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viewingの例として「パブリックビューイング」があるじゃないかと思ったのですが、日本語の「パブリックビューイング」と英語表現としてのpublic viewingに少し違いがありそうなのでその報告です。

(大辞林 第三版)
パブリックビューイング【public viewing】

ここでまず検索リテラシーも必要だと思ったのはpublic viewingのGoogle画像検索した時のこと。この結果をみると英語でも日本語と同じ意味ではないかと思ってしまいますが、実はドイツ語でのpublic viewingのようなのです。

public viewingのGoogle画像検索

ただ検索結果をみるとドイツの応援ばっかりですよね。実はpublic viewingという表現が日本語と同じような使われ方でドイツ語でも使われているようです。ドイツばっかりなのは英語ではそのように言わないからでしょう。Wikipediaの英語版の見出しでは以下のようになっています。

Public and private screening
A public screening is the showing of moving pictures to an audience in a public place. The event screened may be live or recorded, free or paid, and may use film, video, or a broadcast method such as satellite or closed-circuit television. Popular events for public screenings include films, sporting events, and concerts. Private screening refers to the screening of a commercially made film to a group of people somewhere other than one of their homes. Private screening can be legally complex, as the rules and regulations vary from country to country.

1月の全豪テニスでpublic screeningが使われていました。

Public screening, Men's Final of Australian Open, Melbourne, Federation Square

ちょっと古いですがマレーが全英テニス決勝に挑む際にもpublic screeningがあると書かれています。

In Dunblane, the local tennis club where Andy and his brother, Jamie, learned to play is a hive of activity. In the clubhouse, seats are being set out for a public screening, "C'mon Andy" logos ironed on to T-shirts, good luck banners painted and hung. Out on the courts, Jason Balman, nine, Fraser Sheriff, nine, and his brother, Finlay, seven, are trying to emulate their hero.

ただ英語表現のpublic screeningで画像検索してみてもわかりますが普通の映画の上映なども含まれています。まあ「一般上映」という意味なので当然かもしれませんが。。。

「街頭や競技場の大型スクリーンでスポーツ競技を中継するイベント」の方はpublic screeningのようですが、「天文台で望遠鏡を一般に開放するイベント」はpublic viewingでよさそうです。ぴったりの例がありました。

Public Telescope Viewing

Currently the Tate Laboratory of Physics & Astronomy is under construction for much needed renovations. Don't worry — the rooftop dome and historic telescope will remain safe and sound! During the renovation period the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics will be discontinuing the Friday Public Night series and are instead teaming up with the folks at the Bell Museum to bring you stargazing and much more!
Join us on the first Wednesday of each month at the Bell Museum where we will be part of the After Hours program. Similar to our Friday Public Night series, there will be a presentation followed by outdoor observing (weather-permitting) in the courtyard behind the Bell Museum. You will have the chance to observe some of the same celestial objects that have inspired sky-gazers throughout history!


The public viewing is scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month during the University's Fall and Spring semesters. A presentation will be given at each event regardless of the weather, so we'll always have something for you.