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そこでWeb3について、ちょっと調べてみました。さすがはNew York Times丁寧に特集を組んでいました。暗号通貨との文脈で出てくる語のようです。Web1とWeb2の違いから説明してくれています。

I want to understand web3. But first, can you remind me what web1 and web2 were?

Sure. Web1, in the traditional telling, refers to the internet of the 1990s and early 2000s. It was the internet of blogs, message boards, and early portals like AOL and CompuServe. Most of what people did on web1 was passively read static web pages, and much of it was built using “open protocols” like HTTP, SMTP and FTP. (Don’t worry about what those things are — just know that an open protocol is a piece of web infrastructure that isn’t owned by a single company, and that the concept of open protocols is going to reappear a few sentences from now.)

Web2, the story goes, was the next phase of the internet, starting around 2005 or so — the one characterized by social media behemoths like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In web2 (or Web 2.0, as it was usually called then), people began creating and posting their own content, actively participating in the internet rather than passively reading it. But most of that activity ended up being distributed and monetized by big companies, which kept most, if not all, of the money and control for themselves.

Web3, the story goes, will replace these centralized, corporate platforms with open protocols and decentralized, community-run networks, combining the open infrastructure of web1 with the public participation of web2.


Users and investors are re-evaluating token-based companies amid the broader cryptocurrency downturn
By Berber Jin 2022 年 7 月 12 日 04:18 JST

The cryptocurrency rout has spread to startups that offer users digital tokens, pushing down digital asset prices and driving away hordes of users.

The startups—part of what has been called Web3—allowed users to play virtual games and collect digital assets, and the companies’ growth was hinged on interest from people eager to wade into blockchain-based assets. The broader cryptocurrency downturn this year is causing a downturn in users in many Web3 companies, and players and investors are re-evaluating the utility of token-based business models.


Why are so many people talking about web3 all of a sudden?
Part of it is the usual cocktail of hype, marketing and fear of missing the next big thing.

But the web3 boom also reflects the amount of capital, talent and energy pouring into crypto start-ups on the heels of a yearslong crypto bull market. Venture capital firms have put more than $27 billion into crypto-related projects in 2021 alone — more than the 10 previous years combined — and much of that capital has gone to web3 projects. Some big tech companies, such as Twitter and Reddit, have also started experimenting with their own web3 projects.

And the industry has become a magnet for tech talent, with many employees of big tech firms quitting cushy, stable jobs to go seek their fortunes in web3.




Hasta la vista, babyの裏の意味?


お別れの状況ではsign offなんて動詞が使われるようで、このあたりは実際の用例に馴染んでないと使えない表現ですね。

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed off his final appearance before Parliament with the mic drop statement, “Hasta la vista, baby.”

Boris Johnson declared “mission largely accomplished, for now” before signing-off his final Prime Minister’s Questions by telling MPs: “Hasta la vista, baby.”

sign off
(2) (くだけて)(別れの言葉や音楽と共に)放送を終える; (長い間やった後)終える, やめる.

sign off
If someone signs off, they write a final message at the end of a letter or they say a final message at the end of a phone conversation. You can say that people such as entertainers sign off when they finish a broadcast.
▶ O.K. I’ll sign off. We’ll talk at the beginning of the week. [V P] 

ジョンソン首相のHasta la vistaには何か裏の意味があるのではという書き方をしたのは、Twitterで過去のこんなことを知ったから。ただし今回の裏の意味については推測しているものも含めて見つけることができませんでした。





PM’s talk of being ‘distracted by cheese’ when working from home could be a clever way to manipulate search results
Gareth Morgan 17 June 2022, 12.00am

Model bus vs Brexit bus
Two years ago, rumours started appearing in the SEO world about how Boris might be trying to manipulate Google rankings for his own good.

A few people within the digital marketing community started asking if the bizarre answers he was giving in interviews were actually cleverly calculated messages – ones that can change the online narrative and alter the results that future search engine users see when researching him.

When he talked to an interviewer about painting wine boxes to look like model buses, most people laughed or rolled their eyes. But in just this one interview he pushed many old news stories down the search engine results. Stories about the £350m-for-the-NHS Brexit bus, and his fight with Carrie that resulted in a wine-soaked sofa, as well as ones about his affair with a former model all became less prominent.




補足 AFPだと貼り付け動画が見られないので、ロイターに変えました。
AFPは首相官邸でしたが、こちらは横田基地でしょうか。後半にこのブログで取り上げた言葉を言っています。ただし、ロイターの方はwe saw in him something rare.となっています。

ブリンケン国務長官が来日した際のコメントです。故人を讃える表現として比較級最上級を使っています。when one friend is hurting, the other friend shows up.なんてのもサラッと言えたらカッコいいですね。

"I'm here because the United States and Japan are more than allies; we are friends. And when one friend is hurting, the other friend shows up."

"He had the rarest of quality. A man of vision with the ability to realise that vision"


He achieves that rarest of feats in the translation of poetry. 


Tremendous amounts of hype accompanied Ohtani’s arrival in Major League Baseball. Here was the rarest of players: an overwhelming pitcher who could also dominate with the bat. 


Ambidextrous Nashville Sounds pitcher Pat Venditte has the rarest of MLB skills.