2010

1. Create a Robust Online Presence.
2. Flaunt High-Quality Affiliations.
3. Give Public Speeches.
4. Appear on TV.
5. Win Some Awards.
6. Publish a Book.

Google検索をすると2005年ごろ小泉政権時代の麻生外務大臣がThough Leaderを実践的先駆者と超訳して使っていました。

日本はアジアの実践的先駆者、Thought Leaderたるべし

日本の定義1 アジアの実践的先駆者(ソート・リーダー)である



 耳慣れない言葉が出てきたと思われたとしたら、これは近ごろのビジネス英語にいう「Thought Leader」という言葉の、わたくし流の訳語であるからです。



Asian Strategy As I See It:
Japan as the "Thought Leader" of Asia
Speech by Minister for Foreign Affairs Taro Aso at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan
December 7, 2005

Defining Japan: Japan as a "Thought Leader"

So here I would like to broach the question of what exactly Japan is within the context of Asia. I will be answering that by defining Japan in three different ways. After that, I'll be looking at some of the key issues that I consider to be among the most important ones that Japan is facing in Asian diplomacy right now.

First and foremost, Japan is, for the countries of Asia, a "thought leader," and, indeed, it must be one.

You might not have heard the expression "thought leader" in Japanese before, but recently it is being used in business English, and I personally translate it into Japanese by saying, "trailblazers through hands-on practice."

The idea of a "thought leader" comes from American business, and I may not have the true definition in the strictest sense of the word, but as I perceive it, a thought leader is one who through fate is forced to face up against some sort of very difficult issue earlier than others. And because the issue is so challenging, it is difficult to solve. But as the person struggles to somehow resolve the issue, he/she becomes something for others to emulate. That is a "thought leader."

Moving forward not only through successes, but also through failures, and not embarrassed to fail-this is why I translate it into, "trailblazers through hands-on practice" in Japanese. And to expose one's failings? Well, that takes a lot of courage. While I believe that Japan does in fact have the ability to have its wrong turns exposed, but of course as I talk about this I want to tell you not just stories of failures but also some of truly impressive skill in problem resolution.

個人的には「実践的先駆者」は訳し過ぎな感じもしますが。。。革新的な考えで世界を変えていくリーダーたちのことを指すのでしょう。少し古いものですがNEWSWEEKが新しいThought Leaderとして10人を選んでいました。

1 Steve Jobs
2 Jon Stewart
3 The Google Guys
4 Karl Rove and David Plouffe
5 The Twitter Guys
6 Michael Pollan
7 Malcolm Gladwell
8 Nick Denton and Arianna Huffington
9 David Chase
10 Hillary Clinton









Mixed Message?


Fukushima Daiichi:Two Years On



Statement on Second Anniversary of Fukushima Accidentを少し丁寧にみてみます。以前のプレスリリースでthorough reviewという表現をみましたが今回はWe have thoroughly reviewed the IAEA safety standardsのように使われていました。

8 March 2013 | Vienna, Austria
Statement on Second Anniversary of Fukushima Accident
by IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano

Two years have passed since disaster struck Japan. The Great East Japan Earthquake and the enormous tsunami of March 11, 2011 devastated large areas of land, caused great loss of human life, and crippled the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. I was deeply saddened by this tragedy in my homeland. But I was also inspired by the courage and resilience of the Japanese people, including the brave workers at Fukushima Daiichi.

The International Atomic Energy Agency continues to give priority to supporting Japan's efforts to recover from the nuclear accident. We are also helping to ensure that the world learns from those events so that we can make nuclear energy as safe as humanly possible.


We have thoroughly reviewed the IAEA safety standards and ways to improve them.

The worst elements of the accident are behind us and we are now in the post-accident phase.

We must maintain the momentum of constant improvement. I pledge that the IAEA will continue to work vigorously to help Member States to ensure nuclear safety.

無生物主語なんて書くと堅苦しくなりますが、災害などが起きたことを伝える際には、disasterやearthquakeを主語にして書けるようになった方が英語っぽくなりそうですね。日本語からの発想だとThere was disaster in Japanなんて書いてしまいやすいんです。

Two years have passed since disaster struck Japan.

The Great East Japan Earthquake (…) devastated large areas of land,
caused great loss of human life,
and crippled the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.


I was deeply saddened by this tragedy in my homeland. But I was also inspired by the courage and resilience of the Japanese people, including the brave workers at Fukushima Daiichi.

We are also helping to ensure that the world learns from those events so that we can make nuclear energy as safe as humanly possible.

I pledge that the IAEA will continue to work vigorously to help Member States to ensure nuclear safety.

「~するように取組んでまいります」「引き続き~に取組んでまいります」なんて表現は結構使いがってがいいと思うんですが、ここではWe are also helping to ensure that …やI pledge that the IAEA will continue to work vigorously to …のように表現されています。I pledge thatを付けると一層かしこまった雰囲気がでますので、通常の状況では英辞郎の例文のようになくてもいいかもしれません。

We will spare no effort to ensure a fun and safe trip.

I'll continue to work hard to give our team a chance to win the Pacific League pennant."
パ・リーグ優勝のチャンスをチームにもたらせるよう引き続き頑張る」◆【出典】Catch a Wave, 2012年5月11日号◆【出版社】株式会社浜島書店

I will continue to work hard and persevere.'
忍耐強く頑張るつもりです」◆【出典】Hiragana Times, 1999年11月号


11 March 2013 | Mumbai, India
Indian Nuclear Society
IAEA Perspectives on Future of Nuclear Energy
by IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to address the Indian Nuclear Society once again.

When I last spoke to you, in January 2011, the nuclear world looked somewhat different from today. There was still talk of a global nuclear renaissance. Dozens of countries were thinking about introducing nuclear power. Many of the 30 or so existing users planned to build additional plants.

Then came the Fukushima Daiichi accident, two years ago today. It caused profound public anxiety and damaged confidence in nuclear power. Some people predicted that nuclear power would go into decline.

However, the evidence suggests that this will not be the case.

Some European countries announced plans to move away from nuclear power. But, globally, nuclear power looks set to continue to grow steadily, although more slowly than we expected before the Fukushima Daiichi accident.

There are 437 operating nuclear power reactors in the world today. The latest IAEA projections, which are based on what Member States tell us, suggest that number could increase by 80 or 90 in the next 20 years. It could even double.

At the moment, there are 66 new reactors under construction. Seven of them are in India. I understand your country plans continued expansion in the coming decades. Other major users of nuclear power such as China and Russia also have significant expansion plans.

A number of countries have taken the decision to introduce nuclear power, including Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Nigeria, Poland, Turkey and Vietnam. The United Arab Emirates has started building a nuclear power plant, the first new country to do so for 27 years. I visited the site in January and was impressed by the progress being made.











3月8日が国際女性デーだということを知りました。SandbergがLean inという本を出したのも、雑誌Natureも女性問題を取り上げたりしていたのもそういうわけだったのですね。知らなかった(汗)今年のテーマソングが上記の歌のようです(苦笑)



国際女性デー(こくさいじょせいデー、IWD: 英語 International Women's Day)は、記念日の一つである。毎年3月8日。国際婦人デー、国際女性の日などとも呼ばれる。


International Women's Day
International Women's Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women's Day, is marked on March 8 every year.[1] In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women's economic, political and social achievements. Started as a Socialist political event, the holiday blended in the culture of many countries, primarily Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet bloc. In some regions, the day lost its political flavor, and became simply an occasion for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. In other regions, however, the political and human rights theme designated by the United Nations runs strong, and political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a hopeful manner.

Tsunami invasion

雑誌Natureは福島の事故を中心に継続的に記事にしているので、先週号を確認していみるとWomen in scienceと科学界の女性問題を取り上げていました。ここにもSandberg旋風が吹き荒れていました(笑)数十ページに渡って本格的に取り上げていましたので根深い問題なのでしょう。

Women in science: Women’s work
A special section of Nature finds that there is still much to do to achieve gender equality in science
06 March 2013



Tsunami triggers invasion concerns
Biologists track species on flotsam from Japan to US shores.
Virginia Gewin
06 March 2013

あれだけの規模の災害でしたから、今回のpotential species invasionも学者が今までに体験したこのないスケールのようです。

The tsunami has sparked several un­anticipated experiments. Biologists have seized on the unprecedented opportunity to track a potential species invasion from the beginning, and oceanographers have used the debris sightings to refine their models of the effects of winds and currents on debris. Marine ecologists, meanwhile, are tracing fish migrations using radioisotopes released from the tsunami-triggered accidents at the Fukushima nuclear reactors.

