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便乗企画 – TOEICでのviewの使われ方


3 scenery
ADJ. breathtaking, fine, lovely, magnificent, spectacular, splendid, stunning, superb, wonderful a room with a breathtaking view across the bay | commanding, panoramic | mountain, sea, etc.


The hotel offers spectacular views of the ocean.

Adrian’s offers breathtaking views of the entire city.

The views from the balcony were superb.

have [afford] a good view of(〜がよく見える)のような用例もあったのですが、それほど多くなかったです。意外なことに辞書では真っ先に登場する語義「意見」「考え」はほとんどなかったです。TOEIC単語集で実際に公式問題集などを分析して作ったものか確かめるために使えそうです(苦笑)

こちらの意味の方にclose viewのコロケーションが載っていました。

2 ability to see/be seen from a particular place
ADJ. good, grandstand, wonderful | poor, terrible We had a poor view of the stage from where we were sitting. | clear, unimpeded, uninterrupted, unobstructed | back, front, rear, side The picture shows a front view of the car. | close, close-up | public Tensions within the band remained hidden from public view. | overall (figurative) The staff handbook gives an overall view of the company.


To view a map of each trip’s course, click on the links below.

あと気をつけたい使い分けは-ingのかたち。野生動物を観察する旅行のような場合、wildlife viewingとなっています。この場合はwildlife viewとはならないでしょうね。

Discovery Adventure is an eight-day trip with unforgettable wilderness experiences including hiking, rafting, boating and wildlife viewing.



Cherry Blossom Viewing
Anyone traveling to Japan in the springtime is sure to experience one of the more exceptional natural events in the seasonal calendar. Hanami, or flower viewing, is the annual Japanese custom of enjoying the blooming foliage after the winter weather subsides. While hanami specifically refers to the blooming of cherry blossoms, many plan events around the one to two week period where nature flourishes with color and fragrances.

最後にTOEICに無関係の話。Mountain Viewにある会社と言えば誰でも知っていますね。日本でも「山見町」という地名がありますからそんなノリなのでしょうか。


便乗企画 – Google画像検索でニュアンスをつかむ


close viewのGoogle画像検索

close sightのGoogle画像検索

「間近で見ること」「間近で見たもの」はclose viewであることがわかりますね。close sightの方はあまりそのような使われ方はしないのでしょう、close viewに比べ統一感のない検索結果になっています。close sightに目のアップが多いのはsightには「視力」の意味があるからではないでしょうか。




▪ Scott Lang: Oh, man.
▪ Luis: What is it?
▪ Scott Lang: Well they weren’t kidding, this safe is serious.
▪ Luis: How serious we talkin’, Scotty?
▪ Scott Lang: It’s a Carbondale. It’s from 1910, made from the same steel as the Titanic.
▪ Luis: Wow. Can you crack it?
▪ Scott Lang: Well, here’s the thing. It doesn’t do so well in the cold. Remember what that iceberg did?
▪ Luis: Yeah, man, it killed DiCaprio.
▪ Dave: It killed everybody.
▪ Kurt: But not kill the old lady. She still throw the jewel into the oceans.



1997年の映画『タイタニック』で悲劇の恋人を演じたケイト・ウィンスレットとレオナルド・ディカプリオ。ローズ役のケイトが、自分の役はレオナルド演じるジャックを見捨てたと認めたことが分かった。英Digital Spyが報じている。

People were very excited that you were sitting next to or near Leonardo DiCaprio at the show, even though in a way you let him freeze to death in the water, because the way I see it --"

No, I agree. You know, I think he could have actually fit on that bit of door.

There was plenty of room on the raft!

I know. People are always so excited to see Leo and myself in the same space, which you know at the end of the day that is so lovely, isn’t it It's been 20 years and people still get such a—it's really, you know, quite endearing. And we do laugh about it. We were giggling about last night. I was like, 'My God, can you actually believe it? That people just get so, they just get so overwhelmed by the Jack and Rose thing still.

多くのメディアGuardianやWashington Postなんかも記事にしていて20年経ってもなお話題になっています。タイタニックがコンテンツとして魅力があることを実感できます。いろいろ読み比べてみるのも楽しそうです。

Kate Winslet breaks silence on Titanic raft end: 'He could have actually fitted'
Star of third highest-grossing film of all time voices agreement with fans who felt Leonardo DiCaprio’s character died unnecessarily

Avatar and then Star Wars: The Force Awakens ousted James Cameron’s 1997 weepie from the top of the all-time highest-grossing film charts. Yet the power of the film Titanic to inspire debate remains undimmed, nearly 20 years after its premiere.
In the final scenes of the film, lovers Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) are parted forever when it becomes apparent there is only room for the latter on a floating door after the shipwreck. Rose remains afloat, and goes on to enjoy a long and happy life; Jack shivers to his death in the icy Atlantic.
Yet from first screenings, fans expressed scepticism about just how much of the raft Jack would have required, and conspiracy theories arose suggesting Rose may have hogged the space maliciously.

