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recurring dreamか reoccurring dreamか


ふと気になった疑問。予告編ではreoccurring dreamと言っている気がします。

I have this reoccurring dream. feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and the comfort of the arms around me. I want to stay in this moment forever.

これってこちらの動画にあるようにrecurring dreamじゃないのと思ったのです。オックスフォードのコロケーション辞典ではrecurringを紹介していますし、例えばこんな記事もあります。

Why dreams generated by long-ago stress can keep coming back.
Posted Nov 14, 2014

You suddenly realize that your final exam starts in five minutes—but you have not even begun to study! Not to mention, the exam takes place on the other side of campus! You hurry to gather all your materials and start racing through the hallways. But every corridor is crammed with students, the clock is ticking, and the doors are locked! Now you'll fail for sure ...

This is a common example of a recurrent dream that an individual may experience, perhaps during times of stress or change, or even throughout their life. Recurrent dreams are often comprised of typical dream themes, (click here to learn more). What differs about recurrent dreams is that they are experienced frequently and repetitively in one individual’s life, whereas typical dream themes refer to the universal or inter-individual commonness of dream themes.

Recurrent dreams occur in between 60% and 75% of adults, and more often in women than men (Zadra, 1996). The common themes include: being attacked or chased, falling, being stuck, being late, missing or failing an exam, and even losing control of a car. Theoretically, recurrent dreams are assumed to reveal the presence of unresolved conflicts or stressors in an individual’s life. This is corroborated by findings that recurrent dreams are usually accompanied by negative dream content, and that they are associated with lower psychological well-being (Zadra et al., 1996).

それにノベライズされたMidnight Sunの書き出しもrecurring dreamでした。

I have this recurring dream: I’m a little girl, sitting with my mom, and she’s singing to me. We’re at the beach on an old blanket I still have tucked away in my closet. I hear the waves crashing as my mom’s voice rises and falls. I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and the comfort of her arms around me.
I want to stay in this moment forever.
When I wake up, I miss the dream. I miss the sun. I miss my mom. I want so badly for this dream to be real, but that would be impossible because my mom died when I was six years old. And I can't go out into the sun... like, at all. I have a rare genetic condition called xeroderma pigmentosum, aka XP, which basically means a severe sensitivity to sunlight. If sunlight so much as glances off my skin, I 'll get skin cancer, and my body can't repair the damage so my brain starts to fail …

じゃあreoccurring dreamsは間違いなのか。recurring dreamだと色々と記事も出ますが、こちらはそのような記事はずっと少なくなりますが、間違いというとそうでもないようで、ジョニミチェッルも歌っています。


Have you ever felt like you were having déjà vu in your dreams? If you have reoccurring dreams, you just might feel that way.  Recurring dreams are important and need your attention.

What are Reoccurring Dreams?
A reoccurring dream is any dream you have more than once.  Generally these dreams repeat several times over a period of weeks, months, or even years.
You may get the same dream once a week, once a month, or once a year.  It doesn’t matter how far apart the dreams are, the important piece here is that the dream repeats.
Many people find reoccurring dreams disturbing, if only for the fact that they seem to be stuck on repeat.  Recurrent dreams tend to stand out in your mind.  And if you have a sense that your reoccurring dream is meaningful, you’re right…

ただタイトルはreoccurring dreamsですが、書き出しではRecurring dreamsも使われています。ということであまり目くじら立てるようなものではないかもしれません。

結論としてはどちらでもよさそうですが、recurring dreamの方がメジャーな表現のようです。