“The tsunami debris is an unparalleled scientific opportunity, specific in time and place,” says Susan Williams, a marine ecologist at the University of California, Davis.


The invasion biologists have perhaps had the most urgent call to action, because no one anticipated that coastal species would survive such a long journey across the open sea. “This is an event so rare we simply don’t expect to see it,” says James Carlton, an invasive-species expert from Williams College in Williams­town, Massachusetts, who has teamed up with Miller and other colleagues to study the arrivals.

Researchers must first confirm that the debris they are studying really is from the tsunami. Water bottles with Japanese characters offer a clue. Registration numbers on boats can be traced back to those that were reported missing. But of the 1,500 or so reported items that have washed up in recent months, only 21 have been confirmed by the Japanese consulate, according to Murphy.

英語学習的な話になりますが、「全体で~(数)ある中で、一部の~(数)がXXXだった」という文ではof <全体の数>, <一部の数>~という構文が使われます。TOEICでもおなじみのものがここでも使われていますね。 

But of the 1,500 or so reported items that have washed up in recent months, only 21 have been confirmed by the Japanese consulate, according to Murphy.


The team’s next step is to determine which organisms survived the journey across the Pacific, and how. In the nine months since the first dock made landfall, the team has identified roughly half of the 175 species found so far on all debris items. John Chapman, a marine biologist also at Hatfield Marine Science Center, will go to Misawa later this month to document which species reside on docks there in early spring, the season when the tsunami struck.

The results so far suggest a real risk of invasion. For example, three of the best-known algal invaders have been among the debris, says Gayle Hansen, a marine-algae expert at Oregon State University who is based in Newport. She says that 75% of the 46 algal species she has collected from the debris so far have been reproductively active, dropping spores. That gives them a good chance of getting established and possibly displacing native species in the Pacific Northwest.


Even as researchers track species using radio­isotopes and count them on debris, they bear in mind the tsunami’s staggering human toll. “This is the experiment that never should have taken place,” says Chapman.


Made in New Japan - we are building a new future

3月11日にはJapan TimesとDaily Yomiuriの英字紙を買ったのですが、今朝ようやく開いて読んでみました(汗)どちらも予想通り震災の特集を組んでいたので、じっくり読んでいろいろなことを学んでいくつもりです。

Japan Timesで目を引いたのは上記動画でも取り上げられている日本政府の全面広告でした。Produced by The Japan Timesとありますので、英語版作成にはJapan Timesが関わったようで、特設サイトもできています。

Two years after the 2011 disaster, we are building a new future.


Hello, I'm Shinzo Abe.
Two years have passed since the earthquake of 3/11. Shortly after the disaster,
I was in a small village called Watari. Nothing remained but debris.

I was stunned.
I was speechless.

During those challenging months, many people shed not only sweat but also tears for the victims.
I can’t express enough how thankful I still am for all the help you gave us.

Today, I am pleased to make an announcement: The people who suffered tremendously
have not lost hope. In Watari, the strawberry farmers have recovered, rising to new heights.
I ate their product, those big and red strawberries.
They were delicious. Indeed, they may even be tastier, as the fruit is now being grown
under newly installed precision temperature control, a cutting-edge technology.

This is the new Japan: The result of peoples’ resolve plus advanced knowledge.
A country that faced up to a taxing and unimaginable challenge has been reborn.
The nation once helped by your goodwill now stands at the cusp of a new future.

Please join us as we journey into this new future. The New Japan.


(1) ICT + Strawberries
Strawberry farms that were destroyed by the tsunami were re-innovated with the ground-breaking Information Technology.

(2) Resilient ITS
Transportation technology that has helped rebuild devastated areas by collecting traveling data from vehicles.

(3) Home-for-All
A space where disaster victims were able to freely gather and discuss their plans for the future.

(4) Bio Bank
Unlocking the future of medicine through a bio bank that combines medical knowledge with individual gene variation.

(5) Crafts Renaissance Project “WAO”
Collaboration between superior craftsmanship techniques and modern design to create new traditional crafts.

(6) Smart Community
Making the best use of nature's power, New Japan offers optimal use of energy and lifestyle to the world.

(7) Beyond Tomorrow
A program that helps young survivors expand their perspectives, discover their potentials, and fly ahead into the future.

Coming soonとあった箇所もあるのでこれから紹介される取り組みもあるようです。自分の都合のいい面だけをアピールするというのはよくありませが、今回のように災害から立ち直ろうとしている部分、前向きに頑張っている部分があればどんどん積極的に世界にアピールしていきたいですよね。



Avonに入る前に動詞repurposeについて一言。辞書的な意味から離れる必要というか、もっと生素材で使われている現場での使われ方に慣れる必要があると思うのは、日本語の語義が妙に堅かったり、こなれていない場合です。これから3 Ways To Repurpose Old Brandsという動画を見ていくんですが、repurposeを引くと以下のようになっています。


If you are interested in improving your own life by recycling, why not try making this shopping bag out of repurposed aluminum coffee bags, like this Finnish woman?
リサイクルで生活を豊かにしたいと思っているなら、このフィンランド人女性のようにアルミ製のコーヒー袋を再利用して買い物バッグを作ってみてはいかがだろう。◆【出典】Global Voices Online◆【英文】Juliana Rincon Parra ◆【和訳】Higuchi koichi


10 Ways to Repurpose Your Old iPad
By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, PCWorldJun 17, 2012 6:00 PM

Every year, Apple releases a new iPad--and every year, iPad lovers wrack their brains for reasons why they absolutely must have that new iPad. If you already own an Apple tablet, it can be tough to justify replacing that old iPad with the latest version.
But what if you could repurpose that old iPad, that two-year-old iPad, the one without a Retina display, a speedy processor, or a 4G connection? You can. Here are ten things you can do with your old iPad so you can go buy a new iPad worry-free. Sort of.

1. Use Your iPad as an Extra Monitor
2. Mount Your iPad in Your Car
3. Distract Your Children and/or Cats
4. Turn Your Old iPad Into a Digital Picture Frame
5. Read Magazines at the Gym


3 Ways To Repurpose Old Brandsに関して言えば、目的を再定義して「刷新する」といった意味で使われている感じです。

For iconic companies that have become staples in consumers' lives, companies like Campbell soup, Hershey's chocolate and Avon beauty products, the goal is no longer invention, it's consistent reinvention.

These century-old nostalgia brands must constantly refocus and innovate in order to stay relevant today and remain healthy tomorrow.

The good news is they have strong brand equity and don't play at the fastest pace while tech products are easily outdated or replaced. There's a good chance we’ll still be eating soup and using makeup hundred years now.

Let's take a look at these three companies and how they are trying to stay ahead of the curb.


Finally, a hundred and twenty six-year-old avon products was built on the idea of the Avon lady selling door-to-door to her friends and neighbors. Avon is now the world's largest direct seller with six million representatives.

However in the last few years they become financially unstable. New CEO Sheri McCoy decided to turn the company around. They needed to get back to their core proposition, high-quality products and strong social connection. However what she realizes today most social connections are built or strengthened online.

Avon plans to embrace new technologies to update and build on their core selling model.
Ultimately iconic brands remain relevant by knowing who their consumers are, innovating for their unique means and meeting them in the places they live.

It's about getting back to basics while updating yourself for today and more importantly tomorrow.

a hundred and twenty six-year-old avon products was built on the idea of the Avon lady selling door-to-door to her friends and neighborsとあるようにAvonと言えば訪問販売員のイメージなんですね。ちょうど映画『Guilty Trip』の予告編でAvonが触れられていました。


Joyce: "You know Andy invented a new product and he's going to travel door to door selling it?"
Gayle: "Like Avon?"
Friend: "You brought brushes or something?"
Andy: "No, nope, not even close"

「息子が訪問販売する」と言うのを聞いて、"Like Avon?"と聞き返していますね。それほど訪問販売=Avonというイメージがあるということでしょう。こういうのは英語の運用力とは関係ありませんが、英語の理解力にとって大事な要素となってきます。興味を持っていろいろ学んでいきたいものです。


Man and machine should go hand-in-hand


Algorithms Get a Human Hand in Steering Web
Published: March 10, 2013

Trading stocks, targeting ads, steering political campaigns, arranging dates, besting people on “Jeopardy” and even choosing bra sizes: computer algorithms are doing all this work and more.

