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TOEICテスト新公式問題集< Vol.6>TOEICテスト新公式問題集< Vol.6>
Educational Testing Service




Test 1 Prep Book改訂版のFinal Test
Test 2公式実践書 LC+RC 1000 最新傾向のTest 03

ETS TOEIC Listening Prep BookETS TOEIC Listening Prep Book


ETS TOEIC 公式実践書 LC+RC 1000 最新傾向 (教材+解説集)【韓国版】ETS TOEIC 公式実践書 LC+RC 1000 最新傾向 (教材+解説集)【韓国版】
ETS (イーティーエス)






イギリスでは昨日がRemembrance Dayだったのですね。今年は100周年でロンドン塔でのpoppyのインスタレーションに注目でしょうか。

Remembrance Sunday
the Sunday nearest to the 11 November on which those killed in war, especially the wars of 1914–18 and 1939–45, are remembered in ceremonies and church services in Britain and some other countries


First World War
100 years on

A global guide to the first world war - interactive documentary





初戦勝利を収めた錦織君、勝利者インタビューがアップされていました。当然ですが英語でやり取りをしています。you knowやa little bitを多用したり、簡単な表現を使っていますが、テンポよく話していますね。


London, England
by ATP Staff | 09.11.2014

Kei Nishikori powered his way past Andy Murray on his Barclays ATP World Tour Finals debut on Sunday.

Fourth seed Nishikori, a winner of four ATP World Tour titles in six finals this year, defeated fifth seed Murray 6-4, 6-4 in the first match of Group B play at The O2, venue of the season finale in London. It was the Japanese star’s first victory in his fourth meeting against Murray.

“I was a little bit tight in the beginning, but I started feeling a little more confident in especially second set,” said Nishikori. “I was very, very solid… I was a little bit surprised at how I played on the court: very confident. I’m looking forward to play the next match.”


I didn't serve well enough today. I would say that was the biggest difference in the match. When you’re not serving well, obviously on your own service game, you want to be looking to dictate the point. Whey you’re returning, You kind of dictate when you have the opportunity. You don’t always have the chance when someone’s serving well. I didn't serve well enough. He was able to dictate a lot of points, especially behind my second serve. That was statistically the part of the match where he had the upper hand. That was the part of the match.



今回の映画化で、Kip Thorneという科学者の全面協力を受けたそうです。ちなみに、動画に出てくるJonathan Nolanは弟で脚本を担当、Emma Thomasという女性はノーラン監督の奥さんでこの映画でもプロデューサを務めています。

The Science of InterstellarThe Science of Interstellar
Kip Thorne


11月7日に全米公開されたことから雑誌NatureでもThorneさんのインタビューを載せています。The Science of Interstellarという本も出版するくらいですから、妥協をせずに映像化したことを期待してしまいます。Q&Aで興味深いと思ったやり取りを抜粋しました。

Q&A: Space-time visionary
Zeeya Merali

Nature (07 November 2014) doi:10.1038/515196a
Published online 07 November 2014

Thanks to theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, real science is embedded in Christopher Nolan's film Interstellar, in which explorers seek a new home for humankind. Thorne talks about what he learned from the film's unprecedented visualizations of black holes and wormholes, what it and his accompanying book can teach, and the likelihood of humans escaping the Solar System.

How did Interstellar come about?
I have long worked on black holes and, since the 1980s, wormholes — hypothetical tunnels in space that link distant regions of the Universe. About eight years ago, I and my friend Lynda Obst, a film producer, came up with a movie set on the 'warped side of the Universe' — black holes, wormholes, higher dimensions and beyond. It interested director Steven Spielberg, who brought in Jonathan 'Jonah' Nolan to write the screenplay. Steven dropped out and later Jonah's brother Christopher Nolan took over as director and final screenwriter. Chris and Jonah changed our story almost completely, but preserved the warped space-time and splendidly fulfilled our vision of a science-fiction movie with real science woven deeply in its fabric. In it, nothing violates well-established physical laws and all the wild speculations spring from science, not just the fertile mind of a screenwriter.

Was there any culture clash?
No, there was a full embrace of this melding of arts with science that extended to all four lead actors. Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway came to me for in-depth discussions — they were trying to wrap their heads around the science. Michael Caine asked to have his photograph taken with me, and my jaw dropped. He told me his character was based on me and he wanted to talk about how a theoretical physicist thinks. Jessica Chastain asked for help with quantum equations. The nicest thing was working with artists who are brilliant, intellectually curious and from a background so different from my own.

Will interstellar travel ever be possible?
The nearest potentially habitable planet outside the Solar System is perhaps just under 12 light years (3.7 parsecs) away, orbiting the star τ Ceti. If you think of that distance as like going from New York to Perth, Australia, then the distance from Earth to the Moon would be about 7 centimetres. That gives you some sense of the challenge involved. I think humans will make that journey, but not in this century or the next, or maybe the one after that. It is too hard. For a science-fiction story, a wormhole created by an advanced civilization is the only way to do it in the next century, but it is unlikely that wormholes exist. You have to prop them open with 'negative energy' and it is unlikely that the laws of physics allow you to collect enough negative energy. But there is no proof that they can't exist.


