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Imitation Gameに込められた意味


NewsHourにBenedict Cumberbatchが登場していました。PBSでシャーロックを公開している縁もあるのでしょうか、映画関連のインタビューは珍しい気もします。

Imitation GameはTuring Testのことを指すのですが、もちろんそれ以外の意味も込めたからこそ映画のタイトルになったのでしょう。そのあたりのことはIsaacsonもNew Yorkerの記事も触れています。

The Price of Genius
Walter Isaacson @WalterIsaacson Nov. 20, 2014

Turing’s need to hide both his homosexuality and his codebreaking work meant that he often found himself playing his own imitation game, pretending to be things he wasn’t. At one point he proposed marriage to a female colleague (played by Keira Knightley in the new film), but then felt compelled to tell her that he was gay. She was still willing to marry him, but he believed that imitating a straight man would be a sham and decided not to proceed.


NOVEMBER 6, 2014
What’s Missing from “The Imitation Game”


“The Imitation Game” is made up of entwined personal and professional dramas, and the theme of imitation is, as the title suggests, the driving force of the film. For Turing (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), there is the imitation game practiced by any closeted gay man of the time. There is also an imitation game played by the British intelligence forces, who, having cracked the Enigma code, must imitate a clueless but believably lucky opponent and use the intercepted information judiciously so as not to give away their accomplishment—itself the product of a machine that imitates the actions of an extremely clever puzzle-solver. With this last imitation, “The Imitation Game” alludes to the Turing Test, in which a user having a conversation through a computer—something akin to a computer chat—tries to determine whether the correspondent on the other end is a person or a program. In an early formulation, the participant wasn’t trying to distinguish between human and machine, but between a man and a woman. This test was called “the imitation game.”


8 things you didn’t know about Alan Turing
BY REBECCA JACOBSON November 28, 2014 at 1:56 PM EST

1. He was an Olympic-level runner

2. He embodied some values of the Hippie movement

3. He got bad grades and frustrated his teachers

4. The father of the computer also dabbled in physics, biology, chemistry and neurology

5. He developed a new field of biology out of his fascination with daisies

6. He stuttered when talking

7. He didn’t keep his sexuality a secret among friends

8. He refused to let a punishment of chemical castration stop him from working

7. He didn’t keep his sexuality a secret among friends
The laws at the time prevented Turing from being openly gay, but he never kept his sexuality secret either. He was open with his social circles at Kings College in Cambridge, which was “an oasis of acceptance” at the time, Hodges said. Many people would have clung to that oasis, he said, but Turing branched out to continue his work.
In 1952, he was arrested and charged with “indecency” after a brief relationship with another man. Defiant, he did not deny the charges.
“When he was arrested, the first thing he said was he thought that this shouldn’t be against the law,” Hodges said. “He gave a statement that was unapologetic, that detailed what had happened.”

このAndrew Hodgesの著書が映画の種本となったそうで、下記が本の広告です。TOEICにも出るのでcaptivating, absorbingとか、良い本であることを形容する単語を学んでおきましょう。



Man against Machine or with it


今週のTimeのカバーストリーを書いたWalter IsaacsonがBig Thinkでも語っていました。「機械」は人間の代わりとなるのか、人間と共存するのか、という二つの考え方について触れています。


Man against Machine or with it

Race Against MachineかRace with MachineかはTEDでもそれぞれのトークがあるのですね。

ただ、いまMan against the MachineをGoogle検索するとGarth Brooksの新アルバムばかりヒットします(苦笑)彼が立ち向かっているのは「利益しか考えていない音楽業界マシーン」のようです。。。

November 10, 2014, 12:05pm EST | Updated: November 10, 2014, 1:53pm EST
Garth Brooks joins Taylor Swift in rage against the music industry 'machine'

Is it really for the better or a better bottom line?とお金のことしか考えない立場を非難して、汗水働くことを歌っている歌詞、結構嫌いじゃないです(笑)

They're waiting just outside my door
This is where I make my stand
'Cause I can't stand it anymore

They have no heart and soul
But make no doubt about it
They're the ones that's in control

So prepare yourself for a war unlike you've ever seen
This is man against machine

(Work, work, work)


Careful calculations
Details drawn down to design
Is it really for the better or a better bottom line?
Don't know me from Adam
Man it's rotten to the core
It's gonna get reminded man has kicked its ass before
John Henry's about to show honesty
In this war of man against the machine

(Work, work, work)



まったくもって個人的な感想ですが、映画を見た後に戦争って嫌なものだなと感じることができれば良い戦争映画といえると思っています。映画Furyも戦争って嫌なものだと心から感じとれる映画になっています。WSJのレビューにあるようにcombination buddy movie and classic action-adventure war sagaを期待する人はがっかりするかもしれません。


‘Fury’ Fueled by Fear
Following a psychotic tank commander and his crew, ‘Fury’ strips the gloss off of World War II and lays bare its brutality
Oct. 16, 2014 2:13 p.m. ET

“Fury” is being sold as a combination buddy movie and classic action-adventure war saga, both of which to some degree it is. There is certainly a brotherhood-of-war at work; the general mayhem, the whiz of the tracer bullets and the immediacy of blood will whiten knuckles. But the movie’s importance, if that is not being too grand, is its place in history as told by Hollywood.

World War II is often called the “last good war,” which has also meant that it was the last global conflict out of which the studios could make an unabashedly heroic movie. “Fury” is not that movie. And because it is not, it provides a few psychic disturbances beyond its shocking gore, burning soldiers blowing their brains out, children hanged from trees by the SS and imminent rape.

One nerve-wrackingly remarkable scene doesn’t involve combat at all, but rather Norman’s tryst, as it were, with a young German occupant of a conquered German village. She’s a hostage, essentially, and implications are that things for her are going to get a lot worse soon. “Fury” makes a very good argument that war is not just hell, but the great equalizer: Enough unspeakable carnage and a soldier can become a vengeful sexual psychopath, regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin.

この描写をいれたのは戦時の性犯罪の撲滅を運動しているAngelina Jolieの影響ではないでしょうが、負の側面も合わせて直視しようとしている態度は見習ってもいいのではないでしょうか。


What Soldiers Do: Sex and the American GI in World War II FranceWhat Soldiers Do: Sex and the American GI in World War II France
Mary Louise Roberts



Sex Overseas: 'What Soldiers Do' Complicates WWII History
May 31, 2013 4:32 PM ET

What Soldiers Do: Sex and the American GI in World War II France by Mary Louise Roberts
23 MAY 2013
Fiona Reid on the military life’s inherent brutality

リアルTOEIC surveyのコローケーション


そこで登場していたこロケーションはfill out a surveyとcomplete a surveyでした。どちらもsurveyに記入する=答えるといった意味ですね。

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ちょと横道にそれますが住所が印字済みで切手も貼ってあるような返信封筒のことをaddressed, postage-paid envelopeと表現するのですね。


November 2014

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アンケート調査を主催する側の表現としては、conduct a surveyとcarry out a surveyが登場しています。on one’s behalfとかin accordance withとかTOEICパート5好きにはたまらない表現もありますね(笑)

We have asked Marketing & Research Resources, Inc., an independent market research company, to conduct this survey on our behalf.

