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2017/02/19 12:30

Parmy Olson , FORBES STAFF

Passenger drones will begin flying over Dubai this summer
Welcome to the age of Personal Flying Vehicles.

Andrew Dalton, @dolftown
02.13.17 in Transportation
The single-rider, human-sized quadcopter that whipped CES 2016 into a frenzy could be carrying passengers as early as this summer. As the head of Dubai's Roads and Transportation Agency announced at the World Government summit today, the Chinese EHang 184 passenger drone will begin "regular operations" around the futuristic city in July of 2017.

このニュースの最後の部分です。なんでも一番になりたがるUAEですがネバダ州も政府の許可を申請しているとか。ここで使われているイディオムはcrown jewel。

While the crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates will get to claim bragging rights as the first city to unleash flying passenger drones, officials in Nevada are also seeking the FAA's approval on the EHang 184 -- so we might see EHang back at CES with a real, flying product sooner than expected.

「一番重要なところ」、「肝」を意味するようですが、ロングマンはcrown jewelとして、オックスフォードはthe jewel in the crownとして見出語をたてています。微妙な揺れが生じるのは言語では仕方がないことですね。

crown jewel
the best or most valuable thing that a person or place has
Innsbruck’s crown jewel is the old town centre.

the jewel in the crown
the most attractive or valuable part of something
The Knightsbridge branch is the jewel in the crown of a 500-strong chain of stores.

通信系もドローンの活用を進めていく感じですね。No more dumb pipes(土管屋を超えて)といった表現が面白いですね。ドローンというと機体のイメージしかないですが、ドローンが収集したデータの処理や転送なども含めるとソフト面も一層重要になるようです。

Commentary – No More Dumb Pipes: Verizon Moves into Commercial Drones

In case you missed it, Verizon announcement yesterday that it was acquiring Skyward, a drone operations management software company.  Major news in my opinion.  After the third person asked for my opinion, I decided to draft this post as a primer.  Note – these are my independent thoughts.  Let’s start with the basics…


Moving Beyond Dumb Pipes
Similar to Verizon’s big moves into content and advertising via the AOL acquisition and the pending Yahoo acquisition, it is now looking to capture more of the value-chain in a new and exploring IoT category, commercial drones. Skyward is Verizon’s entree into the space and positions it to go after the drone enterprise market with its recently announced Airborne LTE Operations initiative, “a new service to simplify certification and connectivity of wireless drones.”

As Mike Lanman, senior vice president – Enterprise Products and IoT at Verizon said: “This acquisition is a natural progression of our core focus on operating in innovative, high-growth markets, leveraging our network, scale, fleet management, device management, data analytics and security enablement capabilities and services to simplify the drone industry and help support the adoption of IoT.”

Translation, we don’t want to be relegated to just the plumbing.

AT&T set to launch drones for tower inspections
By Martha DeGrasse on AUGUST 2, 2016

AT&T said its recent trials of drones as surrogate tower climbers have been highly successful, and that it plans to be using drones in its tower operations by the end of September.

“Every time we use a drone it’s just one less tower climb. Every tower climb that we can save provides a safer situation, or less opportunity for potential injury,” said Art Pregler, director of national mobility systems at AT&T. Pregler does not see drones completely replacing tower climbers, but he does believe drones will lead to a more efficient use of climbers over time.

Pregler said drones also add efficiency to the process of inspecting a tower before an upgrade or repair. Drones can send live video to desktop computers on the ground, and tower technicians can direct the drone to get more images of a tower trouble spot in real time. These images tell tower crews what the top of the tower looks like so they can take the right equipment when they climb.