Black-hole mergers cast kaleidoscope of shadows
The objects would bend light around them into a 'fractal' as they spiral into each other.
Ron Cowen
06 November 2014 Corrected: 06 November 2014

In Interstellar, the science-fiction film out this week, Matthew McConaughey stars as an astronaut contending with a supermassive black hole called Gargantua. The film's special effects have been hailed as the most realistic depiction ever made of this type of cosmic object.

But astrophysicists have now gone one better. They have calculated for the first time what an observer would see if two black holes — each drastically warping the fabric of space and time according to Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity — spiralled into each other and merged. The researchers' simulations (see video above) reveal how the image of each black hole circles around the other and gets multiplied in a rapidly shape-shifting kaleidoscope. Andy Bohn of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and his colleagues unveiled the results on 30 October in a paper posted on the arxiv.org repository1.





2014年11月06日 アルマ望遠鏡、「視力2000」を達成!― 史上最高解像度で惑星誕生の現場の撮影に成功

Nov 06, 2014 Revolutionary ALMA Image Reveals Planetary Genesis


Astronomers' dream has just come true. The new image from ALMA, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, reveals extraordinarily fine detail that has never been seen before in the planet-forming disk around a young star. These are the first observations that have used ALMA in its near-final configuration and the sharpest pictures ever made at submillimeter wavelengths. The new results are an enormous step forward in the observation of how protoplanetary disks develop and how planets form.

ALMA has obtained its most detailed image yet showing the structure of the disk around HL Tauri, a million-year-old Sun-like star located approximately 450 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Taurus. The image exceeds all expectations and reveals a series of concentric and bright rings, separated by gaps.

Stars like HL Tauri and our own Sun form within clouds of gas and dust that collapse under gravity. Over time, the surrounding dust particles stick together, growing into sand, pebbles, and larger-size rocks, which eventually settle into a thin disk where asteroids, comets, and planets form. Once these planetary bodies acquire enough mass, they dramatically reshape the structure of the disk, fashioning rings and gaps as the planets sweep their orbits clear of debris and shepherd dust and gas into tighter and more confined zones.





ナショナル・シアター・ライヴ 『フランケンシュタイン』『コリオレイナス』アンコール上映決定!!






Is Coriolanus Shakespeare’s Greatest Tragedy?
A closer look at T.S. Eliot’s zany claim.
By David Haglund

In 1919, T.S. Eliot published an essay that elevates literary contrarianism to heights that have rarely been equaled. The central argument of “Hamlet and His Problems,” which first appeared in the Athenaeum and was later collected in The Sacred Wood, is that Hamlet, considered a masterpiece for centuries, is a shambles. Eliot goes on to insist that the Bard’s greatest tragedy is actually a play few peopled paid much attention to then or now: Coriolanus, just adapted for the screen by Ralph Fiennes.

To dismiss Hamlet, Eliot must rebut most of the critics who have come before him. But he pays special attention to two fellow poet-critics, Goethe and Coleridge. Those two, he says, used their creative gifts to imagine a Hamlet who doesn’t really exist in the play. Goethe, Eliot says, “made of Hamlet a Werther,” i.e., a similarly Romantic soul not adequate to his times. And Coleridge “made of Hamlet a Coleridge,” a man who, in Coleridge’s words, suffers from “an overbalance in the contemplative faculty,” and thus “loses his natural power of action.” These attempts to decipher the character founder, according to Eliot, on the play’s fundamental disjointedness: Laying out in detail Shakespeare’s indebtedness to Thomas Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy, he argues that Hamlet is not a coherent work of art by one author, but a never-quite-finished hodge-podge, with a borrowed plot and superimposed set of motivations that don’t quite make sense.

エリオットがコリオレイナスを褒めているところは以下です。Coriolanus may be not as “interesting” as Hamlet, but it is, with Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare’s most assured artistic success.としていますね。

Both workmanship and thought are in an unstable condition. We are surely justified in attributing the play, with that other profoundly interesting play of “intractable” material and astonishing versification, Measure for Measure, to a period of crisis, after which follow the tragic successes which culminate in Coriolanus. Coriolanus may be not as “interesting” as Hamlet, but it is, with Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare’s most assured artistic success. And probably more people have thought Hamlet a work of art because they found it interesting, than have found it interesting because it is a work of art. It is the “Mona Lisa” of literature.


Of course, that century has also demonstrated the value of contrarianism for a critic who wishes to stand out: Eliot’s argument continues to fly so fully in the face of conventional wisdom that, to this day, his semi-offhand comment about Coriolanus may be the most famous thing about the play. You’ll even find it mentioned in the review of the new Fiennes adaptation published by the AP—a news outlet that is not generally in the habit of citing 90-year-old works of literary criticism in its film reviews. So, well done, Mr. Eliot. I guess.