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定番コロケーション以外にもmaximize your survey experienceやThis survey is not optimized for Blackberry devices.という表現がありますね。何気なく書いていますが、Blackberryの時代が確実に終わっていることを感じ取れます。。。



映画『ジャージーボーイズ』 にはそれほど興味がなかったのですが、メンバーとしてだけでなく作曲も手がけていたBob GaudioのインタビューがFresh Airで再放送されていたのを何気なく聞きました。

How The Four Seasons Clashed, Dealt With The Mob And Made Lasting Hits
September 09, 2014 2:33 PM ET

Four Seasonsに入る前にタモリ倶楽部でおなじみのあの曲にも関わっていたのですね。

GROSS: So before you were in The Four Seasons, you were in The Royal Teens and had the hit when I think you were 15 years old of "Short Shorts," a novelty hit. And this is included on the new collection "Audio With A G: Sounds Of Jersey Boy," and it's a collection of songs that you wrote - including Four Seasons recordings and recordings by others - so here's your first hit, The Royal Teens, "Short Shorts."

THE ROYAL TEENS: (Singing) Oh, man, dig that crazy chick. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts. They're such short shorts. We like short shorts. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts.
GROSS: That's The Royal Teens recorded in 1958 with my guest Bob Gaudio doing what in the band? Are you singing and playing piano?
GAUDIO: Singing and playing piano, if you could call it singing.
GROSS: So how did you come up with the idea of this song? It's an era of novelty songs, though, I mean, this is 1958. Also hits that year - David Seville's "Witch Doctor," Sheb Wooley's "Purple People Eater," The Coasters "Yakety Yak." So, you know, novelty songs are significant on the charts.
GAUDIO: Oh, gee, I thought that was going to go down in the annals of serious music.
GROSS: (Laughter).
GAUDIO: How did we miss that? Truthfully it was original - an original instrumental that we played in churches and parking lots and Italian weddings and bar mitzvahs around town in northern New Jersey. And I believe we were playing at a church basement somewhere, and a group called The Three Friends had a hit at the time called "Blanche" - and we were backing them up as instrumentalists.
A manager, to make a long story short, said, hey, you guys sound pretty good. Why don't you come see me? We went and made a little demo - he was an instrumental - and he said, you know, they're not selling too much anymore. We should look at doing something, I don't know, a chant. Anyway, Tom Austin and I were driving up the drag strip, as we called them, on Saturday night in Bergenfield...
GROSS: In New Jersey, yeah.
GAUDIO: Yeah, New Jersey. On the corner a couple of lovely ladies standing there with short shorts, and there you go. It was pretty simple.










The challenge of Shakespeare - Scituate High School student takes first in statewide competition
Posted Mar. 27, 2014 @ 10:00 am

Like most people, Jack Duff was introduced to the works of William Shakespeare in school. The Scituate High School (SHS) senior said he read some of Shakespeare’s major works – Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet – in English classes.

However, it wasn’t until he began to look at them “off the page and on the stage” that he said he truly began to understand why these words have lasted so long.

“The hardest part and also the best part about performing Shakespeare is how difficult but how rewarding it is to turn what could be just words into a world that the audience can’t help but jump into with you,” Duff said.


And though it may seem that he is incapable of taking any action, he is, in fact, one of the first action heroes.とあるようにハムレットは悩んで行動に移せないというイメージが強いようですね。ロングマンでもa serious, unhappy young man who is unable to decide how he feels or what he should doと説明しています。

the main character in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, which is one of Shakespeare's most famous plays. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark, and is a serious, unhappy young man who is unable to decide how he feels or what he should do.




セサミストリートのハムレット関連のエピソードがありました。Words, words, words.も大変有名なハムレットのセリフです。




部屋を整理しているときに雑誌Time Out Tokyoを見つけ、パラパラ見ているとHow to deal with PDA in Japanというエチケットに関する記事がありました。(オンラインでの記事はないようです。。。)

PDAって言葉知りませんでした。。。オックスフォードもロングマンも学習辞典はPersonal Digital Assistanceの略語しか紹介していませんが、CollinsやAmerican Heritageなどのネイティヴ向け辞書には載っていました。下記はUrban Dictionaryです。

Public Displays of Affection, can be seen in the form of kissing, touching, groping, licking, nuzzling, cuddling, crossing hands into each other's opposite back pockets, etc. Usually spotted among new couples, frisky teenagers, and occasionally the "young at heart" (god help us).

Also, a handheld computer of sorts.
Jen and Craig's PDAs at the table were so intense that there was actually slobber on the green bean casserole.

Look at my new PDA!


ロケットニュースで似たようなトピックのものがありました。Public Display of Affectionではタイトルが長くなってしまうのでPDAとしているのでしょう。

PDA in Japan: Is it OK to Kiss on the Street Corner?
Karen Bremer Masuda
Sep 10, 2012

Icha Icha is a Japanese term used to describe anything from light flirting to making love. It includes things like ‘necking’ and ‘making out’, but also holding hands or even just entwining pinky fingers. Drawing close and giving long meaningful looks is also included in the realm of icha icha.

Traditionally, Japan is not a touchy country. Unless you are jammed up against somebody on a rush hour train, you tend to keep yourself to yourself. Just think of how hands off bowing, the traditional greeting between two people, is.

Although more young people these days tend to hold hands or hold on to each other in some way, kissing in public, is still quite taboo. It has always been quite shocking to see any couple kissing in the street or on the subway in Japan. (Possibly the refrain to “Get a room” or “take it elsewhere” is universal, but such public displays of affection have always been less frequent in Japan than say, the US or France.)

Being a relatively new thing, this public icha icha-ing, has no guidelines to it. More and more people find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of coming face to face with icha icha without knowing how to react to it.


Etiquette of Public Affection
Guilty of PDA? Take a step back and learn what is appropriate.
By Debby Mayne
Etiquette Expert

Falling in love is wonderful, and when it happens, we want the world to know. However, being too affectionate in public isn't exactly the best way to do this, and it shows a lack of general etiquette skills. When you and your main squeeze make out in front of people, they are likely to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Public displays of affection, also known as PDAs, may elicit a wide range of reactions. Some of the factors for tolerance include age, social norms, and customs in your area. If you're not sure whether or not an action is okay in any social setting, you should probably hold off until you are in a more private situation. Wouldn't it be nicer to have people rooting for you rather than running from you?



衆院選:自民 テレビ局の選挙報道で細かく公平性要請
毎日新聞 2014年11月27日 20時25分(最終更新 11月27日 21時41分)

今話題になっている「公平中立」という言葉を見て、思い出したことがあります。Koch Brothersについては米国中間選挙の時期に取り上げましたが、雑誌Rolling Stone9月号で7000語を超える特集記事を掲載していました。

Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire
Together, Charles and David Koch control one of the world's largest fortunes, which they are using to buy up our political system. But what they don't want you to know is how they made all that money
By Tim Dickinson | September 24, 2014

この記事の翌日にKoch Brothersはサイト上で記事内容への反論を載せました。we were doubtful that he would be fair and objective with us.と記事が公正でないと批判しているのです。

Thursday, September 25th, 2014
Response to Rolling Stone Story

When Rolling Stone magazine’s Tim Dickinson reached out to us for a story about “a detailed, longitudinal examination of the rise of Koch Industries to become one of the largest private firms in America,” we were open and honest with him. As our emails with Mr. Dickinson show, however, we told him we were skeptical of his intentions and whether he would write an objective and balanced story about Koch Industries and our 100,000 dedicated employees, including 60,000 in the United States. Instead, we explained, he seemed to be simply “checking a box” and going through the motions of saying he tried to get our perspective. We also expressed our concerns that given his and Rolling Stone’s past distorted and dishonest coverage of Koch, we were doubtful that he would be fair and objective with us.