But increasingly, behind the curtain there is a decidedly retro helper — a human being.

Although algorithms are growing ever more powerful, fast and precise, the computers themselves are literal-minded, and context and nuance often elude them. Capable as these machines are, they are not always up to deciphering the ambiguity of human language and the mystery of reasoning. Yet these days they are being asked to be more humanlike in what they figure out.

常々このブログでは文脈やニュアンスの大切さを語らせていただいていますが、データ分析においても重要になってきているようです。Although algorithms are growing ever more powerful, fast and precise, the computers themselves are literal-minded, and context and nuance often elude them.(アルゴリズムはますます強力、迅速、正確になってきているが、コンピューター自身は文字通りのことしか考えられないため、文脈やニュアンスを捉え損なうことが多い)とありますが、このようなコンピュータ的な言語観で外国語学習に取り組む人が多いんですよね。


Twitter uses a far-flung army of contract workers, whom it calls judges, to interpret the meaning and context of search terms that suddenly spike in frequency on the service.

For example, when Mitt Romney talked of cutting government money for public broadcasting in a presidential debate last fall and mentioned Big Bird, messages with that phrase surged. Human judges recognized instantly that “Big Bird,” in that context and at that moment, was mainly a political comment, not a reference to “Sesame Street,” and that politics-related messages should pop up when someone searched for “Big Bird.” People can understand such references more accurately and quickly than software can, and their judgments are fed immediately into Twitter’s search algorithm.

“Humans are core to this system,” two Twitter engineers wrote in a blog post in January.

大統領選討論会でロムニー候補がBig Birdについてコメントした折りに、ツイッターでも反応が多かったそうです。People can understand such references more accurately and quickly than software canとあるようにこの場合Big Birdという言葉を含めてツイートしているのは政治関連だと人間だったらすぐに判断できますよね。コンピューターは意味や文脈を読み取るのは苦手ですから、人間が補正してあげないといけないみたいですね。


Even at Google, where algorithms and engineers reign supreme in the company’s business and culture, the human contribution to search results is increasing. Google uses human helpers in two ways. Several months ago, it began presenting summaries of information on the right side of a search page when a user typed in the name of a well-known person or place, like “Barack Obama” or “New York City.” These summaries draw from databases of knowledge like Wikipedia, the C.I.A. World Factbook and Freebase, whose parent company, Metaweb, Google acquired in 2010. These databases are edited by humans.

When Google’s algorithm detects a search term for which this distilled information is available, the search engine is trained to go fetch it rather than merely present links to Web pages.

“There has been a shift in our thinking,” said Scott Huffman, an engineering director in charge of search quality at Google. “A part of our resources are now more human curated.”


The algorithms are getting better. But they cannot do it alone.

“You need judgment, and to be able to intuitively recognize the smaller sets of data that are most important,” Mr. Taylor said. “To do that, you need some level of human involvement.”




早稲田文学 記録増刊 震災とフィクションの“距離”早稲田文学 記録増刊 震災とフィクションの“距離”
古川日出男、阿部和重 他




伊東豊雄、乾 久美子、藤本壮介、平田晃久、畠山直哉







Sendai Report





Disaster Risk Management in a Changing World

Government ministers from around the world met in Sendai, Japan, October 9 and 10 for the Sendai Dialogue—a special event on managing disaster risk co-hosted by the Government of Japan and the World Bank. Part of the IMF-WBG Annual Meetings program, the Dialogue brought together Annual Meetings delegates, disaster experts and other stakeholders to build a global consensus on the need to better prepare for disasters around the world.

The event’s host city, Sendai, is the largest city in the Tohoku Region along the Pacific coast of Japan, which bore the brunt of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The Sendai Dialogue was an occasion to express solidarity with the people of Japan and a unique opportunity to learn from the Japanese experience with disaster risk management. The event also drew on the experiences of other countries that have faced large-scale disasters.


Sendai Report: Brochure (English)

Sendai Report: Brochure (Japanese)


Knowledge Notes

Learning from Megadisasters, a knowledge-sharing project sponsored by the Government of Japan and the World Bank, is collecting and analyzing information, data, and evaluations performed by academic and research institutions, nongovernmental organizations, government agencies, and the private sector—all with the objective of sharing Japan’s knowledge on disaster risk management (DRM) and postdisaster reconstruction with countries vulnerable to disasters. The World Bank and the Japanese government hope that these findings will encourage countries to mainstream DRM in their development policies and planning.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


Triple disasters





英語メディアの報道ではtriple disasters of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear failuresと東日本大震災の被害の大きさを伝えるさいにtriple disastersという言葉が使われていることに注意がいきました。The most devastating earthquakeとかいうよりも、より具体的に伝わるかもしれません。

observe a moment of silence for the victims(犠牲者に黙とうをささげる)やobserve the second anniversary(2周年を迎える)というように動詞observeもこのような時に使われるのだなと気づきました。

Photos: Japan marks 2-year anniversary of tsunami, earthquake
Posted Mar 11, 2013

TOKYO– Amid growing dissatisfaction with the slow pace of recovery, Japan marked the second anniversary Monday of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that left nearly 19,000 people dead or missing and has displaced more than 300,000. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the government intends to make “visible” reconstruction progress and accelerate resettlement of those left homeless by streamlining legal and administrative procedures many blame for the delays.
“I pray that the peaceful lives of those affected can resume as soon as possible,” Emperor Akihito said at a somber memorial service at Tokyo’s National Theater.


People observe a moment of silence for the victims of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami during an event at a park in Tokyo, Monday, March 11, 2013.


Putting pen to paper
Ismira Lutfia Tisnadibrata
The Jakarta Post
Asia News Network March 11, 2013 1:00 am

As the Japanese observe the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami today, the six poster-sized hand-written papers framed and displayed in a modest gallery in downtown Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture will serve as reminders of the local journalists' resilience to continue reporting their biggest story ever even when modern-day press and printing facilities were crippled.


Elizabeth Ferris and Mireya Solís | March 11, 2013 12:00am
Earthquake, Tsunami, Meltdown - The Triple Disaster's Impact on Japan, Impact on the World

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko at a special memorial service at the National Theatre in Tokyo, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, once more, extended condolences.

Prayers and protests around Japan today are marking two years since the triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear failures in which almost 19,000 people were killed and 315,000 evacuated.

The magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck on March 11,2011 at 2:46 p.m. in the northeast of the country.

The accompanying tsunami waves surged up the seabed, towering as high as 30 metres in some places where they made landfall and laid waste.

Two years later, almost 300,000 people are still living in temporary housing.

The bodies of more than 2,600 people have never been recovered.

Thousands gathered in Tokyo on Sunday to protest against the continuation of nuclear power.

In the disaster, three reactors of the Fukushima nuclear plant north of Tokyo melted down, in the world's worst atomic accident since Chernobyl in 1986.

Mother Kazuko Nihei, who was forced to leave Fukushima city seven days after the earthquake and tsunami, said: "Nuclear energy accidents are dangerous, with proven effects on the bodies of our children, but they tell us you can go home. I want the rest of the world to recognize the dangers of Fukushima."

The reconstruction budget has been boosted to some 260 billion euros. Memorial speeches by politicians evoked pledges of a better future.




Visitors to the event are encouraged to use public transportation.

Visitors to … are required to have a parking pertmit…


Visitors to the event are encouraged to use public transportation.

日本語訳の質とかではなく、英辞郎の訳だとare encouraged to doやare required to doが相手に注意事項を伝えるときに使う文であることが伝わらない事が問題なんです。この一文を見ただけでもそのようなことが推測できるようになれば、パート5の解答スピードも速くなるでしょうし、パート7の文章理解だってスムーズにいくに違いありません。


もちろん、Visitors toを「~にいらっしゃる方」というこなれた日本語に訳した日本語力もすごいですね。ここまで深く理解されていれば、自分で英文を書くときにもPeople who visit the eventとなど回りくどくかかずにVisitorsとできるようになっていくことでしょう。こう言う文でVisitorsから始める英文を書ける人って国連英検特A級とるようなレベルでも難しいんですよ。こなれた英文を書ければ、それだけ相手に伝わりやすくなります。




What the Tsunami Left Behind
Published: March 8, 2013


Near the apartment building, yellow excavators work through mounds of debris-filled soil, clearing the grounds for new construction. As the region’s massive clean up races along with characteristic Japanese efficiency, the local governments face the sensitive challenge of deciding what if any items should be preserved as memorials of the tragedy. It is proving to be a testing process, particularly in the northern area’s conservative culture that reveres consensus.