Sing of the new invasion
Ralph Fiennes’s upcoming film adaptation of Shakespeare’s
Coriolanus shows its versatility – and p

Fiennes filmed his adaptation in Belgrade—a stroke of genius according to Slovenian philosopher (and card-carrying contrarian) Slavoj Žižek. In Žižek’s interpretation, Fiennes has reimagined the rebellious army of the play as “leftist guerilla rebels,” and has transformed Coriolanus from “a fanatical anti-democrat” into a “figure of the radical left.” Fiennes and Logan, Žižek says, have “done the impossible, confirming in the process T.S. Eliot’s claim that Coriolanus is superior to Hamlet.”

Of course, he’s done no such thing— Žižek is just trying to ride Eliot’s anti-conventional-wisdom coattails. (Žižek actually spends most of his piece on Coriolanus expounding another contrarian interpretation, of the sword-and-sandals movie 300, on the flimsy pretext that Gerard Butler is in that, too.) Indeed, Žižek undercuts himself with the very first sentence of his essay, writing that “the way to test a great work of art is to ask how it survives decontextualization, transposition into a new context.” By that measure, Hamlet, performed countless times around the world in every possible setting, is far more proven than Coriolanus.

コリオレイナスの演劇を見た感想として、ハムレットとリア王の方がはるかに悲劇としてのすごみがあると思います。20−30代のエリオットの若書きではといいたくなります。ただし、コールリッジやゲーテのハムレット解釈をThese minds often find in Hamlet a vicarious existence for their own artistic realization. Such a mind had Goethe, who made of Hamlet a Werther; and such had Coleridge, who made of Hamlet a Coleridgeという部分は、ハムレットを悩める青年として理解するロマン主義的な解釈の批判として今でも有効な感じもします。

T.S. Eliot (1888–1965). The Sacred Wood. 1921.
Hamlet and His Problems

FEW critics have even admitted that Hamlet the play is the primary problem, and Hamlet the character only secondary. And Hamlet the character has had an especial temptation for that most dangerous type of critic: the critic with a mind which is naturally of the creative order, but which through some weakness in creative power exercises itself in criticism instead. These minds often find in Hamlet a vicarious existence for their own artistic realization. Such a mind had Goethe, who made of Hamlet a Werther; and such had Coleridge, who made of Hamlet a Coleridge; and probably neither of these men in writing about Hamlet remembered that his first business was to study a work of art. The kind of criticism that Goethe and Coleridge produced, in writing of Hamlet, is the most misleading kind possible. For they both possessed unquestionable critical insight, and both make their critical aberrations the more plausible by the substitution—of their own Hamlet for Shakespeare’s—which their creative gift effects. We should be thankful that Walter Pater did not fix his attention on this play.


2014-11-02 23:39:03


What Our Kindle Reading Says About Us
By ANNA NORTH date published NOVEMBER 7, 2014 3:43 PM date updated
November 7, 2014 3:43 pm


The Most Popular Passages in Books, According to Kindle Data
Highlights from Pride and Prejudice, The Hunger Games, the Bible—and all of Harry Potter
NOV 2 2014, 7:15 AM ET


Pride and Prejudice:
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

The Lord of the Rings:
The wide world is all about you: you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot for ever fence it out.

New International Version of the Bible
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

聖書のは新約聖書のフィリピの信徒への手紙/ 04章 6-7節だそうです。



“It’s a passage that offers words of comfort for the religious. And for those people who are highlighting that passage, there’s kind of an extra layer of comfort to think about how many other people connected to those words. It’s a small reminder that you’re not alone.”


Joseph Stromberg at Vox notices this trend: “Readers,” he writes, “want to be told what to do.” He notes that some of the most-highlighted books overall are self-help books, and that “this might be caused by the fact that self-help books are the kind of books people like to highlight passages in — they’re read for instruction, not entertainment. But what’s interesting is that the most-highlighted passages of novels and non-fiction books suggest that many people are reading them (or at least highlighting them) for instruction too.” He cites the most-highlighted passage from Abraham Verghese’s novel “Cutting For Stone”:

“The key to your happiness is to own your slippers, own who you are, own how you look, own your family, own the talents you have, and own the ones you don’t. If you keep saying your slippers aren’t yours, then you’ll die searching, you’ll die bitter, always feeling you were promised more. Not only our actions, but also our omissions, become our destiny.”


“If art is made ex nihilo — out of nothing — then reading is done in nihilo, or into nothing. Fiction unfolds through your imagination in interconnected layers of meaning that lift the heavy weight of unyielding facts from your shoulders. It speaks its own private language of endless nuance and inflection. A tale is a reassuringly mortalized, if you will, piece of the oceanic infinity out of which we came, and back into which we will go.”

Those who would prefer we see fiction this way, and not as an instrument for our betterment, may take some heart from the Kindle data. Even if we sometimes turn to fiction for help with our lives, we may also be reading for passages that pull us, as Mr. Siegel puts it, back into the infinite — and we may be choosing to remember them.


