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日本でも似たような事件があったばかりですから、もし銃が簡単に手に入るようだったらと考えるだけでも恐ろしくなります。6月2日がNational Gun Violence Awareness Dayだったそうでこの日に合わせて、5年前に銃撃されたGabrielle Giffords元議員が寄稿していたものがありました。But I don’t spent a lot of time focusing on what I can no longer do. Instead, I’ve moved ahead and chased big goals.と前向きに語っています。

Gun Violence Is a Full-Blown National Crisis
JUNE 2, 2016 5:00 AM

On a bright winter morning more than five years ago, I was nearly murdered with a gun. At a meeting with my constituents in Tucson, Arizona, a troubled young man opened fire, injuring 12 others and killing six. I was shot in the head from three feet away. The bullet tore through the left side of my brain, an injury that is almost always fatal. Somehow, I survived.

Today, speaking is still hard for me. My eyesight isn’t very good, and despite hours and hours of physical therapy, my right arm and right leg remain mostly paralyzed. And I had to resign from a job I so loved: representing southern Arizona in Congress.

But I don’t spent a lot of time focusing on what I can no longer do. Instead, I’ve moved ahead and chased big goals. I’ve learned speeches and delivered them in front of crowds and cameras. I’ve gone skydiving. I’ve started relearning Spanish. For the first time in years, I’ve taken my French horn out of its case. And this past November, I rode 40 miles in Tucson’s annual charity bike ride, El Tour de Tucson.


Americans continue to call for commonsense change. Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook, six states have closed the loopholes in their background check laws. With the support of our organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions, and others, leaders from both sides of the aisle in states around our country have taken important steps to protect domestic violence survivors and their families by keeping guns out of abusers’ hands. And in Hillary Clinton we have a candidate for the White House who has put standing up to the gun lobby and reducing gun violence in our communities at the center of her campaign.


If we do that together, then we can make sure every candidate around our great country knows that while today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, this November will be the Gun Violence Awareness Election. And now it’s up to those candidates to decide whether they’ll stand on the side of the gun lobby, or the side of common sense, responsibility, and the American people.