Much of the opposition, understandably, comes from residents near the edifices who say they don’t need any more reminders of their losses. Japan doesn’t have a strong tradition of saving buildings, either, in part due to its historical use of wood as opposed to stone in construction. A major exception is the lone building that survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima whose steel dome top has become a globally recognized symbol of the reality of nuclear warfare. Opponents also worry that the costs to maintain memorials will divert funds from reconstruction projects.

村上隆や東 浩紀さんの試みも紹介されています。

The artist Takashi Murakami started a conservation project after he noticed how quickly wreckage was disappearing while he was delivering relief goods just after the quake. “The ship on top of the roof, the twisted road signs, would be there one week and gone the next,” he said. Murakami began collecting whatever he could fit in his car — so far about 100 items, such as oil drums, fire extinguishers and street signs. The cultural critic Hiroki Azuma formed a group to explore making the decommissioned nuclear reactor in Fukushima Prefecture an educational tourist destination.

Miyagi Prefecture issued preservation guidelines for its cities. The buildings should have helped save lives or have the potential to educate future generations on disaster prevention. They must meet safety standards and not disrupt reconstruction plans. Rikuzentakata, located in neighboring Iwate Prefecture, decided not to conserve any buildings where people died; a stance that some say defeats the purpose of having the memorials enlighten viewers on the scale of the tsunami.

最後にもってきたのは保存処理を施された奇跡の一本松“miracle pine tree”の紹介でした。

In time for next week’s second anniversary, Rikuzentakata officials erected a restored version of what is popularly called the “miracle pine tree,” a single tree that remained standing after waves took out the rest of the shoreline forest. The 27-meter-high tree died last year after its roots rotted from exposure to seawater, but it has been hollowed out and filled with carbon fiber and adorned with replicated branches and leaves. The new tree won’t speak to the frailty of people in the face of natural calamities, but the city hopes the majestic replica will be an encouraging symbol of recovery.


奇跡の松 囲む復興軌跡 国立追悼施設を整備
2013年3月5日 朝刊
 政府は、東日本大震災で壊滅的な被害を受けた岩手県陸前高田市で、大津波に耐え残った「奇跡の一本松」一帯に国立の犠牲者追悼施設を整備する方向で検討を始めた。一本松は震災後に枯れたが、保存処理後にモニュメントとして現地に再建する作業が大詰めを迎えている。政府は原爆被爆地の広島、長崎の事例などを参考に施設の内容を検討し、震災の記憶を伝承する拠点に位置付けたい考えだ。 (中根政人)

Facing the Wave: A Journey in the Wake of the TsunamiFacing the Wave: A Journey in the Wake of the Tsunami
Gretel Ehrlich


PBSニューズアワーでは、被災地を訪れた回想録Facing the Waveという本を書かれた紀行作家のGretel Ehrlichを招いて話を聞いていました。

Watch Reflections on the Japanese Tsunami, Two Years Later on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Sonali Deraniyagala



The Tsunami Killed Her Family. She Tells of What Came Next.
‘Wave,’ by Sonali Deraniyagala
Published: March 5, 2013

Before long they and their two young sons were running. There was no time to warn her parents, staying in the same hotel. The four of them made it into a Jeep, and were driving away, when the tsunami overtook them.

Her husband died in the churning water. So did their sons, ages 5 and 7. So, it happens, did her parents. The Jeep turned over on Ms. Deraniyagala, nearly crushing and drowning her. She survived, miraculously, by clinging to a tree limb.

“Wave” is a granular, tactile working through of grief, regret and survivor’s guilt. It maintains a tight focus. Don’t arrive here looking for statistics and a journalistic overview of the tsunami. This book contains nothing about tectonic plates, the pressure per inch of water or the numbers of the dead.


Her slim book moves forward in time, about a year per chapter. It intimately circles the question all memoirs of grief must pose, one that she puts this way: “Who am I now?”

Ms. Deraniyagala’s great realization, a full seven years after the tsunami, is not that her grief has diminished. It remains raw to the touch. Even the sound of footsteps in the apartment above hers makes her think that her boys are still playing upstairs. “Then I have to accept,” she writes, “that I don’t have them.”

Her great realization, she says, is that “I can only recover myself when I keep them near. If I distance myself from them, and their absence, I am fractured. I am left feeling I’ve blundered into a stranger’s life.”

最後に語っている忘れようとするのではなく、忘れないようにすることで立ち直れる(I can only recover myself when I keep them near.)という点は、NPRで話されていたことにもつながります。悲しみが癒えることはないが、家族について書くことで忘れずにいることができ、家族を取り戻すことができるというのです。

'Wave' Tells A True Story Of Survival And Loss In The 2004 Tsunami
March 05, 2013 3:40 AM

"I'm more and more and more able to hold them both, [to] stand here on my own and then hold the feeling of us, more than the memory of us even — the images and the feeling of us being together by that river. It's another vista," she says. "I'm always kind of straddling two worlds."

Deraniyagala says there is no resolution to the grief she feels. But in writing about her family she feels she has memorialized them, and in a way that has brought them back to life again.

Exclusive First Read: 'Wave' By Sonali Deraniyagala
February 19, 2013 7:00 AM

亡くなった方々のためにもどのように記憶していくのか、2年経った今これらの本を買って自分なりに考えてみたいと思います。ということでLean inは買わないことに決定です(笑)



In America, you have a right to be stupid, if you want to be. And you have a right to be disconnected to somebody else if you want to be. And we tolerate that - we somehow make it through that. I think that’s a virtue. I think that’s somethig worth fighting for.

ケリー新国務長官はIn America, you have a right to be stupidの発言が有名になりましたが、The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.(成功(success)が努力(work)より先に来るのは、辞書の中だけである)といった気合の入ったアメフトのロンバルディ監督コメントをいろいろとご紹介したつながりで、There is no "I" in "team.を見ていきます。


Alone No More
By Jay Newton-Small Monday, Mar. 18, 2013

Freshly minted Secretary of State John Kerry has always been something of a loner. In his long Senate career he was known more for his investigations and his courtship of foreign leaders than for collaborating on legislation. Even his favorite sports--biking and windsurfing--are solitary. So how does someone who's spent his life picking his own waves learn to row a boat that someone else is steering?

ところがサブタイトルにIn Obamaland, there is no "I" in "team.とあるように外交に積極的なバイデン副大統領とも歩調を合わせないといけないし、勝手な行動はできなくないようです。本人も自覚していて、今のところサポート役に徹することで自分の味を出していこうとしているようです。

But Kerry wants not just to represent Obama's policies; he wants to help craft them as well. To that end, he plans more time in Washington than his million-miler predecessor Hillary Clinton. Kerry has been telling friends he likes to think of himself as Bill Walton, the legendary basketball player. In 1985, Walton joined the Boston Celtics, Kerry's hometown team, and played alongside future Hall of Famers Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. Walton, an old pro in his own right, didn't go in and try to compete with the Big Three; instead he looked for ways to be useful to them--setting up passes for Bird and Parrish, coming off the bench to give McHale a breather. "There's no more me," Kerry told staff at his first meeting at the State Department, "only we."

記事の最後の締めで"There's no more me, only we."と自らも語っていたとありますね。
NBAプレーヤーだったシャキール・オニールがOld athletic sayingとしてThere is no "I" in "team."について語っているものがありました。

ここではさらにThere is m and e.という反論も紹介してくれています(笑)teamという単語にはmとeが含まれているつまり、meがあるじゃないかというわけです。ああ言えばこうという人はどこの国にもいるんですね(笑)

多読したり、海外ドラマや映画を見ると、こういうよく使われる表現と言う勘所が身についてきます。Rachさんが運営されている「シットコムで笑え! 海外ドラマ「フレンズ」英語攻略ガイド」というブログでもこの表現が登場しています。体育会系の悪いところを具現化したような(苦笑)チャンドラーの上司がThere is no "I" in "team."と語っていました。

チームの中にはアイがない フレンズ3-24その2

[Scene: Chandler's office, he is just finishing a meeting with his boss.]

