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単語学習 実感を込めて連想を豊かに

グラミー賞でのアデルのスピーチ。Album of the Yearの方が話題になっていて中身もいいんですがこちらはRecord of the Yearの方。

And, of course, my dream, my dream and my idol is Queen B, and I adore you. And you move my soul every single day. And you have done for nearly 17 years. I adore you, and I want you to be my mom, all right?

ビヨンセがQueen Bと呼ばれていることは知識としてはあったんですが(例えば以下のような記事を通して)実際に言われているところを見たのは初めてでした。

Beyoncé Breaks Madonna's Record With More VMAs Than Any Artist Ever
Megan McCluskey

Aug 30, 2016
Rihanna may have won the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at MTV's Video Music Awards Sunday night, but with wins in eight different categories, Beyoncé officially became the most decorated artist in VMA's history.
Queen B took home Moonmen for "Best Female Video," "Best Pop Video," "Breakthrough Long Form Video," "Best Choreography," "Best Editing," "Best Cinematography," "Best Direction" and — last but not least — "Video of the Year," officially surpassing Madonna's record of 20. Bey has now won 24 of the coveted statues.

あえてこのブログを書きたくなったのは、queen beeって本来は「女王バチ」のことなのね、となんかの雑誌でみかけたからです。

Epigenetics: What makes a queen bee?
Nature 468,348 (18 November 2010)

A queen honeybee and her female workers have identical DNA sequences but obvious differences in behaviour and reproductive ability. This can be explained, in part, by the attachment of methyl groups to the bees' DNA, which changes gene expression. Now researchers have found significant differences in the methylation patterns of more than 550 genes — most of which are involved in essential cellular activities such as metabolism and RNA synthesis.
Ryszard Maleszka at the Australian National University in Canberra and his team analysed genomes from the brain tissue of reproductive queens and sterile workers to reveal the genome-wide distribution of methyl groups. They found that methylation sites clustered in areas of genes where splicing — a form of cutting and pasting — occurs in the RNA that is transcribed from the gene. The authors say that methylation may influence the splicing process to generate different gene products.