他のところでも記者に対してhe wasn’t interested in being fair or honestとして長々と反論しています。

Despite our well-founded reservations, we provided detailed responses to Mr. Dickinson’s questions and requested that he use our responses in full. We asked that if he felt the need to omit any of our responses that he engage us in a discussion, as any ethical journalist would. Judging from the resulting article, it’s clear he wasn’t interested in being fair or honest.

自分に都合の悪い報道に対してfair and objectiveではないと批判するのはどこの国でも同じなのですね。。。Rolling Stoneは再反論して気を吐いていたのが救いです。

Koch Industries Responds to Rolling Stone – And We Answer Back
"Koch Facts" calls our story "dishonest and misleading." A point-by-point rebuttal.

BY TIM DICKINSON | September 29, 2014


先日久しぶりに雑誌Rolling Stoneを紀伊国屋でみかけたのですが、びっくりするくらい薄い雑誌になっていました。雑誌広告が集まらなくなっているのでしょうか。。。


Turing testの別名は?


映画Imitation Gameの公開に合わせてか、今週のTIMEはCumberbatchでしたね。ジョブズの伝記を書いたWalter IsaacsonがAlan TuringのCover Storyを書いています。

he invented his “imitation game,” now generally known as the Turing testとあるのように、恥ずかしながらImitation GameがTuring Testを指していることを知りませんでした。。。

The Price of Genius
Walter Isaacson @WalterIsaacson Nov. 20, 2014
Alan Turing, the man who pioneered computing, also forced the world to question what it means to be human

Alan Turing, the intellectual father of the modern computer, had a theory. He believed that one day machines would become so powerful that they would think just like humans. He even devised a test, which he called “the imitation game,” to herald the advent of computers that were indistinguishable from human minds. But as Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance in the new movie The Imitation Game shows, Turing’s heroic and tragic life provides a compelling counter to the concept that there might be no fundamental difference between our minds and machines.

このTuring Testについては以下のところで、1950年の論文を引いて説明しています。

In a 1950 paper, he began with a clear declaration: “I propose to consider the question, ‘Can machines think?’ ” With a schoolboy’s sense of fun, he invented his “imitation game,” now generally known as the Turing test, to give empirical meaning to that question. Put a machine and a human in a room, he said, and send in written questions. If you can’t tell which answers are from the machine and which are from the human, then there is no meaningful reason to insist that the machine isn’t “thinking.”

A sample interrogation, he wrote, might include the following:
Q: Please write me a sonnet on the subject of the Forth Bridge.
A : Count me out on this one. I never could write poetry.
Q: Add 34957 to 70764.
A: [Pause about 30 seconds and then give as answer] 105621.

Turing did something clever in this example. Careful scrutiny shows that the respondent, after 30 seconds, made a slight mistake in addition. (The correct answer is 105,721.) Is that evidence that the respondent was a human? Perhaps. But then again, maybe it was a machine cagily playing an imitation game.


というタイトルでわずか21ページほどのものです。実際に読んでみるとそんな難解なわけではないですよね。I propose to consider the question, "Can machines think?"とシンプルに始めています。


By A. M. Turing

1. The Imitation Game
I propose to consider the question, "Can machines think?" This should begin with definitions of the meaning of the terms "machine" and "think." The definitions might be framed so as to reflect so far as possible the normal use of the words, but this attitude is dangerous, If the meaning of the words "machine" and "think" are to be found by examining how they are commonly used it is difficult to escape the conclusion that the meaning and the answer to the question, "Can machines think?" is to be sought in a statistical survey such as a Gallup poll. But this is absurd. Instead of attempting such a definition I shall replace the question by another, which is closely related to it and is expressed in relatively unambiguous words.

The new form of the problem can be described in terms of a game which we call the 'imitation game." It is played with three people, a man (A), a woman (B), and an interrogator (C) who may be of either sex. The interrogator stays in a room apart front the other two. The object of the game for the interrogator is to determine which of the other two is the man and which is the woman. He knows them by labels X and Y, and at the end of the game he says either "X is A and Y is B" or "X is B and Y is A." The interrogator is allowed to put questions to A and B thus:

C: Will X please tell me the length of his or her hair?
Now suppose X is actually A, then A must answer. It is A's object in the game to try and cause C to make the wrong identification. His answer might therefore be:

"My hair is shingled, and the longest strands are about nine inches long."

In order that tones of voice may not help the interrogator the answers should be written, or better still, typewritten. The ideal arrangement is to have a teleprinter communicating between the two rooms. Alternatively the question and answers can be repeated by an intermediary. The object of the game for the third player (B) is to help the interrogator. The best strategy for her is probably to give truthful answers. She can add such things as "I am the woman, don't listen to him!" to her answers, but it will avail nothing as the man can make similar remarks.

We now ask the question, "What will happen when a machine takes the part of A in this game?" Will the interrogator decide wrongly as often when the game is played like this as he does when the game is played between a man and a woman? These questions replace our original, "Can machines think?"

Isaacsonが使った例は次の章の2. Critique of the New Problemで登場時ます。ちょうどこの論文『計算機械と知性』を掲載した筑摩新書が出たばかりです。時代を変えた画期的な論文で英語学習というのもいいかもしれません。

ノイマン・ゲーデル・チューリング (筑摩選書)ノイマン・ゲーデル・チューリング (筑摩選書)
高橋 昌一郎



Von Neumann: The Mathematician

Kurt Gödel Some Basic Theorems on the Foundations of Mathematics and their Implications






For anything so overdone is from the purpose of playing, whose end, both at the first and now, was and is to hold, as ’twere, the mirror up to nature, to show virtue her own feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure.



The Romantic Machine: Utopian Science and Technology After NapoleonThe Romantic Machine: Utopian Science and Technology After Napoleon
John Tresch


In the years immediately following Napoleon’s defeat, French thinkers in all fields set their minds to the problem of how to recover from the long upheavals that had been set into motion by the French Revolution. Many challenged the Enlightenment’s emphasis on mechanics and questioned the rising power of machines, seeking a return to the organic unity of an earlier age and triggering the artistic and philosophical movement of romanticism. Previous scholars have viewed romanticism and industrialization in opposition, but in this groundbreaking volume John Tresch reveals how thoroughly entwined science and the arts were in early nineteenth-century France and how they worked together to unite a fractured society.

Focusing on a set of celebrated technologies, including steam engines, electromagnetic and geophysical instruments, early photography, and mass-scale printing, Tresch looks at how new conceptions of energy, instrumentality, and association fueled such diverse developments as fantastic literature, popular astronomy, grand opera, positivism, utopian socialism, and the Revolution of 1848. He shows that those who attempted to fuse organicism and mechanism in various ways, including Alexander von Humboldt and Auguste Comte, charted a road not taken that resonates today.

Essential reading for historians of science, intellectual and cultural historians of Europe, and literary and art historians, The Romantic Machine is poised to profoundly alter our understanding of the scientific and cultural landscape of the early nineteenth century.


