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リアルTOEIC システム関連の通知

Korean Airのウエブサイトを確認したところ、なかなかTOEIC的な通知があったのでこの際確認しておきます。「財閥のバカ娘」というゴジップネタで憂さ晴らしじゃあ、もったいないですからね。


Notice regarding the temporary suspension of Telephone line
Please be informed that Service Centers might be temporarily unavailable due to system upgrade as belows(Excluding Korea Region).
• Europe/CIS Region : September 28 10:00 P.M. ~ September 28 11:00 P.M.
• Japan Region : September 29 10:00 P.M. ~ September 29 11:00 P.M.
• U.S. Region : September 29 07:00 P.M. ~ September 29 08:00 P.M.
• Other Region : September 25 07:00 P.M. ~ September 25 08:00 P.M.
(Local Standard Time)


Please be informed
be temporarily unavailable
due to
system upgrade
as bellows
(Excluding Korea Region).

あえて一点指摘するならPlease be informedはTOEICならplease be advisedとなる可能性が高そうなことぐらいでしょうか。

Please be advised that due to engine trouble, departing Train 55 to Vermont is not yet ready to receive passengers.


Notice of limited service at airport during New Passenger System transition period
Thank you for using our Korean Air website.
Reservations/Ticketing related services may be limited at the airport for few months from September 21, 2014 due to the implementation of our new passenger system. For any services related to reservation/ticketing, please contact any of the Korean Air city branch office or service center or use our homepage and complete your needs prior to your departure date.

Also, please arrive at the airport with sufficient time as the Kiosk Check-in will be limited and check-in may take longer than usual. For international flights, seats can be conveniently pre-assigned using web check-in or mobile check-in.


SKYPASS Card Issue Information
Korean Air recommends the use of a mobile card to take part in the conservation of resources and environmental policies.

Korean Air does not issue tangible plastic cards at the time of registration.

You can use your SKYPASS by retrieving your ‘Mobile SKYPASS Card’ through the Korean Air Mobile Website or the smartphone application. The Mobile SKYPASS Card is convenient to carry, and you do not need to worry about losing your card. Its functions are identical to that of a tangible card for earning mileage and redeeming your bonus miles.

You may also print a copy of your SKYPASS Card image under the “My Page” menu found on the Korean Air homepage.

You can earn mileage without your SKYPASS card by providing your membership number at the time of booking your flight or at check-in.

However, when you become an Elite SKYPASS member (Morning Calm Club, Morning Calm Premium, Million Miler), a tangible, plastic membership card will be sent to your mailing address for you to take advantage of Korean Air and SkyTeam Elite Benefits. Please carry your Elite member card with you during your travels.

If you wish to acquire a tangible plastic card, you can submit your request at the Korean Air main branch, an airport (Incheon/Gimpo/Busan/Jeju in Korea), or the Service Center.

TOEIC公式実戦でもペーパレスの流れが反映されたWeb予約したチケットがすでに出題されていますね。Korean Airは実際のプラスチック製のカードをtangible plastic cardとなっていますが、公式実戦で紙のチケットをphysical ticketと表現しています。

Important: Please print and keep the confirmation page for your records. Because no physical ticket will be issued, you must present this confirmation upon arrival.

IT化の流れでWebやスマホでチケットが購入できるようになると、今まで普通のticketやcardという呼び名だったものが、tangible membership card やphysical ticketと区別されて表現されるようになっています。時代の流れに合わせて言葉のダイナミズムに英語学習者として敏感になっておきたいですね。