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WHOが毎日発表しているコロナウィルスの現況報告を初めて見たのですが、Diamond PrincessはJapanに含まれておらず別立てでした。

International conveyance‡ (Diamond Princess)
‡Cases identified on a cruise ship currently in Japanese territorial waters.


Updated February 20, 2020 UTC+9
Approximately six hundred guests onboard Diamond Princess were the first to be cleared by the Japanese Ministry of Health and released to disembark the ship yesterday.

These guests — all being cleared after a COVID-19 test by the Japanese Ministry of Health — were met in the Yokohama cruise terminal by Jan Swartz, President of Princess Cruises.

Several hundred other guests are expected to be cleared today by health officials.

2月9日の動画です。このようなことは一応対策を立てているはずですが、現場の苦労は大変なものだったでしょう。会社はFull Refundを発表していました。死亡者も出ているケースなので浮ついたことは慎むべきですが、TOEIC学習者としてはまたとないリアルな学びの機会です。支払ったgratuities(チップ)も返金しますが、従業員には会社が指定のチップを保証しますと書いているのはチップ文化ならではですね。

February 9, 2020 at 2:30PM PT
Compensation – Full Refund and Future Cruise Credit

Because of the extraordinary circumstances onboard Diamond Princess, Princess Cruises will refund the full cruise fare for all guests including air travel, hotel, ground transportation, pre-paid shore excursions, gratuities and other items. In addition, guests will not be charged for any onboard incidental charges during the additional time onboard.

Princess Cruises will also provide guests with a future cruise credit equal to the cruise fare paid for the voyage which ended on February 4.

Princess Cruises also confirmed that although all gratuities will be refunded back to guests the company will ensure crew members receive their designated gratuities for the work performed.

Guests have been provided a letter delivered to their stateroom with details on how to process this refund.


February 6, 2020 at 7:30 PM PT
Guest Experience on Diamond Princess

Our team on board Diamond Princess, supported by our shoreside colleagues, is actively working to care for our guests to ensure their comfort and well-being. These are such unusual circumstances so our team has activated new in-room entertainment offerings which include:

Eight (8) new satellite TV channels
More than 80 new video-on-demand releases, including movies in various languages, concerts and in-cabin fitness videos
Cruise Director Show (The Wake Show) in English and Japanese
Printed newspapers in 36 languages
Pre-printed trivia, daily puzzles, games and arts and crafts
Radio Taiso (popular calisthenics) videos
Kids’ activity packs
Food & beverage options offered via room service
Outdoor time for guests in interior staterooms (under the guidance of Japanese Ministry of Health)