Science’s Last Romantics
by Courtney Fiske

Historian John Tresch’s first book, The Romantic Machine, concerns itself with complicating the binary invoked by its title: the opposition, long entrenched in Western culture, between the romantic and the mechanical, and all of the ancillary antagonisms that this divide conjures—emotion versus reason, spirit versus matter, artists versus technocrats. Illuminating a spectrum of heterodox approaches grouped under the umbrella term “mechanical romanticism,” Tresch makes an insistent and compelling case for why the current cultural impasse between science- and creative-types is far from inevitable. In this vision, sound science need not transpire without a lyrical core, while efficiency need not obviate moments of effusive, ecstatic connection.

To be or not to beからLet beへ


シェイクスピア『ハムレット』 2014年12月 (100分 de 名著)シェイクスピア『ハムレット』 2014年12月 (100分 de 名著)
河合 祥一郎



人間存在の追求の悲劇と捉えている河合先生の見事な解釈はTo be or not to beからLet beへと受け止めるようになるハムレットで要約されています。詳細は是非、テキストをご覧いただきたいのですが、Let beのある台詞を確認しておきます。ケネスブレナーは優柔不断なハムレット寄りなのですが、Let beは彼の動画しか見つかりませんでした。日本語は河合先生の訳です。

(…)雀一羽落ちるのにも神の摂理がある。無常の風は、いずれ吹く。今吹くなら、あとでは吹かぬ(If it be now, ’tis not to come.)。あとで吹かぬなら、今吹く。今でなくとも、いずれは吹く。覚悟がすべてだ。生き残した人生など誰にもわからぬのだから、早めに消えたところでどうということはない。なるようになればよい。
英語は現代語訳を一緒に紹介してくれているNo Fear Shakespeareからです。

No Fear Shakespeare Act 5, Scene 2, Page 10
Not a whit. We defy augury. There’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, ’tis not to come. If it be not to come, it will be now. If it be not now, yet it will come—the readiness is all. Since no man of aught he leaves knows, what is ’t to leave betimes? Let be.


You’ll do no such thing. I thumb my nose at superstitions. God controls everything—even something as trivial as a sparrow’s death. Everything will work out as it is destined. If something is supposed to happen now, it will. If it’s supposed to happen later, it won’t happen now. What’s important is to be prepared. Since nobody knows anything about what he leaves behind, then what does it mean to leave early? Let it be.

Youtubeで探してもほとんど見つからなかったようにLet beの部分はそれほど有名ではないようです。David Tennantのハムレットではthe readiness is all(覚悟がすべてだ)で終わってしまってカットされています(5分あたり)。

とすると、先生のTo be or not to beからLet beへの悟りという解釈はそれほどメジャーなものではないとも言えるかもしれませんが、大変説得力のあるものでした。

David TennantのハムレットはBBCが特設サイトを作っており、大変わかりやすくハムレットになじめるようになっています。Plotですじを追ってからハムレットを読んでもいいかもしれません。


Past Productions

Let beは現代語訳ではLet it beとなっていました。お約束ですが、どうしてもこの曲になってしまいますよね。



何とも時代遅れなタイトルをつけてしまいましたが(汗)、今回のTOEICでは、パート3で「ITに連絡しよう」みたいに部署名でITが使われたり、パート4でタブレットが登場したり、パート5でcooling padがシラっと出てきたり、パート7でファイルをバックアップするソフトウエアがトピックになったりと、ますますIT関連の存在感が増してきていると感じました。cooling padなんて存在知りませんでした。。。


Get peace of mind with hassle-free online backup and file recovery
Your files are among your company's most precious assets, so from accidental deletions to misplaced devices, you need to be prepared. Today's tools, though, can be painful, time-intensive, and costly. Manually loading data onto external hard drives, CDs, and servers, or investing in complex and expensive backup solutions is a lot of work. The worst part is that neither approach is likely to save your team's most up-to-date files.

簡単なオンライン バックアップと
重要なデータを含むファイルは企業にとって重要な資産です。ファイルを間違って削除した場合や、デバイスを紛失した場合などに備える必要があります。現代のツールは使いこなすのが難しく、時間や費用がかかる場合があります。外部ハード ドライブ、CD、サーバーを手動で読み込んだり、複雑で高額なバックアップ ソリューションに投資したりすることは骨の折れる作業です。それに加えて、どちらの手法でもチームのファイルの最新バージョンは保存されません。

Dropbox for Business gives you protection where it's needed most, with secure, automatic backup of the latest versions of your most frequently handled files.
ビジネス向け Dropbox は常に必要な場面でデータを保護し、頻繁に使用するファイルの最新バージョンを安全に自動バックアップします。

Sync is the new save
Your team will never worry about losing a file again. Dropbox for Business syncs files in the background the moment they're saved, so content is backed up — and ready to be restored — without any additional effort from your team members. And with our delta sync technology, we only update the parts of files that have changed, so backup is lightning fast and effortless.

チームがファイルを紛失する心配がありません。ビジネス向け Dropbox の同期機能はファイルが保存されるとすぐに同期を開始し、コンテンツをバックグラウンドでバックアップします。復元もこの時点で可能になるため、チーム メンバーが追加作業を行う必要がありません。Dropbox のデルタ同期技術はファイルの変更部分のみを更新するため、すばやく簡単にバックアップを取ることができます。

Reduce IT strain with
self-service file recovery
IT admins have enough responsibilities on their plate; restoring deleted files and versions doesn't have to be one of them. Not only does Dropbox for Business provide unlimited deletion recovery and unlimited version history, getting those files back is dead simple — so employees can restore their own files with just a few clicks. If you ever need bulk restorations, we offer live phone support and a dedicated support team to help you roll back your data to its correct state.

IT 部門の作業を削減
IT 管理者は数多くの責任を担っていますが、これからは削除済みファイルの復元やバージョンの復元といった作業は Dropbox が担当します。ビジネス向け Dropbox では無制限の削除済みのファイル復元やバージョン履歴を提供し、ファイルの復元をシンプルにします。数回クリックするだけで社員は各自でファイルを復元することができます。大量のデータを一括で復元する必要がある場合は、データを確実に復元するために電話によるサポートや担当スタッフによるサポートをご利用いただけます。

deltaとself serviceという言葉を確認しておきます。

delta sync technology(デルタ同期技術)というのがありますが、「差分データ」をdeltaと指すようです。まあ、この辺りがTOEICに出ることはありませんが。。。

Delta differencing
Delta differencing is an incremental approach to backup that only backs up blocks that have changed after the first full backup. The differences are recorded in files called deltas.

あと、self serviceという言葉は日本語でもレストランとかで自分でやることですが、英語でも同じような感じです。

self-service (adjective) Commerce
used to describe a store, restaurant, etc. where you are not served by an employee, but collect goods or food yourself:
a self-service store/station/gas station
To keep costs down, the cafeteria is self-service.
a self-service counter/kiosk/till
self-service banking








(再掲)基本語からのぞくTOEIC - right -


前回はright awayとかright nowに触れましたが、今回はrightの多義語的な性格を取り上げます。TEX加藤先生の『金のフレーズ』の多義語で取り上げられていなかったので、やってみる価値があるでしょうk。






今回、rightを取り上げたのは、Jesus Jones というバンドのRight Here Right Nowが思い浮かんだからです。1990年の曲ですが、期待にあふれた時でもあったような気もします。

The shipment arrived right on time.

