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The sky’s the limit.


テラドローン株式会社 2016年12月8日 10時43分
​ドローン(UAV)土木測量の日本最大手テラドローン株式会社(本社:東京都渋谷区、社長:徳重徹/以下、テラドローン)と、大手総合不動産管理会社の株式会社東急コミュニティー(本社:東京都世田谷区、社長:雜賀 克英/以下、東急コミュニティー)は、静岡県袋井市の小笠山総合運動公園内エコパスタジアムの管理業務において、業務品質の向上と効率化実現のため、自動航行ドローンを活用した空撮システム(運行管理システム/UTM)を導入いたしますのでお知らせいたします。

アマゾンのドローンも実証実験の段階になっていたとは。。。もうこの時点で英語の学習ではなくなっているので、気をとり直して、このアマゾン動画で最後のWell, it’d be easy to say ‘the sky’s the limit’. But that’s not exactly true anymore, is it? .はどういうことでしょうか。考えてみてください。

Amazon is developing a service to use drones to safely deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. It’s called Prime Air. We’ve started a new private trial for customers in the Cambridge area of England, and on December 7th we completed our first delivery! Customers will choose from a selection of thousands of items, tucked away in a Prime Air fulfillment center located just over the horizon from their homes. We’ve been operating fulfillment centers for quite a while now, but this one is unlike all the rest. These modest looking buildings contain innovative Prime Air technology.
Here’s how it works. Moments after receiving the order an electrically-powered Amazon drone makes its way down an automated track and then rises into the sky with the customer’s package on board. These drones are autonomous – from take-off, to landing, and return, they operate completely on their own. Cruising quietly below 400 feet, carrying packages up to 5 pounds, and guided by GPS, our systems are designed to find their destinations safely. Within 30 minutes of placing the order, the customer receives their package.
For this initial trial, customers can choose from the latest tech gadgets, to their dog’s favorite biscuits. We will use the data gathered during this beta test, and the feedback provided by customers, to expand the private trial to more customers over time. We’re starting with two customers now, and in the coming months, will offer participation to dozens of customers living within several miles of our UK facility. And then growing to hundreds more. After that? Well, it’d be easy to say ‘the sky’s the limit’. But that’s not exactly true anymore, is it?

まずThe sky’s the limitはイディオムです。

the sky is the limit
▸ With a proper education, the sky's the limit.
適切な教育を受ければ, 前途は洋々だ.

the sky’s the limit
(informal) there is no limit to what somebody can achieve, earn, do, etc.
With a talent like his, the sky's the limit.

the sky’s the limit
spoken used to say that there is no limit to what someone can achieve, spend, win etc
Francis believes the sky’s the limit for the young goalkeeper.

Yutaの解釈ですが、「サービスがどんどん広がっていきThe sky’s the limitだ言いたいんでしょうけど。空を使うドローンのサービスは「空が限界」というのをとっぱらうものだから、もうこの表現はふさわしくないですね」と受け取りました。