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sound likeとくれば

sound likeとくればIt sounds like fun.とかThat sounds like a good idea.のような表現がすぐに浮かびますが、this sounds like youみたいな表現もあるんですね。

someone's calling my name
It sounds like you

sounds like youの文字通りの意味は歌にあるように「あなたのように聞こえる」なんでしょうけど。「あなたにぴったりのように思える」「あなたがふさわしい」のような意味で使われているケースがTOEICでありました。


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TOEICでは求人広告の勧誘文句で使われていたのですが、以下のものでも同じようにIf this sounds like you then please send your resume and cover letter for an exciting career.とあります。少し長いですが構成もTOEICの問題と似ていたので紹介させてもらいます。

Syft Technologies is offering a unique opportunity to take on a key sales and applications role in a dynamic, fast growing New Zealand technology company.

Syft designs and manufactures state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation for trace-analysis markets throughout the world.
This position will combine:
Laboratory analysis with cutting edge SIFT-MS instrumentation
Working with world-leading companies such as Samsung, LG Electronics, General Motors, Ford, Colgate and others to develop new application solutions on the SIFT platform.
Working in a fast-paced environment as part of an energetic sales team.

A science or engineering background is essential, but the most important attribute is the desire to learn. Sales experience is not required – Syft will provide extensive training and support to grow the successful applicant and give them responsibility quickly.

The successful applicant will find in this role the flexibility to grow the position to suit their skills and interests. There is also likely to be international travel.

If this sounds like you then please send your resume and cover letter for an exciting career.