Turn right and go straight for one block.

We reserve the right to restrict your use of our service.


right after … ~の直後に
right here まさにここに
right on time きっちり時間通りに

on the right of the hall ホールの右側に
turn right 右に曲がる

That’s right. / You’re right. (応答で)そうです。
Eat right. きちんと食べる

have exclusive rights 独占権を有する
reserve the right to do ~する権利を保有する

right after … ~の直後に
right here まさにここに
right on time きっちり時間通りに

前回取り上げた、right awayやright nowもこの範疇に入りますね。

"I'll contact you right after the vacation." "All right."

Now point the arrow right here and click. A new window will pop up.

The shipment arrived right on time.

on the right of the hall ホールの右側に
turn right 右に曲がる

「左」「左に」を意味するon the leftやturn leftも同じように使われていました。

The Business Lounge is on the right of the hall.

Turn right and go straight for one block.

That’s right. / You’re right. (応答で)そうです。
Eat right. きちんと食べる

We need a new copy machine.
- You’re right. It’s been five years since we bought the last one.

- そうですね。最後のを買ってから5年経っています。

You’re right.と相手に同意をしめしたあとには、補足説明が続くことが多いことに注意しておきたいですね。

Eat right.(きちんと食べる)に関しては、レクチャーなどで健康がトピックのさいに登場する表現です。例えば下記のようなサイトの記事の雰囲気です。

How to Eat Right
By braniac
Eat Right Eating right doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to be a special diet. It can be a lifestyle, and you can eat right for life! Check out the following...

have exclusive rights 独占権を有する
reserve the right to do ~する権利を保有する

The author shall have the exclusive right to reproduce his work.

I have exclusive rights to manufacture the product.

Company policy(会社方針)やAgreement(契約)などで使われることが多い表現なので、一緒に使われる動詞も下記のようにvoid / terminate / restrictのような堅い、難しいものがよく使われるようです。

We reserve the right to change any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement

We reserve the right to void all promotional codes.

We reserve the right to terminate or restrict your use of our service, without notice, for any or no reason whatsoever.

下記はアマゾンのCustomer Reviews Submissions Guidelinesのカスタマーレビューに関するところです。we reserve the right to remove reviews(当社はレビューを削除する権利を有しています)と断っているのですね。

What's not allowed
Amazon is pleased to provide this forum for you to share your opinions on products. While we appreciate your time and comments, we reserve the right to remove reviews that include any of the following:

Objectionable material:

Promotional content:

Inappropriate content:

Off-topic information:

objectionable materialとTOEIC受験者を驚かせたobjectionableを使った表現が、削除理由の一つとして挙がっていますね(笑)

(続)Taylor Swift light the AMAs on fire. Literally.


Taylor Swift light the AMAs on fire.のlightは「火をつける」でlight ... on fireと動詞で使われていますね。ちなみに、照明をつける[消す]はturn on [off] a lightで、このような意味での動詞lightは受動態で使われることが多い様です。

give light
3 [transitive, usually passive]
light something
to give light to something or to a place
The stage was lit by bright spotlights.
well/badly lit streets







in light of … (~考慮すると、~に照らして)というイディオム表現も数は少ないですが使われていたので確認しておきます。

This session will discuss global governance in light of the recent financial crisis.

in the light of
› UK (US in light of) because of something or as a result of something:
In light of problems we're having, we have no choice but to close the business.

あとlightには動詞で「~に火をつける」のような意味もありますが、公式問題詩集には登場していませんでした。行儀のいいTOEICはlight a cigarette(たばこに火を付ける)は出そうもないので、出るとしたらlight a candle(ろうそくに火を付ける)あたりでしょうか。

to start to burn, or to make something start to burn:
He stopped to light a cigarette.
I lit the fire and poured a drink.
I couldn't get the candles to light.



蛍光灯 fluorescent lights
エネルギー効率の良い照明 energy-efficient lighting

天井灯を取り付ける install the ceiling light
照明器具を修理する repair the light fixtures

Be sure to turn off the lights before leaving the office.

Light refreshments will be served after the seminar.

fluorescent lights(蛍光灯)は公式問題集に登場していませんでしたが、まあ、常識問題として出させていただきました。TOEIC的にはlight fixture(照明器具)、ceiling light(天井灯)が重要です。turn of a light / turn off a lightと合わせて基本語としてチェックしておきたいです。



the lights that light a room, building, or street, or the quality of the light produced:
Better street lighting might help to reduce crime.
fluorescent/electric lighting
Fluorescent lighting is much cheaper to use than light bulbs.

1 the arrangement or type of light in a place
electric/natural lighting
good/poor lighting
The play had excellent sound and lighting effects.
The building needs improved security and lighting.
see also track lighting
2 the use of electric lights in a place
the cost of heating and lighting
street lighting

Light refreshments will be served after the seminar.

公式問題集のlightは「照明」の意味がほとんどだったのですが、形容詞lightに関してはlight refreshments(軽食)が登場していました。banquet(宴会)やlecture(講演)のようなイベント絡みで登場しそうですね。

Taylor Swift light the AMAs on fire. Literally.


昨年はケイティペリーの日本と中国のチャンポンスタイルが何かと物議を醸し出したAmerican Music Awardですが、今年はテイラースイフトがやってくれたようです。手の込んだステージは見ていて楽しいですね。

Watch Taylor Swift Light the American Music Awards on Fire with Insane “Blank Space” Performance
NOVEMBER 23, 2014 9:00 PM

実際に動画をご覧になった方なら、Vanity Fairの以下のツイートのliterallyの使い方も実感を込めて理解できるでしょうし、テイラースイフトのツイートでNo like, actually crazy.と付け加えた意味もすっと理解できるでしょう。

Vanity Fair
Taylor Swift light the AMAs on fire. Literally.


Taylor Swift
‪#BlankSpace‪ performance tonight on the #AMAs!!!!!!! It's gonna be crazy.‬
No like, actually crazy.‬

披露したBlank SpaceにはOr it's gonna go down in flamesとかThey'll tell you I'm insaneとかいう歌詞があるので、今回のようなステージになったようです。

So it's gonna be forever
Or it's gonna go down in flames
You can tell me when it's over
If the high was worth the pain
Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm insane
Cause you know I love the players
And you love the game


Blank Space/Taylor Swift 和訳 google_ad_section_end(name=s2)
2014年11月01日(土) 18時48分21秒

Got a long list of ex-loversのことをStarbucks Loversとずっと思っていましたが、こんな歌詞だったのですね。。。(滝汗)




Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Master Splinter, or simply Splinter, is a fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and all related media.

In-story information
Team affiliations Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Notable aliases Hamato Yoshi
Master Splinter
Abilities Highly skilled master of ninjutsu[1]
High intellect
Master of stealth
Keen sense of smell

Origin story
Splinter has three origin stories, and which one is used depends on the medium. In the original version of the tale, he was Hamato Yoshi's pet, in others he is Hamato Yoshi himself, but always having been mutated into the form of a man-sized rat. In the 2014 film he is a mutated rat who learned Ninjutsu from a book he found in the sewer.

