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The woman is sending a text message.


text message
名詞 (携帯電話の)メール; (ポケベルで送受信する)文字情報
動詞 (〈人〉に)携帯電話でメールを送る; ポケベルでメッセージを送る(text).

text message (also text)
a written message that you send using a mobile/cell phone
Send a text message to this number to vote.

text-message (somebody) (something)
I text-messaged him to say we were waiting in the pub.

text messagingという語もあるようですが、price(価格)とpricing(価格設定)のような意味の違いをここでも感じ取るようにしたいですね。例文ではText messageをやりとりすることを指しています。

text messaging
Too much text-messaging can cause serious injury to the hands.


text messageと同じような感じでSMSという語もあります。

1 [uncountable] the abbreviation for ‘short message service’ (a system for sending short written messages from one mobile/cell phone to another)
2 [countable] a message sent by SMS
synonym - text, text message
I'm trying to send an SMS.


text message
a written message, often containing short forms of words, sent from one mobile phone or pager to another:
He sent me a text message to say he would be late.

ケンブリッジの辞書サイトは最近は特に充実しています。Business Englishの辞書も随分とたすかっていますが、日本語訳もつくようになっているのですね。

(携帯電話の)SMSメール, ショートメール

さらには、English Grammar Todayの説明も読めるようになっています。text messageがどういうものか例も交えて紹介してくれています。

Internet discourse and text messages
from English Grammar Today
We commonly communicate by means of emails or by sending texts on mobile phones and other small devices. This type of communication is normally informal, and the messages are often written very quickly.

We can write email messages like formal letters, but they are usually informal and involve shortened words and phrases. They often have ellipsis:

[Typical email]
Hi, Jim. Just to say, I’m going to be late for the meeting tomorrow but will send the report to you before the end of today.
(Hi = informal version of dear; Just to say = ellipsis of I just want to say/I’m just writing to say; will send = I will send)

Text messages
Text messages are even more informal and can involve a lot of abbreviations:
[Typical text message]
Sara will b l8 4 the party 2nite. F, xx (Sara, [I] will be late for the party tonight. Francis)

ソフトバングが買収したSprintには以下のようにtext messageを説明してくれています。Spritの場合160字までのようです。

FAQs related to text messaging on your Samsung Galaxy S 4
Last Updated: Nov 14, 2014

Answers to some of your questions about text messaging on your Samsung Galaxy S 4
What's the difference between text messaging and multimedia messaging?

A text message has a limit of 160 characters. For longer text messages, your Samsung Galaxy S® 4 splits the message into multiple messages.
With multimedia messaging you can combine images, video, and audio with text in a single message.

Note: Other devices either split long texts into 160-character messages or convert them into a multimedia message. Multimedia messages require a data connection; text messages don't.


Send or receive a text
Step 1:
From the home screen, tap Messaging.
Note: If the shortcut is no longer on the home screen, tap Apps and tap Messaging.
Messages sent or received without a messaging add-on or messaging included plan will incur an additional charge.
Step 2: Tap the New Message icon.

Step 3: Enter the contact name or 10-digit number.
Tap the preferred contact in the drop down menu.

Step 4: Tap the message field and enter the preferred message.
When finished, tap the Send icon.

Step 5: The text message is now sent.
To exit the messaging application, press the Home key.

Step 6: To open a received text message, from the home screen, tap Messaging.

Step 7: Tap the preferred message thread.

Step 8: The message is now displayed.

携帯メールは相手の顔も声の調子もわからない中でやりとりします。文字数も短いですから、勘違いも起きやすいかもしれません。そんなボタンのかけ違いが大きくなっていく様子をコメディタッチで描いた動画がありました。メール好きの男性を揶揄してMr. Textと呼んでいますが、愛情を込めていったつもりだったのですが、バカにされたと捉えてしまっています。

Uncensored - Key & Peele - Text Message Confusion
Keegan and Jordan misunderstand the tone of each other's text messages while trying to make plans.