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Let Girls Learn


いよいよミシェル夫人の来日が間近に迫ってきました。Wall Street Journalにアジア訪問の目的についてミシェル夫人が寄稿しています。

Let’s Ensure That Every Girl Can Learn
An international initiative can help the 62 million girls world-wide who are not in school.

Updated March 15, 2015 6:30 p.m. ET

This week I will travel to Tokyo to join Akie Abe, the wife of Japan’s prime minister, as the United States and Japan announce a new partnership to educate girls across the globe. As part of this effort, the U.S. government has launched an international initiative, called “Let Girls Learn,” to help girls in developing countries go to school and stay in school.

These new investments—along with previous investments by countries like the United Kingdom—reflect a growing global consensus that when 62 million girls world-wide are not in school, that is not only a tragic waste of human potential. It is also a serious public-health challenge, a drag on national economies and global prosperity, and a threat to the security of countries around the world, including our own.

このLet Girls Learnというキャンペーンはすでにプロモーション動画もできていて、出演者を見るだけでも力が入ったものであることがわかります。

3月8日のInternational Women’s Dayに合わせてオバマ大統領がこのLet Girls Learnを立ち上げたことを発表していたんですね。

Let Girl Learnとはどういうものか、なぜ日本なのか、については以下のところで書いています。途上国支援の一環として女性教育支援をしていくようです。日本でも同様のアプローチがあるなんて知りませんでした。。。

America’s nearly 7,000 Peace Corps volunteers live and work in developing communities across the globe and know better than just about anyone the challenges girls face. Through Let Girls Learn, the Peace Corps will be training all of its volunteers in gender and girls’ education. Hundreds of these volunteers will then work to develop locally based education programs, from leadership camps to mentoring projects.

These efforts will be community-generated and community-led, based on solutions devised by local leaders, families and girls themselves. Japan is taking a similar, community-driven approach in its girls’ education efforts. And during my trip to Asia this week, I will visit a school in Cambodia—one of the first countries in which Let Girls Learn will operate—where Peace Corps volunteers are already transforming girls’ lives.

But given the magnitude of the challenge, U.S. action alone will not suffice, nor will the efforts of just a few concerned countries. That is why this week in Japan, we will call for countries around the world to join us by making their own investments to help girls learn.

昨年12月にBrookings Institutionでスピーチをしていました。とってつけた訪日の理由ではなく、ミシェル夫人が真剣にコミットしている分野とみてよさそうです。

Like a girlを侮辱としてではなく、ポジティブな意味を持たせようというCMが話題になりましたね。