I’m hooked on ebook highlighting – what we underline is so revealing
Ebook readers reveal the most highlighted passages in Harry Potter, the Bible, Lord of the Rings and many more
Posted by Alison Flood
Thursday 6 November 2014 08.00 GMT

I don’t tend to highlight my books when I’m reading for fun, in print or digital. If I’m enjoying a book, I’m usually too engrossed to stop; if I’m not, why would I want to remind myself of it later? I do, though, find myself strangely fascinated by the passages that catch people’s attention. Not least those revealed in new data from Amazon, released to The Atlantic , which notes that “It takes more than 4,000 highlights to make something the most popular passage in Pride and Prejudice, but only about 650 for something to be the most popular highlight in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”


In a small way, even if, like me, you don’t participate, seeing what other people have chosen makes reading, that most solitary of occupations, more of a shared experience. And it always interrupts my reading process, because I have to stop to wonder who these people are, who have landed on this particular section of the book – what it meant to them, and what it says about them that they chose it.




Probably Hathaway: Love is the one thing that transcends time and space!
Caine: Do not go gentle into that good night!
Old age should burn and rave at close of day!
“賢人は闇にこそ 奮起するもの”
Rage rage against the dying of the light!!
“消えゆく光に対して 果敢に挑むのだ”

予告編最後に出てくるのは、イギリスの詩人ディラン・トマスが1950年代に発表したDo not go gentle into that good nightという詩のようです。人類の滅亡を前に果敢に挑む状況を重ね合わせているのでしょうか。


老齢は日暮れに 燃えさかり荒れ狂うべきだ
死に絶えゆく光に向かって 憤怒せよ 憤怒せよ


怒ってください、怒ってください 光の死んでゆくのを。


予告編の冒頭でも描かれているように、インターステラーの舞台では地球規模で食糧難となっている状況のようです。このような状況に対し、ほとんどのメディアがdust bowlを連想しています。

(TIME カバーストーリー)
There’s a similar authenticity to the part of Interstellar that takes place on Earth. The scourge that’s killing the planet wipes out crops and turns the world into one great dust bowl. Nolan employs the documentary trope here, with a few elderly earthlings looking into the camera and describing the wasteland their world has become. If it sounds eerily like those actors know exactly what they’re talking about, it’s because they do–and most of them aren’t actors. They’re survivors of the real 1930s Dust Bowl who were originally interviewed by Ken Burns for his 2012 documentary on those plague years.

What our planet and species need saving from is a slow-motion environmental catastrophe. Rather than explain how this bleak future arrived through the usual montages of mayhem, Mr. Nolan (who wrote the screenplay with his brother Jonathan) drops us quietly into what looks like a fairly ordinary reality. We are in a rural stretch of North America, a land of battered pickup trucks, dusty bluejeans and wind-burned farmers scanning the horizon for signs of a storm. Talking-head testimony from old-timers chronicles what sounds like the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, until we spot a laptop on the table being set for family dinner.

レビューでも1930年代のDust Bowlとちゃんと説明してくれていますが、このような説明が辞書でもなされていると勉強になります。プログレッシブにはありませんが、ウィズダムやジーニアスには丁寧に触れてくれています。

砂あらし地帯;((the D- B-))米国中南部の乾燥平原地帯.

(砂嵐の吹く) 乾燥地帯;[the D- B-] 大乾燥地帯 (1930年代土壌の侵食などの大被害を受けたOklahoma州などの乾燥地帯).

オックスフォードやロングマンはもう少し詳しく説明してくれています。スタインベックの怒りの葡萄の世界ということですね。1930年代のアメリカは、Great DepressionとDust Bowlが重なり大変な状況だったようです。

the Dust Bowl
an area in the western central US where there were terrible dust storms in the 1930s. These were caused by strong winds blowing the dry earth off the fields, and they made it difficult to grow crops. Many farmers became poor and moved with their families to other areas. This was especially bad because it happened during the Great Depression.
See also Grapes of Wrath

Dust Bowl
a large area of the south-central US, including parts of Kansas and Oklahoma where, in the 1930s, strong winds and lack of rain caused erosion of the soil (=when the top layer of earth is blown away), so that the land became unsuitable for farming. As a result, many farmers became very poor and had to leave their farms.


3冊のNarrow Road to the Deep North


Kindle Voyageの一冊目はブッカー賞をとったNarrow Road to the Deep Northを読んでいます。

The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches (Penguin Classics)The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches (Penguin Classics)
Matsuo Basho



On the Narrow Road to the Deep North: Journey into a Lost JapanOn the Narrow Road to the Deep North: Journey into a Lost Japan
Lesley Downer


1989年に出た本で教師として来日したイギリス人女性が松尾芭蕉の奥の細道のルートを辿るというもので、その年のSomerset Maugham Travel Book of the Yearの候補にもなったそうで、下記の必読501冊にもTravel Writingの一冊に選ばれていました。

