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ピケティと聞くと、ピケティ〜〜と叫びたくなる程度で、英語の訳書も積読状態ですが(汗)、ピケティが不平等に関する本の書評をNew York Review of Booksに投稿していました。Economistの書評と合わせて紹介します。

先週のEconomistでは、ピケティと比較しながらInequalityという本の書評を載せていました。著書のAtkinson教授はHe was an academic mentor to the young Mr Piketty and they worked together on building an historical database on top incomes.とピケティの師匠にあたるようです。長いピケティの本と比較して、簡潔にまとめていることを評価しています。

Economic and social justice
Mind the gap

Anthony Atkinson, the godfather of inequality research, on a growing problem
Jun 6th 2015 | From the print edition
Inequality: What Can Be Done? By Anthony Atkinson. Harvard University Press; 384 pages; $29.95 and £19.95.

書き出しからしてユニークな書き方になっていますが、タイトルはいうまでもなくアナウンスにかけているのでしょう。Mind the gapという表現はロングマンにもオックスフォードにも載っていませんせんでした。彼らにとってはありふれたもので意識していないということでしょうか、その点、英和辞典は丁寧にフォローしてくれています。適切な使い分けをしていきたいですね。

▸ Mind the gap.
⦅英カナダ⦆車両とホームのすき間にご注意 (!⦅米⦆ではWatch your step. (足下にご注意)を用いる)


CONTEMPORARY books on inequality are divided into those published “BC”, or before “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” by Thomas Piketty, or “AP”, for after Piketty. The 44-year-old French economic historian’s study of rising wealth and income inequality, which first came out in French in August 2013, caused a storm when it was published in English seven months later and became an international bestseller. The book did an excellent job of focusing people’s minds on the subject. It also set the lines of empirical battle and even offered a possible remedy: a global tax on wealth. If Mr Piketty whetted the public’s appetite for discussions of inequality, he also made it far more difficult for subsequent authors to say something new and original about it.

That is unfortunate for Sir Anthony Atkinson, a British economist who has now written his own book. Sir Anthony, who is 70, has been working on inequality and poverty for more than four decades. He was an academic mentor to the young Mr Piketty and they worked together on building an historical database on top incomes.

Mr Piketty’s book sprawled over more than 600 pages, laying claim to the intellectual traditions of David Ricardo and Karl Marx and serving up a neat, all-encompassing (if controversial and widely challenged) theory of long-run inequality. Wisely, Sir Anthony has chosen a more digestible approach; “Inequality” is quieter, shorter and more direct. Whereas Mr Piketty offered long ruminations on Honoré de Balzac, Sir Anthony’s is a crunchy book that analyses policy discussions in detail but avoids dullness, thanks to its unapologetic support for aggressive government intervention.

New York Review of Booksは定期購読者限定の記事も多いのですが、このピケティの書評はありがたいことに公開されています。3000語程度なので、TIMEのカバーストーリーぐらいか少し短めの長さです。Translated from the French by Antony Shugaarと最後にあったので、フランス語からの英訳のようです。

A Practical Vision of a More Equal Society
Thomas Piketty

JUNE 25, 2015 ISSUE

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