Master SplintertとかSensei Splinterとか言うようで、日本語の「先生」以上に英語のSenseiは「師匠」といった語感が強いようですね。




• (martial arts) a Japanese title for a teacher, master or professional; in English used especially for a martial arts teacher


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 film)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a 2014 American science fiction action comedy film based on the franchise of the same name. A reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film series, the film is directed by Jonathan Liebesman, and stars Megan Fox, Alan Ritchson, Jeremy Howard, Pete Ploszek, Noel Fisher, Will Arnett, Danny Woodburn, William Fichtner, Johnny Knoxville, and Tony Shalhoub.

The film was announced shortly before Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Peter Laird sold the rights to the franchise to Nickelodeon in 2009. It was produced by Nickelodeon Movies and Michael Bay's production company Platinum Dunes, and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The film was released on August 8, 2014[6][7] and received generally negative reviews,[8] with critics commenting the unoriginal plot and characters, acting performances and pacing; but was a box office success, grossing over $474 million worldwide, and becoming Nickelodeon Movies' highest grossing film.[5] A sequel is scheduled to be released on June 3, 2016.[9][10]



Gravity's RainbowGravity's Rainbow
Thomas Pynchon


Thomas Pynchon の大作『Gravity’s Rainbow』のオーディオブックの30年ぶりの新作が出たことでBook ReviewをしていますAudio Bookというよりも作品そのもの現在性を語っています。。。様々な知識をこれでもかと盛り込んでくるPynchonの作風をgargantuan parableとしていますね。gargantuanは頻出の単語ではありませんが、イメージとともに覚えておきたい単語です。

‘Gravity’s Rainbow,’ Read by George Guidall
By TOM McCARTHYNOV. 21, 2014

“Gravity’s Rainbow,” Thomas Pynchon’s gargantuan parable of rocketry, sex and a whole bunch of other stuff, turned 41 this year — six years older than its author when it was first published. What happens when a novel whose scenes of coprophagia and pedophilia moved Pulitzer trustees to cancel the prize in 1974 (when Pynchon seemed poised to win) eases into middle-aged, canonical respectability? Well, for one thing, it gets an audiobook release. Since the mid-1980s, a George Guidall recording has been floating around, like some mythical lost rocket part — no one had heard it, but all Pynchon fans knew someone who knew someone who had — but in October a new version, authorized and rerecorded and burned onto 30 compact discs — hit the stands. How on earth, I wondered as I stripped the wrapper, is poor Mr. Guidall going to render the sudden outbreaks of crazed capitals, or librettos in which stoners with guitars pastiche Rossini, the instructions helpfully stating “(bubububoo[oo] oo [sung to opening of Beethoven 5th, with full band])”? He turns out to do it in a slow and deep-voiced manner, beneath whose calm avuncularity you can detect anxiety, even mania, bubbling but never quite erupting — although I could have sworn I heard him, in the silence at the end of CD 30, racing out the door to buy a year’s supply of those Thayer’s Slippery Elm Throat Lozenges the hero Slothrop sucks, or perhaps to check himself into the book’s White Visitation mental hospital.

このBook Reviewに合わせてポッドキャストでは朗読をしたGeorge Guidallを招いて話を聞いていました。Guidall さんは1270以上のオーディオブックで朗読してきた大ベテラン。音読というより朗読の仕方かもしれませんが、音読についても参考になるでしょう。

Inside The New York Times Book Review Podcast


CD30枚にもなったGravity’s Rainbowの録音は1ヶ月にも及んだと語っています。30年前と比べて、作品に対する理解が増し、技術力もついたから良いものにしあがっているはず。すべて新たに撮り直したそうです。

内容理解、作者の意図を理解してから録音に挑んでいるそうです。本を読んで結末を理解してから録音するのですが、Gravity Rainbowに関してはSteven Weisenburgerの “A ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ Companion”なども読んで深く理解しようと努めたと語っています。

彼が心がけているのは聞き手にemotional immediacyを与えることだそうです。My job is not to give you information. That’s Pynchon’s job. My job is to put an emotional value on the information in some way to wrap the listener in so that he doesn’t close his eyes. と言っていたと思います。



Guidall さんの語っていた、内容を理解する、感情を大事にする、などは、音読にもそのまんま通じる大切なことのようですね。

Science of Interstellar



ただ、映画を見ると宇宙への関心が沸きたてられます。我ながらミーハー丸出しですが理論物理学者のKip Thorneの本を読み始めました。理論的な部分を理解できている自信はまったくありませんが、エピソードや例も豊富で楽しく読み進めることができています。

Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy (Commonwealth Fund Book Program)Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy (Commonwealth Fund Book Program)
Kip S. Thorne


いろいろなメディアでもインターステラーの科学的な側面を説明してくれています。イギリスの科学雑誌New Scientistではネタバレなしで地球上の食糧供給から宇宙旅行まで、リンクも豊富に説明してくれています。

Spoiler-free guide to the science of Interstellar
17:36 30 October 2014 by Rowan Hooper

What is this "dust" that threatens the Earth's food supply?
The agent of destruction is a blight fungus. In the film, set on an Earth of the near future, the blight is sweeping across the world, and has already destroyed wheat and okra as a crop. In the real world, blight is indeed a serious threat – responsible for the Irish potato famine – and a different blight fungus, Ug99, now threatens wheat. Norman Borlaug, dubbed the father of the Green Revolution, said Ug99 "has immense potential for social and human destruction".

Nolan was influenced by the real-life ecological disaster of the Dust Bowl in 1930s North America, when the rich top soil essential to farming dried out and blew away, desolating vast areas and causing famine and mass human displacement – a situation that could yet happen again with the severe, ongoing US drought in the US.

But chin up people. Consider the movie's tagline: the end of Earth will not be the end of us.


A guide to the science behind Interstellar

Black hole
One of the most prominent scientific features of Interstellar is the 'Gargantua' black hole. It's overwhelmingly beautiful to look at, and it's a giant pain in the arse for the film's characters. To bring the black hole to life the CGI team modelled a black hole using information from academic journals - covered in complex equations - provided by the film's scientific advisor, Kip Thorne. According to American Wired's feature on the process, it's possibly one of the most scientifically accurate black holes ever created in a sci-fi film.
What is it?
A black hole is a gravitational mass which is so large that not even light can escape from it. They're like the plug holes of the universe with a 'singularity' at the centre (instead of the plumbing) where gravity and space are infinite. They're formed when very large stars collapse at the end of their lives. There's a giant one at the centre of our galaxy, which has a mass equivalent to four million suns.

UniverseではなくMultiverseについて話してくれているTED動画も楽しめます。Steven Pinkerがオススメの作家としてあげていたBrian Greeneです。




1 ラザロ《イエスの力でよみがえった男》.
2 ラザロ《イエスのたとえ話に登場する病気のこじき》.


‘Interstellar’ movie review: There’s a lot, but does it add up to anything?

内面性を評価したレビューはニューヨークタイムズのDavid Brooks でしょうか。彼が映画の感想を書くなんてよっぽどのことのような気がします。

Love and Gravity
NOV. 20, 2014
By David Brooks



a gigantic king noted for his great capacity for food and drink, in Rabelais' satire Gargantua and Pantagruel (1534)

gar‧gan‧tu‧an written
extremely large [= gigantic]:
a meal of gargantuan proportions
gargantuan task

used to refer to someone who improves or starts to be successful again after a period of failure origin
From the story of Lazarus in the Bible. He was a man who died but was then brought back to life by Jesus Christ.

a friend of Jesus whose story is told in the Bible. When he died, Jesus brought him back to life.

Christopher Nollanの次回作は雑誌Wired!


