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最近CDOという役職についての記事を目にしたのでTOEICでどんなChief XXX Officerが登場するのかを確認してみました。IT系のトピックは他に詳しいTOEICkerがいそうですが。。。




2017/7/13 16:32






以前このブログでは以下のように書いていました。その時紹介したCDOChief Digital OfficerではなくChief Diversity Officerという役職でした。



Posted at 2014.09.20  


TOEICに登場したのはchief executive officer/chief financial officer /chief operating officerあたりでしょうか。


上記に加えてChief Digital Information OfficerChief Technology Officerという役職がTOEICでも使われていました。


Chief Digital Information OfficerってCIOなのか、CDOなのかタイトルだけだと分かりづらいです。WikipediaCIOでもCDOでもChief Digital Information Officerの呼称を紹介していますし。。。



Chief Information Officer

Chief information officer (CIO), chief digital information officer (CDIO) or information technology (IT) director, is a job title commonly given to the most senior executive in an enterprise responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support enterprise goals.


Chief Digital Officer

A Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or a Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO) is an individual who helps a company, a government organization or a city drive growth by converting traditional "analog" businesses to digital ones using the potential of modern online technologies and data, and at times oversees operations in the rapidly changing digital sectors like mobile applications, social media and related applications, virtual goods, as well as "wild" web-based information management and marketing.[1]


さらにCTOとの違いについても触れています。紛らわしいのは英語ネイティブにとっても同じなのでしょう。TOEICで登場したChief Digital Information Officerの方は企業ITシステムでの個人情報漏洩だったのでCIO寄りかなと思いますが、まあそのような違いをTOEICの受験では意識する必要はないでしょう。


(Wikipedia CIOの項目)

Distinction between CIO, CDO and CTO

The roles of Chief Information Officer, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Technology Officer are commonly blurred. Tom Silver, the North American senior vice president for Dice, states that CTOs are concerned with technology itself, whereas CIOs are much more concerned with its applications in the business and how this can be managed.[14]


More specifically, CIOs manage a business’s IT systems and functions, creates and delivers strategies and policies, and places great emphasis on internal customers. In contrast to this, CTOs place emphasis on the external customers to the organization and focus on how different technology can make the company more profitable.[15]


The traditional definition of CTOs focused on using technology as an external competitive advantage now includes CDOs who use the power of modern technologies, online design and big data to digitalise a business.


冒頭で紹介した記事にもあったようにChief Digital Officerの方は新しい役職のようでケンブリッジビジネス辞典では見出語がなかったです。CIOCTOがあったのとは対照的です。



chief information officer

* the person who is in charge of the department that deals with the computer systems in a company or organization:

As chief information officer he was responsible for the company's policy on employees' use of social networking sites in the workplace.

* the person in charge of giving out information about a company or organization to the public:

The chief information officer sent out a press release about several new products.


chief technology officer

*the person who is responsible for the technical needs of a company or organization:

The city's chief technology officer hopes to get new computer systems into all city schools by next year.


英国政府系の組織でもchief digital information officer (CDIO)いるそうで、ちょうどTOEICのダブルパッセージにぴったりの話題があったのでご紹介します。CDIOの求人についてと、新CDIOの紹介についての記事です。どちらもTOEIC頻出表現にあふれています。


HMRC on the huntfor chief digital information officer

Lis Evenstad

07 Apr 2017 16:15

HM Revenue & Customs are looking to hire a CDIO to lead the department’s digital agenda, with a potential salary of up to £180,000


HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are in the process of recruiting a new chief digital information officer (CDIO) at director general level, following Mark Dearnley’s departure in autumn 2016.


Dearnley left the department and returned to the private sector in September, in the midst of HMRC’s transition away from its £800m-a-year Aspire contract.


The department is now looking for a CDIO to lead its work on making HMRC one of the “most digitally advanced tax administrations anywhere in the world”, offering pay of up to £180,000.


記事中are looking to hire a CDIO / are in the process of recruiting a new chief digital information officer (CDIO) / is now looking for a CDIOと類似表現が使われていますね。求人要件のところもおさえておきたいです。


According to the job advertisement, the CDIO will “shape and transform the way HMRC works – developing the capability to provide better online services to the taxpayer and customer to achieve faster and more effective models of delivery at optimal cost”.


The role requires the ability to engage and lead people, as well as position HMRC in the cross-government agenda playing a full role across Whitehall and supporting smaller government departments.”


次の記事は数ヶ月後に採用が決まり採用者を発表しています。Wright will be accountable to drive forward HMRCs' ambitious digital transformation agendaaccountableが職務を表す表現としてresponsibleに近い意味で使われています。


Jacky Wrightappointed Chief Digital and Information Officer at HMRC

HMRC appoints Jacky Wright as its new Chief Digital and Information Officer to take over from the departing Mike Potter

By Chloe Dobinson  September 15, 2017 CIO UK


Jacky Wright will leave her role at Microsoft Corporation as corporate vice president to become a Chief Digital and Information Officer at HMRC.


Wright will be accountable to drive forward HMRCs' ambitious digital transformation agenda, taking over from the departing Mike Potter who will be taking up a new role as Director of Future Borders. She is reputably known in the industry as a senior executive who is a global leader and innovative technologist, and will take up her new post on 16 October 2017.




Wright said: "There could not be a better time in the history of technology to demonstrate the power of technology innovation at an organisation such as HMRC. I am really excited to be joining the UK's tax authority at such a pivotal time in its history.


"I am passionate about the impact innovation can have in truly transforming services for people and businesses in a positive way and want to continue the great work being done within HMRC and across the Civil Service at this time.


As a senior executive for Microsoft, Wright has previously held senior roles at a number of large organisations including BP, GE and Andersen Consulting.


一方で迎え入れる側の期待を込めたコメントの語り口もいつも似ていますのでチェックしておきます。exceptional candidateとかmarks an exciting new phaseなんかはTOEICで出てもよさそうです。


HMRC chief executive Jon Thompson said: "I'm delighted to welcome Jacky to HMRC as our new Chief Digital and Information Officer. Jacky was an exceptional candidate and this appointment marks an exciting new phase for us as we continue towards our vision of becoming a world-class organisation.


"Jacky is a seasoned commercial leader with 'best in class' credentials, globally. Balancing strong operating experience with a record of driving innovation, Jacky is widely recognised for her contributions to technology and diversity. Her influence as a technology leader and as a champion for the role of women and BAME in industry, is a major win for this organisation.