Once and for All: Jack Could Totally Have Fit on Rose's Raft
Don’t blame her for his death, though. The constraints of storytelling sealed his fate.


“I’ll never let go,” she whispered.
Except, uh: She did. She totally did.
Rose DeWitt Bukater, heroine of Titanic, badass proto-feminist, wearer of the Heart of the Ocean and owner of the beating heart Céline sang about, did, in the end, something you wouldn’t expect: She let the love of her life freeze to death in icy waters. Oh, and she did that while 1). wearing a life vest that she could have at least lent to Jack, and 2). floating safely and relatively comfortably upon a wooden door that, science has proven, totally had enough room for Jack to come aboard. As Ross Geller (a fellow who, say what you will about him, never would have let Rachel be swallowed alive into the murky Atlantic) would put it, decades later: “Let’s try scooching.”


(続)Here’s the thing.

Here’s the thingという表現はこれまでのTOEICでは登場していませんでしたが、類似表現のThe thing isは既出でした。注文した本が来なかったので問い合わせているシチュエーションです。

(店員)Let me check our records. It looks like your order was for the paperback edition — but that won’t be released for a couple of weeks.(中略)
(客) Oh, I thought the paperback was already available. The thing is, I’m giving the book as a gift, so I really need it by the end of the week.

コリンズのThe thing is is often used to identify a problem relating to what has just been said.(The thing isが使われるのは、話題にしたばかりのことに関する問題を特定するためである)という説明はありがたいですね。

the thing is(informal)
used to introduce an important fact, reason, or explanation
I'm sorry my assignment isn't finished. The thing is, I've had a lot of other work this week.

You say the thing is to introduce an explanation, comment, or opinion, that relates to something that has just been said. The thing is is often used to identify a problem relating to what has just been said. (spoken)
■ EG: “ ⇒ 'What does your market research consist of?'—'Well, the thing is, it depends on our target age group.'”




一般的な英語学習者は基本語が柔軟に使われた方が難しかったりします。例えば次のようにtakeが名詞として使われていた場合です。1昨年の動画ですが、トランプ関連で名を上げたMegyn Kellyです。

What is your take on Sony pulling the movie, "The Interview"?
I think it’s deeply troubling. But the more I think about it, the more I feel like the only message back has to be from the American consumer.

受け答えを見ればなんとなく意味は想像できますが、Yahoo! Answersで質問していた人がいました。

(Yahoo! Answers)
The meaning of "what is your take on this ? Help please?
I have been trying to find this idiom on internet and found nothing . I think it means something like " what is your answer on this or what is your reaction on this ". Please i would like to its meaning . Please help on this . Thanks a lot in advance.

Best Answer: What is your perception on this topic, its basically asking for your opinion on something.


somebody's take (on something) someone's opinion about a situation or idea:
What's your take on this issue?

take on something (informal)
the particular opinion or idea that someone has about something
What's his take on the plan?
a new take on the Romeo and Juliet story (= a way of presenting it)

ちなみにtake on …という表現はTOEICでは句動詞して登場していました。「仕事を引き受ける」とか「仕事に取り組む」といった意味でしょうか。

take on
to accept some work or responsibility
I can’t take on any more work at the moment.

take something ↔ on
to agree to do some work or be responsible for something:
Don't take on too much work - the extra cash isn't worth it.


I would be delighted to take on the assignment you propose.

By combining our resources and expertise with Levinson Builders, we expect to be able to take on larger contracts.




