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Death Toll From Sunday Baghdad Bombing Nears 300
Attack by Islamic State, targeting Shiite Muslims, wounded more than 200 others

By ALI A. NABHAN in Baghdad and KAREN LEIGH in Dubai
Updated July 7, 2016 9:46 a.m. ET

The death toll from the deadliest single car bombing in Baghdad since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 has reached at least 292 people, Iraq’s health ministry said Thursday.

The attack by Islamic State, which also wounded more than 200 others, struck the Iraqi capital’s busiest commercial areas early Sunday as shoppers and diners crowded the streets following the daily dawn-to-dusk fasting that marks the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. On Monday, authorities said 151 people had been killed in the blast.

この記事ではthe daily dawn-to-dusk fasting that marks the Muslim holy month of Ramadanとラマダンを説明してくれています。 daily dawn-to-dusk fasting(毎日明け方から夕暮れまでの断食)という説明は簡潔で分かりやすいですね。英語学習辞書ではfast(断食する)が基本語ではないためか、do not eat or drinkのようになっています。

Ram‧a‧dan [uncountable]
the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which Muslims do not eat or drink anything during the day while it is light

the 9th month of the Muslim year, when Muslims do not eat or drink between dawn and sunset

the ninth month of the Muslim year, when Muslims do not eat or drink anything between sunrise and sunset


“In fact, Ramadan feels just like Christmas season to me. You get the perfect chance to attend family meals, and take pictures with your aunties and uncles,” 28-year-old Ramirez said.


Eid is supposed to be a time of happiness. When Muslims get together with their families to celebrate the end of fasting month, Ramadan. For many Iraqis in Al Majaz Camp, there is little to be happy about.

The fast is over. Now is the time for Muslims to celebrate with families, friends and food.

dawn-to-dusk fastingもdで始まる語でリズミカルにしていましたが、ラマダン明けのEidの説明でEid: Where fasting ends, feasting beginsとfast(断食)とfeast(ごちそう)を対照的に使ったものがありました。

Eid: Where fasting ends, feasting begins
July 15, 2015 12:00 AM
By Arthi Subramaniam / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Fried chicken, stuffed grape leaves, spicy fruit salads, couscous studded with meat and vegetables, savory and sweet rice dishes, barbecue ribs, fried plantains, rotisserie chicken, steak off the grill with vegetables, potato or pasta salad, stews made with lamb or beef, puddings made from chickpea flour or vermicelli and cookies are all part of an Eid al-Fitr feast.
Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims, ends with Eid that begins with the sighting of the new moon, and is celebrated for three days. It’s forbidden to fast on Eid, which is on Friday, and friends and families congregate and celebrate with food all through the day.
“After 30 days of fasting, it’s eat, eat, eat on Eid,” said Sadia Sabir, who was born in Pakistan and lives in Ross. “We celebrate the blessed month.”

ニュースは基本的に馴染みのないトピックは説明をしてくれるので読むだけでいろいろな知識がつきます。読み進められるようdawn / duskやfasting / feastingのような工夫もしていますので、英語のリズムもつきます。