501 Must-Read Books (501 Series)501 Must-Read Books (501 Series)



レズリー ダウナー



Kindle Voyageの良かったところ


11月4日にKindle Voyageが届きました。興味がある方もいらっしゃると思うので通勤時間や部屋で使った感想を簡単に書かせてもらいます。






近日導入予定―読書中に出てきた難しい英単語には「Word Wise」で簡単な同義語が表示されるから、類語辞典や辞書を確認する必要がありません。詳しくその単語を知りたい場合は、タップするだけでほかの同義語や簡単な意味が表示されます。自分のレベルに合わせ難易度を設定すれば、「Word Wise」が表示される数を調整することができます。英語学習がこれまでにないほどシンプルになりました。


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どうしようか迷っている方にはオススメできるものです。iPhone 6 PlusがあればKindleなんていらないと思ったのですが、まんまとAmazonの策略にはまってしまっています(笑)

Oculus Riftの何がすごいのか


Oculus Riftというのを今まで知りませんでしたが、定期購読しているWiredの6月号でCover Storyになっていたようです(汗)興味があるものを読むのも大切ですが、好きな雑誌が特集している内容をまずは読んでみることも大切なようですね(滝汗)


Wiredの特集記事は、Oculus Riftのどこがすごいのか、開発秘話、Facebookによる買収、今後の可能性などを取り上げてくれていて、とても勉強になりました。

The Inside Story of Oculus Rift and How Virtual Reality Became Reality

下記でno-motion-sickness experienceと紹介しているように、3Dグラスで起きやすい吐き気を防ぐようにしたことがOculus Riftの成果の一つのようです。“I think I’ve seen five or six computer demos in my life that made me think the world was about to change,” he says. “Apple II, Netscape, Google, iPhone … then Oculus. It was that kind of amazing.”という説明はOculus Riftがどれくらいすごいのか程度がわかりますね。

By mid-October, the momentum was unstoppable. That month Iribe stood up at a gaming conference and announced that the Oculus Rift would be a “no-motion-sickness experience.” It was an audacious promise, and one that caught the attention of Brian Cho, a young partner at Andreessen Horowitz, who was sitting in the audience. The VC firm had turned down an earlier opportunity to invest in Oculus’ Series A round. After hearing Iribe’s announcement, the firm reached out and asked for another demo. Chris Dixon was among the six Andreessen Horowitz partners who got a look at the new model. “I think I’ve seen five or six computer demos in my life that made me think the world was about to change,” he says. “Apple II, Netscape, Google, iPhone … then Oculus. It was that kind of amazing.” By December, Oculus had closed Series B funding—with Andreessen Horowitz leading—for $75 million.

Facebookの買収では、どうしてもFacebookのページに何か盛り込むのかという発想になってしまいますが、この記事を読む限りでは、もっと違う次元で考えていて“This isn’t about sharing pictures,” Luckey says. “This is about being able to share experiences.”のツールの可能性を求めているようです。

Over the course of many conversations during the next several weeks, though, Zuckerberg won Oculus over. “I had heard many times that Mark is a laser beam, that Facebook is all he thinks about day in and day out,” VP of product Nate Mitchell says. “So when I first met with him, I thought he was going to be like, how do we get News Feed into VR?” Instead, the person who showed up was someone Mitchell calls “Visionary Mark Zuckerberg,” who saw virtual reality as not just a gaming tool but as a full-fledged communications platform. The Oculus team agreed; they may have started out trying to build a great gaming device, but they realized now that they were sitting on something much more powerful. Zuckerberg seemed to understand that, and he also seemed to understand that it had potential far beyond being an extension of Facebook’s existing social-media service. “This isn’t about sharing pictures,” Luckey says. “This is about being able to share experiences.” The deal was consummated over an eight-day stretch in mid-March. Iribe was so excited about the acquisition that he revested 100 percent of his own equity for a five-year period, guaranteeing that he’d be with the company for the foreseeable future; Luckey, Carmack, and others took similar steps.

Oculus側にとっては、Facebook’s money also means that Oculus doesn’t need to worry about turning an immediate profit—and that will come in handy as it builds its first consumer product.という感じで経営資金の心配をしなくていいことが大きいでしょうか。今はゲームとか映画だけの用途ぐらいしか思い浮かびませんが、「体験の共有」という視点から考えればいろいろな可能性があるようです。ちょっと前のSFでの世界が実現するかもしれません。

But, as Zuckerberg predicted, games are just the beginning. VR could easily change the way we consume media. Early on, Oculus showcased a VR Cinema application that lets users sit in a virtual empty movie theater and watch Man of Steel on a full-size screen. “Last time I was sick with the flu,” Carmack says, “I just lay in bed and watched VR movies on the ceiling.”

Teleconferencing is another idea in the works. It’s easy to imagine strapping on a Rift and finding yourself across a table from someone who is actually thousands of miles away (or at least you’ll be across from their avatar). Oculus has VR Chat proto­types in the works, and a demo that Epic Games unveiled in March allows two players wearing Rifts to interact with each other’s avatars in the same virtual living room. “The key,” Abrash says, “is generating the cues that tell us we’re in a real place in the presence of another person: eye motion, facial expressions, body language, voice, gestures. Getting all that working perfectly is a huge task, but getting it to be good enough to be widely useful may be quite doable.”

