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シナトラが生きていれば100歳になるということでアメリカメディアでは話題になっていましたね。動画でも'Old Blue Eyes'と言っています。こういう説明もフォローしてくれているオックスフォードはありがたいです。

Sinatra, Frank
(1915-98) a US singer and film actor, who first became successful in the 1940s, and is famous especially for the song My Way. He is one of the most famous and successful singers of the 20th century.

Frank Sinatra
(1915-98) one of the most popular US singers from the 1940s to the 1960s, who continued performing into the 1980s. He also acted in many films. His popular name was 'Old Blue Eyes', and he was known for his romantic voice. He became famous in the 1940s with the big band of Tommy Dorsey. His many successful records included All the Way (1957), Witchcraft (1958), Strangers in the Night (1966) and My Way (1968). His films included On the Town (1949), From Here to Eternity (1953), in which he won an Oscar, and High Society (1956). Two of his four marriages were to the actors Ava Gardner and Mia Farrow.


The language of Frank Sinatra
One of the most significant musical artists of the 20th century, Frank Sinatra was a major cultural figure from the early 1940s up to his death more than half a century later in 1998. While Sinatra is not necessarily remembered for his language – most of the songs he’s remembered for were written by others – his language legacy is still more than evident today.

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New York, New York

The Voice


New York, New Yorkという曲はヤンキースタジアムで試合終了後に流れるんですね。こういうのも馴染みがないとわからないものです。この経緯を取り上げた記事がニューヨークタイムズにありました。

How ‘New York, New York’ Went to the Top of the Heap
Sports Business
By JOE NOCERA DEC. 11, 2015

After the final out of every game at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees pipe Frank Sinatra’s last great hit, “New York, New York,” over the loudspeakers. The tradition, through all of its permutations, is now 35 years old; George Steinbrenner, the Cleveland shipbuilder who bought the team in 1973, started playing it during the 1980 season, a few months after Sinatra released his recording of the song on his otherwise muddled three-record album, “Trilogy: Past Present Future.”

“New York, New York” has since become so closely associated with the Yankees that many consider it the team’s anthem.

New York, New YorkもMy Wayもシナトラのオリジナルではないそうで自分のものとしてしまうのは恐ろしいですね。今でいうザキヤマっていうところでしょうか(違)