今週発売となった雑誌Wiredの最新号はChristopher NollanがGuest Editorを務めていて雑誌全体がNollanというかInterstellarのテイストに染まっています。日本では今週末公開ですからいいタイミングですね。日本語版も出てくれるといいのですが。。。


Christopher Nolan Will Guest-Edit Wired. We Have the EXCLUSIVE, Mind-Bending Details.
By Slate Staff



But late this summer, a single yellow Post-it note waiting on my desk rekindled our hopes. The message was simple but full of promise: “Chris Nolan called.” Below those three words was a number. I picked up the phone and learned, to my amazement and delight, that Nolan is as much a fan of WIRED as WIRED is of him. By the next morning, we had agreed on a path: The December issue would be his to guest-edit. Days later, a team from WIRED was sitting in the Syncopy production facilities, waist-deep in ideas and notes, scribbles for the stories that now fill these pages. That would be the first of many work sessions, brainstorms, and story reviews for our very own Christopher Nolan project.

いうまでもないですがChris Nolan called.” Below those three words was a number.の動詞callは「電話する」の意味で、numberは「電話番号」のことですね。あと、Nolan is as much a fan of WIRED as WIRED is of him.(ノーランはWired(編集部)が彼のファンであるのと同じくらいWiredのファンだった)という受験英語チックな文章が使われていますが、as WIRED is of himの代名詞himの使い方はTOEICで狙われそうですね。以下は最後の部分です。

For those of us at WIRED, making this issue has felt like the collaboration of a lifetime, a chance to play in a universe-sized sandbox. The stories inside come from Chris and Emma and their world. They impressed us in so many ways these past few months, and not the least with their generosity, both in time and spirit. We’ve come to understand their creative process, their appetite for discovery and for invention, and perhaps most important, their endless ambition. I’ll refrain from spoiling the fun, but I will tell you this: Like all Christopher Nolan projects, this one will reward scrutiny and attention to detail. We hope you enjoy it.

ノーラン夫妻への素晴らしさを述べている文章でThey impressed us in so many ways these past few months, and not the least with their generosity, both in time and spirit.でboth in time and spiritとあります。

Thank you for the time and effort.

普通はtime and effortを使うと思うんですがInterstellarのテーマであるTime and Spaceにかけて、time and spiritの方をあえて選んだんでしょう。といってもtime and spiritの方も結構使われる表現のようです。ひとつまた学びました。

"thank you for your time and effort" 約 473,000 件
"thank you for your time and spirit" 約 202,000 件

雑誌はまだすべて読み終えていませんが、Christopher Nollanについての特集ではなく、彼の興味のあるトピックを追求した作りになっているので一般受けはしないかもしれません。


Space. Time. Dimension.
Let’s leap beyond the limits of our world.

By Christopher Nolan

The Metaphysics of Interstellar
A conversation with Kip Thorne and Christopher Nolan






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3 [countable] (informal) a small problem or temporary delay
There was a slight hiccup in the schedule.
We've planned it down to the last detail — we don't want any unexpected hiccups.

hiccup noun (PROBLEM)
› [C] a problem that delays or interrupts something for a while, but does not usually cause serious difficulties:
We've had one or two slight hiccups, but progress has generally been quite steady.


We're currently experiencing a hiccup with our website host, our website should be back up shortly!

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TOEIC(R)テスト英文法 プラチナ講義TOEIC(R)テスト英文法 プラチナ講義



浅田 晃子





Given the impact of technology on contemporary business practice, the importance of information security has never been greater.


ここではhas never been greaterを使って「これ以上〜ない」というニュアンスを盛り込み、現在こそが最も重要性が高いと表現しています。ここでは広告なので、最上級的な表現は好まれるということが一因としてありそうです。

“has never been greater”という表現はGoogle検索で約 431,000 件ヒットするほどですからそれなりに使われる表現です。Samsungの記事タイトルで以下のように使われています。

10/13/2014 @ 1:18午後 1,051 views
Samsung's Need for New Growth Engine Has Never Been Greater


I was so pleased to learn of your recent appointment — it could not be better deserved.

Mika Jaakkola, Terhi Home President, cited Munsan's reputation for the quality of its inventory as a major reason for the agreement. "Like Terhi Home, Munsan is associated with beauty and luxury. There is simply no better partner for our brand.”





新公式問題集vol6のTest2のパート7ででてくる固有名詞を確認したところ、英国オックスフォードのNorham Mewsも、ソウルの新村Sinchonも、シドニーのWillow Roadも全部実在していました。さすがに店の名前とかはなかったですが。。。てっきり適当な地名をでっちあげているのだと今まで思っていました。

ニュージーランドのClarence River やShotover Riverもありました。動画はHigh Difficultyのラフィティングでしょうね。実在のClarence Riverのラフティングツアー会社は以下の通りです。

Clarence River Rafting
Kaikoura Coast, New Zealand

Clarence River Rafting specialises in multi-day wilderness journeys on the Clarence / Waiau Toa River. This active holiday showcases New Zealand’s superb alpine scenery unique to this remote valley.

We serve delicious local food and wine and provide all safety and camping equipment as well as experienced and knowledgeable guides.

We offer a variety of other trips. If you have never tried rafting before, our half-day trip is a great introduction. If you already have some relevant river experience, we can outfit you with everything you need to do your own trip on the river.
We operate a shuttle service to enable you to get your vehicles to and from the put-in in Molesworth back to our base at the end of the journey.

We are the only rafting company based in the small settlement of Clarence, which is 40 minutes north of Kaikoura on the East Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Look for the red sign on SH1 just north of Clarence Bridge. Call in and see us - we are passionate about the river and would love to show you around.




リアルTOEIC Fundraiser

の紹介でさっそくサイトにいってみましたが、値段が値段でしたので。。。まあ、the best produce in the regionの意味がスッと取れるのはTOEICのおかげですね。

In Tokyo we’ll be serving a fixed menu. We’ll be leaving our ingredients at home and focusing our efforts on finding the best produce in the region to come up with a new menu. You can expect the meal to consist of a series of small servings followed by larger dishes, showing the best of the seasonal products available to us. Our wine pairing will show an emphasis on small-scale producers who have a careful, passionate engagement with the land. The drinks on the juice menu will be created by Noma’s sommeliers and our team of chefs to complement the dishes on the menu. There will be three menu options to choose from:
• Fixed Menu + Wine pairing: (40,200 Yen + 24,700 Yen)
• Fixed Menu + Juice pairing: (40,200 Yen + 16,500 Yen)
• Fixed Menu: (40,200 Yen, with an option to pay for wine or other beverages à la carte on the day)

来年の開店に合わせて、Fundraiserが開かれるようです。TOEIC頻出トピックでもあるのでこちらを確認してみます。このfundraiserという用語もここでは「資金集め担当の人」ではなくfundraising event(資金集めのイベント)という意味です。

a person who is responsible for collecting money for a political party, charity (= organization that gives money or help to those that need it), etc.:
She was a campaign fundraiser for two former Presidents.
a major/chief/political fundraiser

an event that people attend to make money for a political party, charity, etc.:
attend/hold/host a fundraiser During his US visit, the Prime Minister will attend a $100-a-head fundraiser.
annual/charity fundraiser

An Evening for MAD at Noma at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
We're pleased to announce that on the evening of 28 January, we will be hosting a fundraiser at Noma at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo for MAD, the not-for-profit organization René Redzepi founded in 2011.