The list of potential uses goes on. Bring a classroom full of kids inside any museum in the world—no lines, no price of admission. Hell, that goes for vacations too. Even getaways of the mental variety: Why spring for a shaman-guided ayahuasca trip in Peru when you can dive into a drug-free epiphany anytime you want? And let’s not even talk about the oft-predicted sex simulators. “Hardware, while essential, is just an enabler,” Abrash says. “In the end, the future of VR lies in the unique, compelling experiences that get created in software, and if I knew what those would be, even in broad outline, I would be very happy. Right now we don’t even know what kind of artwork and rendering techniques work in VR, much less what experiences.”




ジュディス・モーガン、ニール・モーガン 他


昨日、上記の本を読みました。雑誌フォーブスのthe Top-Earning Dead Celebritiesでは常連で今年はブルースリーとタイの9位でした。

9. Theodor Geisel (tie)

日本では馴染みがないですが、アメリカではとても有名なことがこのランキングからの伺えます。英語教師のK2さんがアメリカの学校に行かれた際にも実感されていたようですね。Obituaryでは現代のマザーグースと称されていました。Dr. Seussはマザーグースと韻を踏んでいるとか。。。

September 26, 1991
Dr. Seuss, Modern Mother Goose, Dies at 87


Dr. Seuss Draws Anti-Japanese Cartoons During WWII, Then Atones with Horton Hears a Who!
in History, Literature | August 20th, 2014

Dr. Seuss Sucks: 7 Racist Cartoons From the Doctor
Posted On Monday, 02 Jul 2007 By Jefferson. Under History, People
Note: Dr. Seuss had an IQ of 117. Are you smarter than him? Take this IQ test and find out!

You all know Dr. Seuss for his beloved children’s books such as Cat In The Hat and Green Eggs & Ham. But did you know about Seuss’ activities during World War II? From 1941 until 1943, Dr. Seuss worked as a political cartoonist for the socialist New York newspaper PM, producing cartoons in favor of the American war effort. During that period, Dr. Seuss was a very liberal opponent of racism in America, particularly racism towards African Americans. However, racism towards the Japanese was an entirely different matter, as these disgusting cartoons demonstrate:


Japan’s Young Dreams

彼を有名にしたのは225語の単語しか使わずに作ったCat in the Hat です。Catとhatが韻を踏んでいますが、若いころから詩やシェークスピアに馴染んで韻やリズムを大事にしていたそうです。

Green Eggs and Hamはなんと50語で作られたそうです。Sam I amは英語教師を怒らせたそうです。。。I am Samという映画はアメリカ人はこの絵本を連想したことでしょう。

日本で馴染みがないのはこの軽快なリズムが翻訳では伝わらないからでしょうか。You're Only Old Onceなんてタイトルも、You’re only young once(青春は一度だけ)という表現があってこそですからね。

Oh The Places You'll Goという晩年の作品でも前向きな生き方は健在で、元気が出ます。



But on you will go
though the weather be foul
On you will go
though your enemies prowl
On you will go
though the Hakken-Kraks howl
Onward up many
a frightening creek,
though your arms may get sore
and your sneakers may leak.




日本では『悪童日記』ですが、フランス語の原題がLe Grand Cahier (The large notebook)ですから、英語のタイトルThe Notebookの方が原題に近いですね。

The Notebook the Proof the Third Lie: Three NovelsThe Notebook the Proof the Third Lie: Three Novels
Agota Kristof、Alan Sheridan 他


前のブログでもThe Notebookを始めとする3部作を紹介させていただきました。英語では一冊にまとまっているのでコストパフォーマンスは高いです。簡単な英語ですが、引き込まれ深い衝撃をあたえてくれる作品です。

The IlliterateThe Illiterate
Agota Kristof



When they ask me what a certain word means, or how to spell it, I will never say:
- I don’t know.
I will say:
- I ‘ll go and look.
And I go and look in the dictionary; tirelessly, I go and look. I develop a passion for the dictionary.

I know I will never write French as native French writers do, but I will write as I am able to, as best I can.


To my knowledge, no Russian dissident writer has ever addressed or mentioned this issue. What do they think, those who suffered under their tyrant, what to do they think about those ‘unimportant little countries’ that suffered in addition under foreign domination, their domination? That of their country. Are they ashamed of it, or will they be ashamed one day?

How can I explain to him, without hurting his feelings, and with the few French words I know, that his beautiful country is a desert for us, the refugees, a desert we must cross in order to arrive at what is called ‘interrogation,’ ‘assimilation’. At that time, I don’t yet know that some of us will never arrive.

英訳したNina Boginさんのあとがきを抜粋しました。

Translator’s afterword
When I read L’Alphabete (The Illiterate) a year ago, I felt I had to translate it. Here was the same voice as in The Notebook – sober and incisive. Each word – these French words acquired with such difficulty – said just what it meant to say, reduced by necessity to the purest, simplest expression, but also conveying irony and humor.
For my part, I am deeply grateful to her for having published them, because they speak to me as if I had always been waiting to read them.