You can leave your laptops here if you leave the room - there will always be someone in here - but do keep your money and phones or … ah … other small electronic devices with you

ここでsmall electronic devicesが何を指すのかはわざわざ書くほどではないですが、スマートフォンやタブレットあたりかと想像できます。現にGoogle 画像検索でelectronic devicesで検索するとそのあたりの画像がでてきます。

electronic devices



Electronic deviceも文脈によってはテレビやコピー機だって含むでしょう。類語辞典では電子部品なども含めています。

electronic devices

electronic device

small electronic devicesでGoogle 画像検索すると電子部品なんかも一緒に出てきます。

small electronic devices

今回我々が何の苦もなくセミナーの注意事項でkeep your money and phones or … ah … other small electronic devices with youと聞いてスマホとかタブレットかと想像できるのは、セミナーにテレビとかコピー機とか用いるはずがないと経験からわかっているからですね。

辞書的な見出語ではpersonal electronic deviceに近いのでしょう。TOEICのRC1000にも登場しています。

personal electronic device [countable]
a piece of electronic equipment, such as a laptop computer or a mobile phone, that is small and easy to carry

To: All Hospital Employees
From: Administration
Date: June 19
Subject: Use of Personal Electronic Devices

This memo serves as a reminder of official hospital policy regarding the use of personal electronic devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants.

personal digital assistantsというのが時代を感じさせますね(苦笑)




TOEICが新形式になって言い淀みが会話やスピーチに登場しています。言い淀みは学術的にはSpeech disfluencyと言うようですね。

Speech disfluency
A speech disfluency, also spelled speech dysfluency, is any of various breaks, irregularities (within the English language, similar speech dysfluency occurs in different forms in other languages), or non-lexical vocables that occurs within the flow of otherwise fluent speech. These include false starts, i.e. words and sentences that are cut off mid-utterance, phrases that are restarted or repeated and repeated syllables, fillers i.e. grunts or non-lexical utterances such as "huh", "uh", "erm", "um", "well" and "like", and repaired utterances, i.e. instances of speakers correcting their own slips of the tongue or mispronunciations (before anyone else gets a chance to). "Huh" is claimed to be a universal syllable.[1]


Like, Eliminate Ums and Ahs, Right?
Easily eliminate your ums, ahs, and other disfluencies.

By Lisa B. Marshall,
August 22, 2014





So I called this meeting to discuss our contract with Torland Advertising and to decide whether we should ... ahm ... should continue to use them to develop our radio advertising materials.

次のパート4サンプル問題Q16-18でも言い淀みや言い換えが登場しています。学術的にどのように分類されるのかわかりませんが、keep your money and phones or ... ah ... other small electronic devicesのような場合は、例を考えるための時間稼ぎとも、まとめ的な表現を導入するための指標ともみなせるかもしれません。

You can leave your laptops here if you leave the room (中略) but do keep your money and phones or ... ah ... other small electronic devices with you.

また、最後の方にはa change - a switchという言い換えが登場しています。こちらの言い換えはより意味を明確に伝えるための補足説明的な役割を果たしていますね。changeだけだと別の講師が来ると受け取る人もいますが、switchとあれば講師のスケジュール入れ替えだと理解しやすくなります。

And please note that there is an error in your printed program there will be a change - a switch - in times for the last two presenters

英文やスピーチの完成度だけを上げようとすれば、言い淀みや言い換えは冗長で削除すべき対象になるでしょう。ただ、コミュニケーションの場合は相手によりよく伝わることの方が重要に違いありません。ahmのように間を置くことや言い換え表現を重ねる方が効果的な場面があるでしょう。ただ、これまで通り言い淀みは多用すべきではないのは確かでしょう。初学者にありがちな「あーI want あー to make あーa reservation」みたいなものは聞いていて疲れますから。。。



Here’s the thing.



(Man) 電話会議の目的を伝える
言い淀み ... ahm ... should continue to use the
フレーズ //Here’s the thing.//

言い淀みが登場するのは、「依頼している広告会社の契約打ち切り」というデリケートな話題です。こういう言いにくい話題は慎重に語るので日本語だって言い淀みしやすいですよね。これまでのTOEICからして”you know”とか”like”みたいなつなぎ言葉が多用されるようになるとは思えません。

次のフレーズHere’s the thing.ですが、このフレーズになじみがある人は瞬殺問題になりそうです。難化が言われているTOEICですが、フレーズ問題は対策が取りやすいのではないかと考えます。フレーズの意味がわからなくても流れを抑えておければ問題の正解は選べそうです。冒頭でSo I called this meeting to discuss と何かを検討するためにミーティングが開かれていることが告げられていますし、次に検討事項も具体的に説明してますから。フレーズをすべて潰すのは今の段階では難しいので、典型的な流れを抑えてフレーズがなくても文脈を理解できるようにすることのほうが対策としてはいいかもしれません。