ダグ(ボスの名前): So thanks for the warm welcome. It's good to have you guys on my team. I come to play. I hope you do too. Now, let's go out there and get 'em! Huh? And remember: There is no "I" in "team." (それで、温かい歓迎をありがとう。俺のチームに君たちがいるのは嬉しいことだ。俺はプレーするために来ている。君たちもそうして欲しい。さて、出て行ってゲットするぞ[やっつけるぞ、戦うぞ]! いいか? それから、覚えておいてくれ。「チーム」の中には「俺(I=アイ)」はなしだ。)





書評の楽しみとして誰が書評しているのかというのもあります。昨晩ご紹介したニューヨークタイムズでSandbergのLean Inを書評していたのは昨年アトランティックでアン・マリー・スローターさんでした。

第1回】 2012年8月30日
林 正愛 [アマプロ株式会社社長]

プリンストン大学の教授でヒラリー・クリントン米国務長官の下で国務省政策企画本部長を務めたアン・マリー・スローターが、米アトランティック誌で「なぜ女性はすべてを手に入れられないのか」(“Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”)という記事を書いたのです。



Why Women Still Can’t Have It All
It’s time to stop fooling ourselves, says a woman who left a position of power: the women who have managed to be both mothers and top professionals are superhuman, rich, or self-employed. If we truly believe in equal opportunity for all women, here’s what has to change.


Yes, You Can
Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’
Published: March 7, 2013

Inevitable questions of privilege aside, many parents will think, as I did, that this is a young woman’s book. Indeed, I nodded in recognition at so much of what Sandberg recounts, page after page, remembering my own early professional experiences and looking back to the days when my children were 5 and 3 (the age when they complain that they don’t see enough of you, rather than wanting you to get out of their face). This is also the book of someone who has never met a challenge she couldn’t surmount by working harder and believing in herself. But for the 229 missing female Fortune 500 leaders, as well as the hundreds of thousands of women who should be occupying lower-level leadership positions but aren’t, the problem is not leaning back but encountering a tipping point, a situation in which what was once a manageable and enjoyable work-family balance can no longer be sustained — regardless of ambition, confidence or even an equal partner. Sandberg is right to say that it is easier to handle work-family conflicts from as high a position on the career ladder as possible, but if in fact it’s the tipping points that tip women out of the work force, or at least prevent them from rising, then no amount of psychological coaching will make a difference.


So is the dearth of women in top jobs due to a lack of ambition or a lack of support? Both, as Sandberg herself grants, proposing that women should “wage battles on both fronts.” Yet she chooses to concentrate only on the “internal obstacles,” the ways in which women hold themselves back. This is unfortunate. As a feminist and a corporate leader, Sandberg seems ideally placed to ask the question that all too often gets lost amid the welter of talk about what women should do, what they should want and how they should behave. When it comes to ensuring that caregivers still have paths to the corner office, how can business lean in?

ビジネスウィークの冒頭でも彼女の本が取り上げられていました。女流作家のAllison Pearsonさんが書いていましたが、こちらはキャリアウーマン的なサンドバーグの意見は普通に家族と仕事を両立している母親には参考にならないという論調です。このような意見は多そうですね。

Opening Remarks
Sheryl Sandberg's Book Offers Little for Working Moms
By Allison Pearson on March 07, 2013

Undoubtedly, Lean In will be invaluable for young women in business school who want to be Sheryl Sandberg. Those who have a more nuanced view of success and who prefer to call ourselves “working mom” rather than “career-loving parent” may find the book strangely lacking in warmth and other recognizable human qualities. Sandberg admits that colleagues took bets on how long she’d be able to stay offline when she went into the hospital to have her first baby. A day after the birth, instead of staring in rapt wonder at her tiny son, she was sending work e-mails.

If that’s called leaning in, then count me out.

この本はそのもので気だけではなく、Betty FriedaのFeminine Mystiqueが出版されて50周年ですから、そのような流れの中で評価されてしまうのでしょうね。

‘The Feminine Mystique’ at 50
Published: January 23, 2013


Gloria Steinem: Women Can't 'Have It All' Until There's Equality
A new PBS documentary, "MAKERS: Women Who Make America," looks at the women's movement and the groundbreaking contributions and struggles made by women today. Judy Woodruff interviews activist Gloria Steinem about the film and about the current state of feminism and gender equality.




Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to LeadLean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
Sheryl Sandberg





Lean inの意味が正直ピンとこなかったのですが上記のABCニュース動画にあった2011年のBarnard Collegeの卒業講演を見て分かりました。Lean back(及び腰になる)しないでlean in(腰を上げて取り組む)しようと呼び掛けている彼女なりのメッセージなのですね。

Barnard College Commencement 2011

Do not lean back; lean in. Put your foot on that gas pedal and keep it there until the day you have to make a decision, and then make a decision. That's the only way, when that day comes, you'll even have a decision to make.

And I hope that you--yes, you--each and every one of you have the ambition to run the world, because this world needs you to run it. Women all around the world are counting on you. I'm counting on you.

I know that's a big challenge and responsibility, a really daunting task, but you can do it. You can do it if you lean in. So go home tonight and ask yourselves, "What would I do if I weren't afraid?" And then go do it. Congratulations, 2011.

ニューヨークタイムズの書評ではlean inの意味を以下のように伝えています。

Yes, You Can
Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’
Published: March 7, 2013

Instead, believe in yourself, give it your all, “lean in” and “don’t leave before you leave” — which is to say, don’t doubt your ability to combine work and family and thus edge yourself out of plum assignments before you even have a baby. Leaning in can promote a virtuous circle: you assume you can juggle work and family, you step forward, you succeed professionally, and then you’re in a better position to ask for what you need and to make changes that could benefit others.


まあ、メリッサマイヤーの在宅勤務禁止のときと同じく、成功者だからそんなことが言えるのだという論調が強そうなことも予想できますね。いろいろ読んだものをご報告させていただくかもしれません。もう一つのニューヨークタイムズの書評ではlean inというフレーズを批判しています。

Lessons From the Stratosphere, and How to Get There
Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ Offers Lessons
Published: March 6, 2013

“Lean In” is a terrible title for her book. It’s as weakly euphemistic as “reach out,” the touchy-feely synonym for “ask” that sounds urgent only when belted out by the Four Tops. “Lean In” also signals an effort at branding from a woman whose proselytizing is ready for a campaign trail. And it’s too dainty to convey what Ms. Sandberg really means: Stand up. Step forward. Speak out. Be smart and strong, and don’t torpedo your own efforts in the workplace. That’s the assertiveness for which “Lean In” is a landmark manifesto.

Gen-Y responds to Sheryl Sandberg's 'Lean In'
March 8, 2013: 10:50 AM ET

どのメディアも相当な取り上げ方だったので不思議に思って見ていたのですが、lean inという財団まで作って取組んでいるようで、彼女はムーブメントを本気で起こそうとしているのかもしれません。ニューヨーカーの記事によれば、ニューヨークタイムズが2月21日に一面トップで彼女を扱ったようです。

March 4, 2013
Posted by Anna Holmes

A Titan’s How-To on Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Published: February 21, 2013


Published: February 21, 2013
Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ Foundation and Movement
With her new book and foundation, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, is taking a big step beyond her job: she is trying to kick off a new movement aimed at increasing the number of women who reach the top tiers of the workplace. The following documents, circulated by Lean In to potential partners, explain what Ms. Sandberg is trying to do — and also suggest why she is already attracting criticism. — JODI KANTOR Related Article »

Our mission is to create a global community dedicated to encouraging women to lean in to their ambitions.

Catalyzed by the book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead written by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, a team of leaders and educators has come together to launch Lean In. Lean In will combine practical education and focused discussion to give women the tools they need to realize their goals.

Over the past decade, the percentage of women in leadership roles in the U.S. has stalled across almost every industry. Our premise is that women can work together to change this trajectory--the shift to a more equal world will happen with each woman who leans in.

Lean In will tap into the best of social networking, online learning and small peer groups to create a community that provides regular encouragement and support. Lean In will be open and self-organizing and serve as a platform for companies and organizations to build upon.