Get out there and find us a new home.

The director of Inception and Dark Knight Trilogy takes the motion picture experience to a whole new world.

You have no idea when you’re coming back

Hang in there.

I’m coming back.

Interstellar. See it two days early in IMAX film and other film formats and everywhere November 7.

Get out there and find us a new home.
→and find us a new homeのandやusを聞き取れなかった方は、前置詞とか代名詞を意識して聞くようにした方がいいかもしれません。

You have no idea when you’re coming back
→何回聞いても分からなかったし、このスクリプトを見ても納得いかなかったのですが、いろいろ調べてみても以下のようにはっきりYou have no idea when you’re coming backと書いてあります。リスニングはまだまだですね(涙)

It’s the second Interstellar trailer, and it looks just as amazing
Posted by Nicholas Yong | On 4 August 2014

After the first trailer introduced us to the world-threatening crisis that calls Cooper into action, this time, the focus is on the heart-rending relationship between Cooper and his young daughter Murphy. “You have no idea when you’re coming back,” she sobs.

Amid shots of sandstorms and fallow cornfields, and the stirring score by Hans Zimmer, it becomes clear that there is a very human core at the heart of this intergalactic story. As Cooper puts it: “When you become a parent, one thing becomes really clear. And that’s that you wanna make sure your children feel safe”




日本では年末に公開された『かぐや姫の物語』ですが、アメリカでは先月公開だったのですね。クロエモレッツがかぐや姫の声を担当しています。吹き替え版は、dubbed versionのようです。

Chloë Grace Moretz gives voice to the title character in the dubbed version of the animated “The Tale of Princess Kaguya.”

You, such a beautiful little princess.
That kid’s weird. She grows fast like bamboo.
Have you gotten bigger again?
Yeah, you think so.
I have heard the rumors about her.
Being disobedience to His Majesty is considered a crime punishable by death. Well, then the only choice is to kill me.
You must be playing yourself. Do you really want to hurt your father?
Please don’t take me away.
Only now, do I finally remember, why I came here


自然と都会の暮らしの対比について述べているレビュでは、how a simple life spent among nature can offer more happiness than urbanity and purported social progressionと書いています。

'The Tale of the Princess Kaguya' is the most gorgeous film you'll see all year
Studio Ghibli returns with another animated masterpiece
By Sam Byford on October 17, 2014 04:49 am

Princess Kaguya is like an old Japanese painting come to life. The fluid animation is drawn in minimalist, evocative watercolors with charcoal strokes that reminded me a little of the Raymond Briggs adaptation The Snowman. A core theme of the film — how a simple life spent among nature can offer more happiness than urbanity and purported social progression — is one shared by other Ghibli works, but the painterly style helps make a more convincing case here. In one amazing scene, the princess Kaguya’s angry fantasies of escaping an oppressive environment are shown in dizzying, coarse scrawls as the character takes flight.

こちらのレビューもcourtly life soon loses its appeal, and Kaguya pines for her simpler, country lifeのように書いています。アルプスの少女ハイジにも言及しているのでジブリのアニメに詳しい方なんでしょうね。

The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Cannes 2014, review
The Tale of Princess Kaguya is a rich and astonishing swan song for Japanese director Isao Takahata, says Robbie Collin

By Robbie Collin
6:21PM BST 21 May 2014

Various princes try their best to woo the princess, who has now been given the name Kaguya, after reaching her teenage years in the space of a few weeks. But courtly life soon loses its appeal, and Kaguya pines for her simpler, country life – as well as wondering when the spirits that first placed her inside that bamboo shoot will come back to reclaim her.

Like Miyazaki’s final film, this feels like an intensely personal project for Takahata. The hillsides and forests of its early scenes recall Heidi, A Girl of the Alps, an animated series on which he and Miyazaki collaborated in the Seventies. (The baby princess moves exactly like babies do, and the way she toddles after frogs and nuzzles wild piglets is impossibly cute.)

ラストシーンをBuddhist Close Encounters of the Third Kindと表現しています。Close Encounters of the Third Kindが『未知との遭遇』のオリジナルタイトルだとわかれば、映画を見た方ならすぐにイメージがつくでしょう。

Then, in its later scenes, the film becomes a kind of Buddhist Close Encounters of the Third Kind: as intensely but playfully spiritual as Takahata’s not-widely-seen-enough 1994 film Pom Poko, with flying arrows transformed into garlands of flowers, and dreamy flights across meadows and lakes, while larger themes of mortality and impermanence are also addressed.


‘The Tale of the Princess Kaguya’ movie review
By Michael O'Sullivan October 30

As with any cartoon princess — even a 10th-century one — this doesn’t sit well. But if you think that “Princess Kaguya” is a story about girl power or true love triumphing over an arranged marriage, think again. The story, in which five high-born suitors must attempt to retrieve impossible objects before Kaguya will even consider their proposals, is dark and involves the death of one of her swains. This is a movie that’s made more for grown-up tastes and expectations than for little girls running around the house dressed up like Disney princesses.