ただ、せっかくHere’s the thingという表現が出たので意味を確認してみます。『Hapa 英会話with ジュン先生』というサイトの説明がわかりやすかったです。今回のサンプル問題でも同様の使われ方がされています。

5) Here’s the thing(要は)
◎ 日常会話では文章の出だしによく耳にするフレーズですが、「Here’s the thing」はこれから言おうとするポイントが重要である、これからの話しが大切であると強調をしたいときに使われるフレーズです。
◎「The thing is」も代わりに使われるフレーズです。
▪ Here is the thing. In soccer you don’t have to be tall.(要は、サッカーは長身じゃなくてもいいのです)
▪ Here is the thing. We don’t have money.(要はお金がないのです)
▪ Here is the thing. I know he can do it.(要は、私は彼なら出来ると信じているのです)


日常会話でよく使われる「Here's the thing」の意味とは?

こちらでは映画アントマンでの実例を紹介してくれています。32秒あたりからHere’s the thing.が登場します。

▪ Scott Lang: Oh, man.
▪ Luis: What is it?
▪ Scott Lang: Well they weren’t kidding, this safe is serious.
▪ Luis: How serious we talkin’, Scotty?
▪ Scott Lang: It’s a Carbondale. It’s from 1910, made from the same steel as the Titanic.
▪ Luis: Wow. Can you crack it?
▪ Scott Lang: Well, here’s the thing. It doesn’t do so well in the cold. Remember what that iceberg did?
▪ Luis: Yeah, man, it killed DiCaprio.
▪ Dave: It killed everybody.
▪ Kurt: But not kill the old lady. She still throw the jewel into the oceans.

映画タイタニックが参照されているのでit killed DiCaprio とかBut not kill the old lady.というやりとりがなされているのですね。まあこういう話題は登場しないのがTOEICですが。。。また TOEICが口語よりになるといっても動画にあるようなHow serious we talkin’, Scotty?のような使われ方が多用されるとは思えなんですよね。。。



A Vogue Editor Learns the Art of Closet-Cleaning From Marie Kondo
FEBRUARY 2, 2016 12:25 PM

Marie Kondo—whose groundbreaking approach to decluttering was outlined in her New York Times best-selling guidebook, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up—makes up for her diminutive size with the enormity of her success and her significant entourage, which, at nine people, seems to have escaped the KonMari Method. The 31-year-old Japanese high priestess of tidying is visiting my apartment during a whirlwind New York City press tour for Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up, her second English book released in the U.S. in January. Her first title has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide, been translated into 35 languages, and earned Kondo a spot on Time magazine’s list of The 100 Most Influential People in 2015. This second volume is an illustrated guide to help readers implement the philosophy of the first.

So what magic will this petite woman bestow upon my closet? Well, neither of us is quite tall enough to reach the hanging rod, so we enlist members of her entourage to help us empty the closet completely. It’s an exercise that leaves me in a slight state of panic: Like unpacking a stuffed suitcase, I wonder: How will it ever fit back in? Panic aside, it was the act of removing everything and laying it out on the bed that actually forced me to face certain items that I stopped wearing long ago and that no longer “spark joy”—Kondo’s trademark phrase and anchoring philosophy. I typically go through my clothes about once a year, weeding out things I don’t wear or no longer love, but this process was much more powerful.

consider me a Konvert.という面白い表現が締めにありました。コンマリ流片付けに魅了された人を指すのでしょうかね。

So far I’ve only gotten through my clothing, but I plan to work my way through the other four categories as quickly as possible. Kondo encourages a tidying “festival” done in one fell swoop rather than bits and pieces at a time. Umm, has Kondo ever seen The Devil Wears Prada? Taking a week off to KonMari my apartment is not happening anytime soon. But I’ll get there. Timeliness aside, consider me a Konvert.


convert noun
convert (from something) (to something)
a person who has changed their religion, beliefs, or opinions
a convert to Islam
converts from other faiths


Konmari method - "Konvert me!"




名詞award 書き言葉1000語レベル 話し言葉2000語レベル
動詞award 書き言葉3000語レベル


to make an official decision to give something to someone as a payment, prize, etc.
award something (to somebody) The judges awarded equal points to both finalists.
award (somebody) something The judges awarded both finalists equal points.



受賞者 be awarded 賞
Two Kimberley-based companies have been awarded this year's Commerce & Technology Review Awards.

*この文では契約関連のRolant Manufacturing was awarded the contractとaward A a contractのも含めています。

賞 be awarded to 受賞者
This year’s Middletown Poetry Prize will be awarded to Mie Hasegawa