Welcome To The Lean In Community!
By Sheryl Sandberg • March 5, 2013

Whether you are a woman or man…have read the book Lean In or not…are just starting out, considering a change, taking a break, looking to start something new, or trying to pursue a personal goal…we are so happy to have you here.

We are here to support each other and learn from each other. Lean In gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts and some of the lessons I have learned. Now it’s your turn. By talking openly about the challenges that we all face in the workplace and at home, we can work towards solutions together.

I am so grateful to the women and men who came together to start leanin.org—my co-founders and our team, our passionate volunteers, and the brilliant professors at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford.

I am also deeply indebted to everyone who has shared his or her Lean In stories with us. Of course, every individual and every situation is unique. But taken collectively, these stories paint a picture of the shared struggles and obstacles we all face. They allow us to see how stretching for a goal and believing in yourself can pay off. I urge you to read these stories; if you feel inspired, please share your story with us so others can benefit from your experience and insights.

I am excited to see where this journey takes us. Like every community, this one will evolve as more people join and share their ideas. We look to you to help us all move forward.

Together, we are stronger than any one of us alone. Together, we can break down the stereotypes that hold us all back, making our organizations more productive and our homes happier. Together, we can create a world where everyone—women and men, girls and boys—has true choice and equal opportunity to follow his or her dreams.

Let’s Lean In, together.


Facebookの商売敵だからか、残念ながらLean inの本はキンドルバージョンはありませんでした。明日紀伊国屋でも覗いてみようと思います。

You have to ruthlessly prioritize

ヤフーCEOが発表した在宅禁止令を取り上げましたが、彼女の肉声に触れていなかったので、昨年の11月にCEO就任して、出産を終えて初めてメディアの前に登場した頃の動画を見ていました。スポ根系の監督の名言を披露するとは、結構体育会系ノリの人だったのですね。'You have to ruthlessly prioritize'(厳しく優先順位をつけること)ですか、分かっているけどズルズルとなっているのが実情かもしれません(汗)

この動画の紹介記事を引用しながら見ていきます。以前の記事で育児と仕事の両立のような場合動詞juggleが使われることが多いと書きましたが、ここでもjuggling work and motherhoodとなっていますね。

'The job is really fun, and the baby's been easy': Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer speaks for the first (and possibly last) time about juggling work and motherhood
PUBLISHED: 15:02 GMT, 28 November 2012 | UPDATED: 16:46 GMT, 28 November 2012

What is the most surprising thing to you about your life and career in the last few months?という質問に対して、I thing that there are two surprising things.と要点を言ってから説明するのはさすがですね。質問者の質問もyour life and career in the last few monthsとYahooのCEO就任や出産とは具体的に触れずに聞いています。このような聞き方の方が相手も答えやすいのではないでしょうか。マイヤーさんのビフォー・アフターの感想を述べる答え方も聞く方としては大変分かりやすいです。こういうやり取りができればいいですよね。。。

'I knew that the job would be hard, and I knew the baby would be fun,' she told the assembled guests.

'And the thing that surprised me, and really pleasantly so, is that the job is really fun – yeah, Yahoo! is a really fun place to work - and the baby's been easy.
'The baby's been way easier than everyone made it out to be.'

ヤフーは楽しい職場だとポジティブな感想を言っているのでヤフー社員もほっとしたでしょうね。もしグーグルと比べて全然なっていないとか言われたらいい気はしないでしょうから。次にWhat’s the most important thing you do to get all done?という質問に対して記事タイトルにさせていただいた'You have to ruthlessly prioritize'という答えが登場します。このような副詞の位置に慣れておきたいですね。

'You have to ruthlessly prioritize', she said, when asked how she manages her work and family life so well.

'And I do. And that's one of the reasons that I haven't been talking - and I'm going to go back to not talking.'

A Wisconsin native, she went on to quote Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers.

'Vince Lombardi says, "In my life there are three things: God, family and the Green Bay Packers. In that order." And for me I think that it's God, family and Yahoo! In that order.'

地元スポーツは世界共通の鉄板ネタのようです(笑)ウィスコンシン州出身のメイヤーさんはアメフトのGreen Bay Packersのファンであることを公言していますね。具体例を引きながらAnd for me I think that it's God, family and Yahoo! In that order.と優先順位を語ると聞く方も大変わかりやすいですね。

他にも動画ではロンバルディ監督のQuitters never win. Winners never quit.とか、The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.とかを紹介していました。ロンバルディ監督を知らなくてもアメリカ人なら耳にするフレーズのようですね。

ヴィンス・ロンバルディについての記事を読むとGod, family and the Green Bay Packers. この順番を間違えることがあったそうです(笑)

ヴィンス・ロンバルディ エピソード集

■ 信仰


自分は『やさしいビジネス英語』だった頃のQuote Unquoteというコーナーでロンバルディ監督の名言を知りました。どの名言も相当熱いですね(苦笑)



(英語)Vince Lombardi Quotes

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.
もしくはWinning is not everything, but wanting to win is.

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.

We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

これ以外にも他にもたくさんの名言があるようです。Practice make perfectじゃ物足らず、perfect practiceが必要だと語っておられます(滝汗)

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.


「私は三重です」はI’m triple.じゃない


仕事で日本の地名ばかりのページがあったのでGoogle翻訳を使って英語に翻訳をしたのですが、三重をtripleとしていました。試しに「私は三重です」という文をGoogle翻訳に入れたらI’m triple.と、「私は三重出身です」でもI am from tripleと訳していました。

「私は三重です」I’m triple.

「私は三重出身です」I am from triple






シチュエーションを意識的に学ぶというと勉強臭がしてしまうのですが、普通にいろいろと首を突っ込む野次馬精神で十分です。この場合、雰囲気がつかめればいいのですから。一例として今週のNewsweekのカバーにHugo Chavez: Going Going … Goneとチャベス大統領の追悼記事がありました。


Farewell, El Commandante: How Hugo Chavez Polarized Venezuela & the World
by Boris Muñoz Mar 12, 2013 1:00 AM EDT
Populist, charlatan, provocateur. How Hugo Chávez split Venezuela and the world. Boris Muñoz in Newsweek.

Going Going Goneというフレーズがピンとくる方は英語になじみがある人ですよね。英辞郎では二つのシチュエーションで使われると説明があります。

going going gone
いいですか・いいですか・はい決まり、終わるよ・終わるよ・はい終わり◆セリ、オークションの最後の言葉。その前に、セリ値を云う時は「going for 100, 100」100ドル、100ドルだよ。

going, going, gone

下記の不動産のオークション動画の2分53秒あたりでGoing goingが聞けます。

野球に関してはプロのアナウンサーなかったです。下記動画で40秒あたりからgoing, going, goneとホームランを振り返っています。日本語だと「大きいぞ、大きいぞ、入った、ホームラン」という実況でしょうか。

このNewsweekの記事ではチャベス大統領は子供の頃メジャーリーグの野球選手になりたかったとありましたが、Going going goneという表現が今回の特集記事の内容を具体的に指しているわけではなかった感じです。

As a young man, Chávez demonstrated talent for public speaking in the town celebrations. But his childhood passion was baseball. He considered becoming a Major League Baseball player, but opted instead for the military academy, at the time a more secure path to escape poverty. In the army, he proved to be a natural leader and a natural conspirator, too. With a group of army colleagues, he founded the Movimiento Bolivariano 200 and plotted for more than a decade to take power in Venezuela.

Going going goneという歌もありますし、タイトルをつけた理由は推測するしかないようです。

He is gone.

Goneには亡くなるという意味もありますから、ガン闘病中であることは知られていましたから「長く闘ってきたがとうとう力尽きた」ということかもしれませんし、これまで大胆な行動をとってきて注目を集めてきた様子をgoing goigで表しているのかもしれませんし、自分にはこれといった意味は読み取れませんでした。下記は記事の最後の部分ですがチャベス大統領が推し進めていた革命が大統領の死とともに勢いがなくなることを暗示しているのかもしれません。

After the death of Chávez and three months of bitter media war, the country seems sunk in confusion. And since Chávez was never sworn in to his fourth term of office, Maduro, the acting president, has no clear mandate to govern the country. Beyond Venezuela’s borders, though, the situation is different. Other Latin American leaders seem poised to snatch Chávez’s revolutionary mantle, such as Ecuador’s socialist leader, Rafael Correa.

“We are all necessary but no one is indispensable,” Correa said, shortly after visiting Chávez in Havana. “Even if the gravity of his illness doesn’t let him continue at the helm, the revolution must go on.”