Directed and co-written by Isao Takahata (“Grave of the Fireflies”), the film may have no conventional happily-ever-after ending, but it’s more deeply satisfying and complex than similar, Hollywood-produced fare — like fine wine compared with Kool-Aid.


Beauty And Loss In 'The Tale Of Princess Kaguya'
October 16, 2014 5:03 PM ET

My first encounter with the lovely 10th-century Japanese folktale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter was in the Sesame Street special Big Bird Goes to Japan. A kind and beautiful young woman named Kaguya-hime appears out of nowhere to take the Yellow One and his canine pal Barkley on a jaunt to Kyoto. They have fun, and then the mysteriously sad woman reveals that she is royalty in civilian dress and must return to her home on the moon. Bird and Barkley were marginally less inconsolable than were my toddler daughter and I. We all coped, as will every other child large or small when they see the ravishing The Tale of Princess Kaguya.

Unlike many Studio Ghibli movies, The Tale of Princess Kaguya is not a collaboration with the Disney company, which may be one reason why it doesn't pursue a happy ending as we understand it in the West. Like all fairy tales worth their salt, the movie trusts children to take on the big themes of life, death and despair included, and thus removes the sting.

Kaguya takes her leave, as she must, but with a celestial orchestra and a magic mantle to help her through the transition. The moment of her passing is brought off with unsettling candor, but also with a compassion that promises an end to suffering, longing and loss — even, for those who wish it, another future to come. If I were rich, I'd give a boxed set of Studio Ghibli movies to every child on Earth at birth. For the sheer joy of the experience, and to see them through their lives.

途中でworth their saltというイディオムが使われています。生素材になるといろいろイディオムも知らないといけないから大変ですね。

Like all fairy tales worth their salt, the movie trusts children to take on the big themes of life, death and despair included, and thus removes the sting.

worth their saltというイディオムを知ったのは、自分は海外ドラマのフレンズから学びました。詳しい説明はRachさんのブログを参照ください。





Oculus Riftという装置で映画を見えるようになっているようですね。ちょうどimmersiveという言葉に意識がいっていたのでこちらの記事が気になってしまいました。下記のどちらの記事でもimmersiveな体験と紹介しています。前回は高画質テレビでしたが、こちらの方がずっとimmersiveな体験ができそうです。

'Interstellar' Launches Immersive Space Trip with IMAX, Oculus Rift
SPACE.com By Tariq Malik,Managing Editor
October 7, 2014 7:13 AM

NEW YORK — Grab your spacesuits, space fans. The folks behind "Interstellar," arguably the most anticipated space film of the year, are offering a sneak peek inside the movie's centerpiece spaceship Endurance. And all it takes is a few minutes of your time.

For a limited time, Paramount Pictures and IMAX are inviting the public to take a free three-minute tour of the Endurance in a special traveling exhibit that began its cross-country tour today (Oct. 6). The experience uses the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 to transport space fans aboard the Endurance virtually, allowing a truly immersive ride aboard the fictional spacecraft at the heart of "Interstellar."

3D 'Interstellar' in Oculus Rift virtual reality exhibit
Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY 6:33 p.m. EDT October 6, 2014

The most stunning view of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar to date is now available — through the immersive Oculus Rift Interstellar Experience.

The virtual Oculus Rift world was revealed on Monday in New York City and will travel throughout the country ahead of the film's opening Nov. 7.

The Oculus Rift experience allows participants to don high-tech headsets (known as the Oculus Rift development kit) to feel as if they are traveling, even floating in zero gravity through the Endurance spacecraft from the film.

Director Nolan donned the virtual headset himself.

Oculus Riftというのを知らなかったので、下記のジェームスキャメロンのインタビューの最初の部分が聞き取れませんでした。Push the envelopeというイディオムにも慣れておきたいですね。

Well, Avatar may never come in Oculus Rift form. Where is it going? How are you pushing the envelope again?

ちなみにキャメロン監督はOculus Riftはアバターには使わないそうです。

James Cameron Imagines Future Movies Where Viewers Participate in Narrative
‘At what point are we going to say cinema is cinema, games are games, is there a new narrative art form that involves aspects of both?’ says James Cameron
Updated Oct. 29, 2014 5:06 p.m. ET

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. -- James Cameron said the three coming “Avatar” movies will be influenced by virtual reality, but he doesn’t expect them to be viewed on virtual-reality headsets.

Speaking at the WSJD Live global technology conference Wednesday, the Academy Award-winning director said he directs his cast using virtual-reality headsets and is involving designers of computer-generated special effects more closely in the scriptwriting process than he has in the past.

日本のIMAXでもOculus Riftで上映してくれるのでしょうか。映画『ゼログラビティ』以上の体験ができるとなると楽しみです。



EconomistのFuture of the Bookという特集で紹介されていたSpritzというアプリ。目を動かすのではなく、文字の方を動かすという逆転の発想で、読書スピードも上がるというのが売りだそうです。TechCrunchの動画で紹介しているものがありました。