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エコ hands-off派のラディカルな考え


New Yorkerの記事で人が関わらないようにして自然保護をする例としてE.O. Wilsonの名前があがっていました。よくある自然保護運動だと思っていたのですがPBS Newshourで彼が「地球の半分を自然に明け渡せ」となんともラディカルな主張をしているのを知りました。彼のHalf Earthという本をAudibleで聞き始めたところです。


E.O. Wilson Wants Us to Leave Half of the Earth Alone—Here's Why
The famed naturalist's newest book, written from a retirement home, is a provocative and urgent call to save the planet, and its species.

By Claudia Dreifus
September - October 2015

“It’s amazing the things you hear these days,” he tells me while ordering us a vegetable sushi luncheon. “You actually hear people say the Earth is so damaged that you might as well let humans take over whatever is left. There’s a motley group going around saying that extinction of so many species is nothing to worry about because we can revive them by cloning their DNA! Still others suggest we shouldn’t be concerned because there have been great extinctions in the past and biodiversity has bounced back afterwards. They don’t mention it took millions of years.”

Wilson believes the policy wonks he calls “Anthropocene enthusiasts” have found an audience only because “we’re in love with technology. Silicon Valley has created a new Olympus with this feeling that American and Asian genius can pull off miracles. But extinction is irreversible.”


Can the World Really Set Aside Half of the Planet for Wildlife?
The eminent evolutionary biologist E.O. Wilson has an audacious vision for saving Earth from a cataclysmic extinction event

By Tony Hiss
Smithsonian Magazine | Subscribe
September 2014

ちょっと極端な考えに思えますが、今年はアメリカのNational Park Serviceができて100周年だそうです。自然保護という考えもたかだか100年近くの考えで目新しいものと言えるかもしれません。100年後は自然と人間の住み分けが普通に行われている可能性だってなきにしもあらずでしょう。

National Park Service
the US government organization in charge of the National Park System. This includes national parks and other types of protected area, including national historical parks, national military parks, national monuments, national memorials, national preserves and national recreation areas. The National Park Service was established in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson and is part of the US Department of the Interior.

Yellowstone National Park
the first US national park, established in 1872, and one of the largest. It covers about 3 500 square miles/9 065 square kilometres in north-west Wyoming and parts of Idaho and Montana. It has many wild animals, including bears and buffalo, and is famous for its fine scenery, hot springs and geysers (= underground hot springs that shoot hot water or steam up into the air). The park was made a World Heritage Site in 1978. see also Old Faithful