Whether that is possible, with Chávez gone, is an open question.

今回の記事とgoing going goneとの関係はともかく、going going goneとくればオークションを話題にして、競りの様子がイメージされるか、野球を話題にして野球のホームランが打たれて試合が決定づけられる場面がイメージされるということを念頭においておきたいです。まあ、意味とかよりオークション雰囲気が思い浮かべば十分じゃないでしょうか。




Today, the Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2094, strongly condemning North Korea's highly provocative February 12 nuclear test and imposing significant new sanctions under chapter seven of the UN Charter. The strength, breadth, and severity of these sanctions will raise the cost to North Korea of its illicit nuclear programme

何かが決議で決まる場合は、Today, the Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2094のようにunanimouslyがよく使われますね。まあ、TOEICで頻出表現とまではいきませんが、よく使われます。

現に1月でもライス国連大使はunanimously adopted Resolution 2087と言っていました(苦笑)。

Good afternoon, everyone. Today, the Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2087 in response to North Korea's launch last month of a multi-stage rocket using ballistic missile technology.



TIME has come

雑誌TIMEで有名なTime Inc.がMeredithという会社と合併交渉をしているのは知っていましたが、どうやら不調に終わったようで、それに代わって出した決断がグループからの分離独立のようです。ウエブサイト上でも正式なプレスリリースが出ていました。

ニューヨークタイムズの記事ですがa group of celebrated magazines that no one seems to wantと書かれてしまっています。ニュース雑誌をはじめとする週刊誌の類はいまだに知名度はあるけど、だれも欲しいとは思わないものになっているのですね。

March 6, 2013, 1:02 pm
Time Warner Ends Talks With Meredith and Will Spin Off Time Inc. Into Separate Company

9:14 p.m. | Updated
What do you do with a group of celebrated magazines that no one seems to want?

Time Warner found its answer on Wednesday. It announced it would spin off its Time Inc. magazine unit into a separate, publicly traded company, a move that will allow the media conglomerate to focus entirely on its cable television and film businesses.

The announcement came hours after Time Warner and Meredith Corporation ended negotiations on a proposal that would have joined in a separate company many Time Inc. titles with magazines published by Meredith.

この部分を読むだけではTime Warner and Meredith Corporation ended negotiationsとあるだけなので、交渉が不調に終わったかどうかわかりませんが、後続する段落でThe deal with Meredith fell apart in part because ofとあったので交渉が決裂したことが分かりました。because ofとすぐ後に理由も述べてくれています。


Revenue at Time Inc. has declined by around 30 percent over the past five years. Last month, Time Inc. said it would lay off 6 percent of its 8,000 employees, which will cost Time Warner $60 million in restructuring.

以下がTime Warnerのウエブサイトにあったプレスリリースです。一次資料にあたり、実際にどのようなことが書かれているか確認したいと思います。仕事で英語を使う人が参考にできる表現としてもプレスリリースはとてもよい学習素材になります。

March 6, 2013

NEW YORK – Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX) today announced that its Board of Directors has authorized management to proceed with plans for the complete legal and structural separation of Time Inc. from Time Warner. Following the proposed transaction, Time Inc. would be an independent, publicly traded company. Time Warner aims to complete the proposed transaction by the end of the calendar year.

Time Warner Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bewkes said: "After a thorough review of options, we believe that a separation will better position both Time Warner and Time Inc. A complete spin-off of Time Inc. provides strategic clarity for Time Warner Inc., enabling us to focus entirely on our television networks and film and TV production businesses, and improves our growth profile. Time Inc. will also benefit from the flexibility and focus of being a stand-alone public company and will now be able to attract a more natural stockholder base. As we saw with the prior spin-offs of Time Warner Cable and AOL, we expect the separation will create additional value for our stockholders."

Time Inc. CEO Laura Lang has advised Time Warner that she will stay on through this process and will help in identifying and selecting a successor. "Laura indicated to me that we should find a different kind of CEO for this new public company, and I respect her decision," Bewkes said. "She has been a great partner who has given Time Inc. forward momentum to make this transition possible, and I look forward to working with her to select the right leader to head the company as an independent entity."


its Board of Directors has authorized management to proceed with plans for the complete legal and structural separation of Time Inc. from Time Warner.

会社では承認手続きは不可欠ですから「権限のある人が何かを承認する」というのは大事な表現ですね。its Board of Directors という会社で意思決定の最高機関であることが分かりますし、has authorized managementではmanagementが経営陣を指していることに注意したいです。

また、計画を進めるという表現としてto proceed with plansが使われています。社内メールとかだったらmove forward with …ぐらいになると思うのでproceed with …は固めの表現でしょう。

verb [I]
› to continue as planned:
The merger is proceeding according to schedule and should be complete by July.
proceed with sth It is not yet clear whether the private investor has decided to proceed with a formal bid for the budget airline.
proceed carefully/quickly/slowly

After a thorough review of options, we believe that a separation will better position both Time Warner and Time Inc.

こういう重要な決断を「ビビッと決めました」というわけもなく、After a thorough review of optionsと慎重に審査したことを書いています。thorough はtorouughlyともTOEICでも登場しますが、TOEICに出る出ないよりも慎重にレビューしたことを伝える言葉としてピッタリなのではないででしょうか。reviewのコロケーションを確認しておきます。

(慎重さ) careful, fundamental, in-depth, thorough
(完全さ) complete, full, systematic ,
(広範さ) comprehensive, extensive, wide-ranging

a separation will better position bothは英語学習初学者は戸惑ってしまうかもしれません。better positionはここでは「形容詞+名詞」(よりよい位置)ではなく「副詞+動詞」(~をよりよい状況にする)です。


position verb
position something (+ adverb/preposition)
to put someone or something in a particular position
synonym place
Large television screens were positioned at either end of the stadium.
She quickly positioned herself behind the desk.
Position your hands correctly on the shaft of the club.
The company is now well positioned to compete in foreign markets.

better position …. (~をよりよい状況にする)は置き場所をはっきり書かないけれども「良い状況にする」というだけの抽象的な感じですね。変に具体的な場所を書くと言質を取られかねませんから、better position ….前向きな状況だけをアピールすることができる使い勝手のいい表現ではないでしょうか。こういう珍しい使われ方をするのを見るとついつい意識してしまいますが、基本的にそれ程使われる動詞ではなくビジネス的な文脈では以下のような用例をまずチェックしておけばよさそうです。

verb [T]
› to put something or someone in a particular position or situation:
The company has positioned itself as the country's leading textile manufacturer.
be well/ideally positioned to do sth We are well positioned to be able to deal with a downturn in the economy.


Time Inc. CEO Laura Lang has advised Time Warner that she will stay on through this process and will help in identifying and selecting a successor.

verb [T]
› to find and be able to describe someone or something:
identify what/which/who
To create an effective advertising campaign you must first identify who your target market is.
A good business recovery service should include an initial risk assessment to identify which essential processes are at risk and how the risk can be reduced.


How can we identify the best job candidates?

identify the cause(原因を特定する)のような感じでも使われますが、ここでは日本語の「選び」「選出する」といった意味で理解すればいいのではないでしょうか。ニュアンス的には「適任の人を選び出す」といった感じのより詳細に選び出す感じだと思います。

Work life balance

YahooのCEOの在宅勤務の禁止は幅広い議論を巻き起こしたようで、どんな論点が出ているのか整理しても面白そうです。仕事と私生活のバランスをとることはWork life balanceという表現が使われます。『実践ビジネス英語』が素晴らしいのは、このような問題を取り入れてくれているからですね。英語表現だけでなく、話す内容についても『実践ビジネス英語』をやり込めばそれなりについていけるようになります。

ワシントンポストの読者投稿欄に以下のような感想が届いていました。読者といってもNational Capital Planning Commission’s Urban Design Taskforceの会長とあったので、一定の立場がある方だと想像できます。この方は在宅勤務の議論がchild care とthe flexibilityに限定されていることを嘆いています。在宅勤務の可能性はもっといろいろとあるというのです。

Letter to the Editor
Imagining a new way of working
Published: March 6

Regarding Ruth Marcus’s Feb. 27 op-ed column, “A real Yahoo move”:

The debate sparked by Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer’s decision to compel her company’s workers back to the office reeks of opportunity lost.

