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脱退に投票したコメントを紹介している記事にfaceless, non-elected bureaucrats in Brusselsという表現がありました。

Meet 10 Britons who voted to leave the EU
From wanting to hurt the government and banks to betrayal of the working class, leavers explain what drove their decision

Carmen Fishwick and Guardian readers
Saturday 25 June 2016 14.45 BST

Take back control from non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels

For me it was all about sovereignty, the ability to make our own decisions and not be ruled by the faceless, non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels; not to be frogmarched into ever greater political union and the creation of a European superstate which no one ever sought my opinion over. It was about regaining control over our own borders and regaining a say into our own destiny.


the capital city of Belgium in the centre of the country, from which the business of the European Union and NATO is run

a city in northeast France where the European Parliament and the Council of Europe are based

イギリスの議会・政府があるのはWestminsterのようでdistrust both of Brussels and Westminsterと政治不信の文脈で使われている例がありました。

Anti-politics after the referendum: the genie is out of the bottle

Economic division is reinforcing this political resentment. Geographical support for Brexit also tends to be concentrated in places that have suffered from the decline of light and heavy manufacturing – struggling to adapt to Britain’s knowledge- and service-based role in the global economy. Former mining terraces and dilapidated seaside piers are symbols of this economic stagnation, as proud heritages of industry and enterprise struggle to reinvent themselves for the 21st century. There is a rich seam of discontent in these areas that underpins distrust both of Brussels and Westminster.

But if anti-politics is one of the factors behind the recent surge in support for Leave, what will the post-referendum landscape look like? It seems unlikely that the feelings stoked up by the campaign will conveniently fade away. The genie is out of the bottle. Truthiness has become a weapon of political debate, which will ultimately further fuel distrust in politics, while the aspersions cast on ‘experts’ will not easily be withdrawn as words spoken in the heat of the moment. The campaign has created strange bedfellows on both sides, and trust may never be truly restored within some of the political parties.


the British parliament and government
The rumours were still circulating at Westminster.

From the name of the part of London with the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and many government offices.

Other well-known places in Westminster include the royal palaces, Buckingham Palace and St James's Palace, and Westminster Abbey, St James's Park, the Mall (1) and Victoria station. The River Thames flows on one side of Westminster.