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Does anyone have progress to report?



以前にこのブログto request additional fundingという表現でto requestをすぐにto不定詞の形の動詞だと判断することは意外に難しいのではないかと書かせてもらいましたが、この方の解釈はto reportを名詞とみなしているようですね。やはり心配していたようなことは起きるようです。





no progress to report


have no progress to report



Does anyone have progress to report?anyoneyouprogressany progressとしたほうが検索ヒット数が増えました。検索結果を見てもレポートの進捗をしているのではなく、報告できるような進捗について話していることがわかります。


'The time is 8.30 a.m., Monday, June the thirteenth. This is the seventeenth briefing of Operation Icon,' Roy Grace said to his team in the Conference Room. ' Does anyone have any progressto report since our briefing of yesterday morning?

Annalise Vineer raised her hand. 'Yes, chief. I've been going through the list of members of the West Sussex Piscatorial Society supplied to me by their secretary, and the list of all people who had any involvement with this club. I've found someone with a link to Sonery Farm.

Do you have any progress to report?の方がが検索ヒット数は断然多かったです。 

EBM: On R&D, do you have anyprogress to report? 

JC: Well yes, we have just reported the result of the VELOUR study for aflibercept in the second line treatment for colorectal cancer, which has met its primary end point of overall survival, which clearly is very encouraging for the VEGF program.



“I’ll keeping working on the plan and refining it Im open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Mike, do you have any progress toreport?

Mike told the group about his progress with the key and added, “So while I have pretty easy access when Hightower's out of the office, I can't get the key while he's there. I need to have a backup plan


Do you have any progress to report?と同じようにIs there any progress to report?という表現も使われていました。


“Police are continuing their investigation into the murder of Ms. Bonner.” TV reporter Ken Ford spoke in hushed tones into his handheld microphone as, in the background, the simple casket was carried into St. Anselm's. “With me is homicide detective Lieutenant Tully. . . .” The picture widened to include Tully's impassive face. “Lieutenant,” Ford asked, “is there any progress to reportin this case?”

 “We're following leads. There's been some progress. But there's nothing really new to report.” Tully looked away from the camera, creating the true impression that he was uncomfortable being interviewed.


じゃあ「〜についての進捗」を聞いたい場合はと言えば、Is there any progress on ...?のようになるようです。


Q8: You told me that you were considering to write a story based on your experiences visiting Japan. Isthere any progress on that project?

A8: Hmm, I had in fact forgotten my reckless promise to write such a story. The thing is, William Gibson has written so much about Japan in his books, and he's done it so well.



'All right. I appreciate loyalty.' Alic gave the man a sympathetic smile. 'So is there any progress on the Martian case?'

'Sorry, not a thing. Nobody can think what they needed that data for.