The menu for the evening will be the same one Noma will be serving throughout its stay in Tokyo, so this is another opportunity for those who have not been able to secure a place for Noma's Tokyo relocation to visit the restaurant.


Where your funds go
Funds from this event will be used to support MAD's forthcoming initiatives. Among these projects is MAD5, or MADGO, the fifth installment of the MAD Symposium, which will focus on ways those in the restaurant trade can take action to improve their communities.

A note to our American patrons: your financial support for this event is tax deductible.


this is another opportunity for those who have not been able to secure a place for Noma's Tokyo relocation

A note to our American patrons



建築家の藤本壮介さんがウォールストリートジャーナルマガジンのAnnual Innovator Awardsの建築部門で選ばれていました。英語ではFujimoto Souとなっています。呼びやすさも考えてのことなんでしょうか。この辺りは外国の人と交流がある人などはおなじみの現象ですよね。こういう配慮もいわゆる異文化交流では必要だと思います。


a person or thing that wins an award
The author is a Pulitzer Prize honoree.
It's a party for the new honorees.

WSJ. Magazine Hosts Fourth Annual Innovator Awards
The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Brings November Innovators Issue to Life With Awards Ceremony in New York City
November 05, 2014 22:58 ET | Source: Dow Jones & Company

NEW YORK, Nov. 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WSJ. Magazine hosted its fourth annual Innovator Awards at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City on Wednesday evening, honoring the most innovative and influential talents whose groundbreaking accomplishments have shaped their respective fields.

The honorees were: Sou Fujimoto (Architecture); Kara Walker (Art); Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine (Entrepreneurship); Nicholas Ghesquière (Fashion); René Redzepi (Food); Lil Buck (Performing Arts); and Reshma Saujani (Technology).

Each winner—chosen by WSJ. Magazine editors—was presented with an award designed by the 2011 Design winner Joris Laarman and is featured in the November Innovators issue, which is up 47 percent in advertising year over year.

"We are incredibly excited about the remarkable lineup of this year's Innovators," said Kristina O'Neill, editor in chief of WSJ. Magazine. "We spend months deliberating over the winners, and the process is always inspiring. Choosing them is a bit like planning the perfect dinner party. Which is why the event at MoMA, with so many other cultural leaders in attendance, has become WSJ.'s most anticipated evening of the year."


Architect Sou Fujimoto’s Futuristic Spaces

Fujimoto’s designs eschew the predictable and often force viewers to relate to space in a new way, making the Tokyo-based architect a hero in his field
Nov. 5, 2014 8:48 p.m. ET

Lil Buck Elevates Jookin’ to an Art

Dancer Lil Buck combined a style of Memphis street dancing with the rigor of classical ballet, astonishing everyone from Madonna to Damian Woetzel with his graceful moves
Nov. 5, 2014 8:19 p.m. ET

Noma’s René Redzepi Never Stops Experimenting

After the loss of his restaurant’s best-in-the-world title in 2013, Danish chef René Redzepi is back on top with 90 new avant-garde recipes and a pop-up eatery in Japan
Nov. 5, 2014 8:32 p.m. ET

Reshma Saujani’s Ambitious Plan for Technology

Saujani founded Girls Who Code with the goal of closing the gender gap in tech. After partnering with industry giants Facebook and Google, she has a new goal: to teach a million young women to code by 2020
Nov. 5, 2014 8:37 p.m. ET



Given the impact of technology on contemporary business practice, the importance of information security has never been greater.


business practiceの訳は「商習慣」という意味もありますが、この文脈だと「実務」「業務」の方がピッタリとくるかなと思いました。ベネッセの問題など、通常の業務から情報漏洩が起きうるのは日本でも同じですからね。





注意するポイントはpractice medicineやmedical practiceで、「医師の開業(する)」を意味することでしょうか。一回限りの行為を指すのではなく、通常業務として行っているニュアンスがありそうです。




Larry Lessig’s Mission to Reclaim Democracy
Philip Davidson The Nantucket Project @Nantucketproj Oct. 24, 2014
How the MayDay Super PAC hopes to revolutionize campaign finance

According to Lessig, the outcome of many Congressional elections are decided ahead of the vote by a tiny fraction of the population – the donors who give to Super PACs.

In order to combat the undue influence of these political-action committees, Lessig took an unusual step earlier this year. He formed a Super PAC of his own.

Lessig’s MayDay Super PAC is funding candidates in this year’s midterm elections who have pledged to support campaign finance reform. Lessig is not attempting to change the system overnight. Instead he hopes to influence the outcome of a handful of elections this year with the hope of translating limited electoral success into a movement that will be a major force in 2016.


Paul Blumenthal Become a fan
Mayday PAC Lost Nearly All Its Races This Year, But Refuses To Concede Defeat

Posted: 11/06/2014 5:27 pm EST Updated: 11/06/2014 5:59 pm EST

WASHINGTON -- Nearly every effort by Mayday PAC to elect a candidate who favored campaign finance reform in a contested race fell flat on Tuesday.

The super PAC to end all super PACs, established in May 2014, was highly successful in raising money but much less so in targeting races it could win. The group reported making $7.5 million in independent expenditures across eight races this year. It won just two.

“It was a tough night across the board for supporters of reform, but we’re glad we engaged in this fight," said Mayday's founder, Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, in a statement. "The fight to root out corruption in our politics is one of the most important in our time and we will continue to pursue it with fierce urgency,” he vowed.

同じように、環境問題に熱心な候補者も私費を投じたものの、莫大な資金力を前に敗北したという記事がフィナンシャルタイムズにありました。この記事ではKoch Brothersなど共和党系のスーパーPACの資金力がグラフになっていてわかりやすいです。

November 7, 2014 4:02 pm
Green money loses billionaires’ battle in US elections

Barney Jopson in Washington

The first big-money drive to inject climate change into US elections fell flat this week as a green-minded billionaire’s support for Democrats was neutralised by the conservative Koch brothers and voter dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama.

In a striking defeat, Tom Steyer, a former hedge fund manager, spent at least $57m to promote action on climate change, but saw his ambitions scuttled by voters’ economic unease and a fossil-fuel industry that blamed stagnant wages on environmental red tape.

The result underlines a challenge faced by climate-friendly politicians in many countries where citizens – like the majority of Americans – say they support action on climate change, but rank it far below their immediate economic interests as a voting priority.






The President is present
As Beijing faced off against the protesters in Hong Kong, this image showing a cardboard cutout of Xi carrying the movement’s signature yellow umbrella went viral.


Caption: A cardboard cut-out of Chinese President Xi Jinping (C) carrying a yellow umbrella -- a symbol of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong -- is surrounded by activists next to the central government offices in Hong Kong on October 28, 2014. Hong Kong democracy activists on October 28 marked one month of mass protests, calling on supporters to gather for an evening rally wearing the masks they have used to ward off police tear gas and pepper spray. AFP PHOTO / ALEX OGLE (Photo credit should read Alex Ogle/AFP/Getty Images)

TimeのサブタイトルはThe President is presentとリズミカルになっています。「国家主席が出席」みたいな感じでしょうが、ブログタイトルでキャッチーにするべく「ステキな国家主席」としてみました。ここまでしてしまうと翻訳ではなくなってしまうかもしれませんが。。。