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カタール航空が新しいビジネスクラスを発表したそうです。実際のビジネスクラスはマイルを貯めたご褒美に乗れるぐらいで縁のない話ではありますが、trade showで発表されるなど、英語表現から見ればTOEICでもおなじみのものばかりです。(まあ慰めにはなりませんが。。。)


A new level of luxury has arrived. Introducing Qsuite, the revolutionary new Business Class experience from Qatar Airways. 

First in Business.

First in businessは「ビジネスクラスで初めて」の意味ですが、「ファーストクラスのようなビジネスクラス」のように読み取ろうとすれば読み取れるかもしれません。さらに踏み込んでファーストクラス不要論を見てとる記事はこちら。

Why International First Class Is Slowly Disappearing From Airlines
Brian Sumers, Skift - Mar 13, 2017 2:30 am

There is still a market for international first class. It’s just not big, and its generally on flights between financial centers. Qatar Airways is making the right decision in focusing on business class, rather than first.

— Brian Sumers

For years, Akbar Al Baker, the brash CEO of Qatar Airways, promised he would introduce a business class seat so revolutionary it would make most first class products obsolete.

Last week, after many delays, Al Baker finally unveiled his patented cabin, and by most accounts, he has succeeded. Soon, on its Boeing 777s and A350s, Qatar Airways will be the first airline to offer couples seated in business class a double bed. Previously, only the most opulent first class seats, such as Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 suites class, offered that feature.

Qatar is the latest airline to bet big on business class, calculating the massive seats and over-the-top service of first class no longer makes sense in a competitive market.

A new level of luxury has arrived.(これまでにない高級感を実現)のような語り口はキャッチーですよね。リッツカールトンのプレスリリースでもありました。

A New Level of Luxury Has Arrived in Toronto
Legendary service of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company returns to Canada with the opening of The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. logo.
Feb 16, 2011, 09:15 ET

TORONTO and BETHESDA, Md., Feb. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Toronto's newest and most anticipated hotel officially opens its doors today. Located in the heart of the downtown core and at the crossroads of the financial and performing arts districts, The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto brings a new level of luxury to the city.


Lombok’s Finest Luxury Hotel
The Lombok Lodge welcomes you to its hidden haven of 9 exclusive Lodge Suites, just a quick 10 minutes boat trip from the Gili Islands. A new level of luxury has finally arrived in Lombok. A level of luxury you will adore.

動画の50秒あたりで座席を紹介しているところでcarefully crafted upholsteryと言っていました。L&Rの問題集2をやり込んでいる方なら聞き取りもできたことでしょう。問題集ではupholsteryを「座面の張り地」としていました。

carefully crafted upholsteryという製品アピールは船の座席や家具のソファーの商品説明でも使われています。

Three-seat Lounge
List Price: $2676
Dimensions: 33.5"D x 78.5"W x 26.5"H
Model Number: HL3SL
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Enhance the beauty of your lobby, waiting room or common area with this contemporary three-seat lounge from the HON Endorse collection. Its architectural design with carefully crafted upholstery detailing will set the tone for your office space. Add coordinating Endorse tables with laminate tops and metallic legs to complete the look.

Attwood® Classic Seat

Ergonomic support maximizes comfort
Pinchless hinges for safe, one-hand opening
Universal seat-mount pattern for easy installation
Due to its ergonomic design, Attwood's Marine Classic Seat provides excellent support for boaters and anglers alike. Carefully crafted upholstery is soft to the touch and looks great. Integrated no-pinch hinge ensures safe use and the added convenience of one-handed opening and closing. Universal seat-mount pattern.
22.5"H x 18.5"W x 17.5"D.
Colors: Two-Tone Gray, White, Camo.