Rather than engendering a substantive conversation about the implications of mobile work, many of them positive — for employees as well as employers, cities, suburbs and the environment — the discussion has focused on child care and the flexibility that telecommuting affords. Pundits decry the “let them eat cake” quality of Ms. Mayer’s decision, citing the nursery she built next to her office and the $100 million salary that enabled it, but they gloss over the larger opportunities that abound with the prospect of large-scale adoption of mobile work.

面白いとおもった表現を紹介します。Pundits decry the “let them eat cake” quality of Ms. Mayer’s decisionとあります。前のブログでも取り上げましたが“let them eat cake”はマリ―アントワネットの言葉とされています。

フランスのマリー・アントワネット王妃 -- 「パンがなければ、ケーキを食べさせればいいじゃない」◆【出典】Hiragana Times, 2009年6月号◆【出版社】株式会社ヤック企画

"Your majesty, the people are starving, they have no bread to eat." "Then, let them eat cake."

ここでの“let them eat cake” qualityというのは、マイヤーCEOは大金持ちだから子育てにお金をかけられるから、普通の勤め人の気持ちが分からないということのようです。

この読者欄で取り上げられていたA real Yahoo moveでは、まさにその文脈でYahooの決断を時代遅れのものと批判するものでした。

A real Yahoo move
By Ruth Marcus, Published: February 27

How ironic that a technology company, dedicated to enabling connectivity, would enforce such a retrograde, back-to-the-assembly-line edict. It reflect a bricks-and-mortar mindset in an increasingly cyber world. How depressing that this edict comes from a female CEO, albeit a seemingly bionic one. You have to wonder whether this is Mayer demonstrating that she is as tough — or as boneheaded — as any guy.

Working from home isn’t just a girl thing: Nearly as many men as women work from home, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Indeed, it isn’t just a parent thing. But it is an important tool in the arsenal of parental juggling and parental sanity.

この著者はblanket ban(一律禁止)ではなくbetter managementが必要とうったえているようですが、英語学習的にはparental jugglingという表現に慣れておきたいです。


juggle a job and motherhood

juggle between family and work by making use of one's limited time

juggle career and family

juggle children and meals

2 [transitive, intransitive]
juggle (something) (with something)
to try to deal with two or more important jobs or activities at the same time so that you can fit all of them into your life
Working mothers are used to juggling their jobs, their children's needs, and their housework.

2 [intransitive and transitive]
to try to fit two or more jobs, activities etc into your life, especially with difficulty
juggle something (with something)
It's hard trying to juggle a job with kids and the housework.



We need a nuanced conversation, not a polarizing debate about one CEO’s motives.

polarizing debateとnuanced conversationが対比されています。両極端の議論ではなく、もう少し慎重な話し合いが必要だということでしょう。





March 6, 2012
Strengthening of Alliance with Samsung Electronics for Liquid Crystal Business Capital Alliance with Samsung Electronics Japan, a Japanese corporation of Samsung Electronics




Samsung buys stake in Sharp
By Michiyo Nakamoto in Tokyo and Song Jung-a in Seoul

Lee Jae-hyuk, an analyst at Daiwa Securities, estimates that Samsung bought about 6 per cent of its TV panels from Sharp last year and is likely to increase the portion this year. “Sharp is the only company with a 10th-generation production line for large-sized panels above 60 inches. So it is more economical for Samsung to buy large-sized panels from Sharp rather than building its own factory,” he said.

Mr Lee described the deal as “win-win”, noting that it “reduces some investment burden for Samsung at a time of slowing TV demand and overcapacity in the industry. Meanwhile, Sharp can secure a big customer . . . and prevent its finances from deteriorating.”


2013/03/06 17:31 KST
(LEAD) Samsung to acquire 3-pct stake in Sharp
By Lee Minji

"The investment is set to fortify the partnership between Samsung and Sharp, and also lay a firm foundation for Samsung to secure a steady supply of LCD panels from diversified sources," said the Suwon, South Korea-based company.

Sharp operates manufacturing facilities in Kameyama and Sakai, Japan, where it produces small and mid-sized LCD panels as well as products sized 60-inches and larger.

"The deal will stabilize LCD supply for Samsung Electronics' TV business as well as help the company secure oxide technology," Hana Daetoo Securities Co. analyst Nam Dae-jong said by phone.


(Korea Herald)
Samsung to buy stake in Sharp
Published : 2013-03-06 21:05

“We’re strengthening our cooperation with Sharp to secure a stable supply channel of light-emitting diode display panels,” it said in a statement.

The event takes place as the Osaka-based Sharp seems desperate to raise funds and secure customers for its liquid-crystal display business. The firm, which is a display supplier to Apple Inc., was placed in a tough situation when its planned investment from Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry fell through last year.

Samsung’s TV and home appliance chief Yoon Boo-keun told reporters at the firm’s office in southern Seoul on Wednesday that “the investment in Sharp was being injected to better respond to the big-screen TV market.”


日本では大騒ぎのニュースでしたが、中央日報やKorea Timesでは取り上げていませんでした。所詮「下請け」になり下がってしまったということなのですかね。そのKorea Timesではシャープに出資した額110million US dollarsをはるかに超える11 billion US dollarsを2012年のマーケティング費用に充てているという報道がなされていました。

2013-03-05 17:20
Samsung spends record $11 bil. on marketing
By Kim Yoo-chul

Samsung Electronics spent a record-breaking $11 billion or 12.9 trillion won on marketing activities in 2012, despite a deepening patent dispute with Apple, according to documents obtained by The Korea Times, Tuesday.

The amount accounts for 6.5 percent of the firm’s 200 trillion won revenue last year, and was up 38 percent from the previous year. It was 6.8 times the 1.9 trillion won it spent in 2005.

The documents also show that the electronics giant spent 1.15 trillion won on research and development in 2012, taking up 5.7 percent of its total sales. The figure was up 15.5 percent from a year earlier and 3.1 times what it spent seven years ago.

The numbers suggest Samsung is placing a greater emphasis on marketing in a bid to increase its slice of the smartphone market and improve its brand image.

“Samsung’s focus on marketing was the main reason the company was so successful last year,” said a source inside Samsung, asking not to be identified.






新TOEIC TEST 全力特急 絶対ハイスコア新TOEIC TEST 全力特急 絶対ハイスコア
濱崎潤之輔、キム・デギュン 他








Your participation in the study will assist us in our efforts to improve our products.



assist usとかhelp usとかいった表現は英語でよく使われるのですが、日本語にしづらいですね。ですから自分なりに大きくアレンジしてしまっています。


To assit you, I have attached our comprehensive installation guide …(以下略)










"One of the most important things he taught Steve was [that] it's important to be a great craftsman, even for the parts unseen. When they were building a fence, he said, 'You have to make the back of the fence that people won't see look just as beautiful as the front, just like a great carpenter would make the back of a chest of drawers ... Even though others won't see it, you will know it's there, and that will make you more proud of your design.'"








新TOEIC TEST読解特急4ビジネス文書編新TOEIC TEST読解特急4ビジネス文書編
神崎正哉、TEX加藤 他



Your participation in the study will assist us in our efforts to improve our products.




Your participation in the study will assist us in our efforts to improve our products.



assist usとかhelp usとかいった表現は英語でよく使われるのですが、日本語にしづらいですね。ですから自分なりに大きくアレンジしてしまっています。また、effortは「努力」としてしまいがちですが、このような文脈でしたら、「活動」「取り組み」としてしまっていいのではと思います。

3(目的達成のため集団で行い一連の努力を伴う)活動, 作業, 仕事(しばしば名詞の後で複合語的に)
a relief [rescue] effort 救出作業
a concerted [group, joint] effort 協力[集団]活動.

It is important to continue with our efforts.

Our research meshed with emergent efforts and interest from the pharmaceutical industry in technology to harvest common terms and relationships from unstructured text and databases to provide a "map" of the implicit semantics shared in and across domains.
私たちの研究は、製薬業界の技術面での新しい取り組み、関心とぴったり符合しています。構造化されていないテキストやデータベースから、共通の専門用語や関連性を掘り出し、一ドメインの中で、あるいは複数のドメインの間で共有される暗黙的セマンティックスの「地図」を提供することを目標としています。◆【出典】英文:Science Commons、和訳:サイエンス・コモンズ翻訳プロジェクト◆【License】CC BY 3.0