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Dylan Collison   May 4, 2020 Wright Life

Actor, WSU friend and coronavirus survivor Tom Hanks recently delivered a graduation message to Wright State University’s Class of 2020 on Saturday, May 2 – the original date of Wright State’s commencement.

Hanks’ inspirational message ran for about five minutes.  In the video, Hanks says the students have been “chosen” in many ways, including their ability to overcome the challenges of the times.


(USA Today)
Of course it was Tom Hanks who delivered the virtual commencement speech to make everyone cry. 

With the coronavirus pandemic canceling in-person graduation ceremonies across the US, students are feeling robbed of one of life's biggest moments. But leave it to America's dad, Tom Hanks, to uplift spirits.

The Oscar-winning actor delivered an inspiring message to the graduating class of Ohio's Wright State University during a virtual ceremony on Saturday. During the five-minute video, Hanks congratulated the graduates and called them the "chosen ones."

It’s May, and in a normal year that would mean the beginning of celebrity commencement speech season, all featuring that perfectly calibrated mix of humor, self deprecation, and stirring optimism. This graduation season, that kind of optimism is harder to come by, as are crowds of cap-and-gown-clad seniors. But there’s if there's one celebrity capable of selling a bit of that classic commencement spirit, even during a pandemic, it's Tom Hanks.


He’s in front of a green screen. This is the most bizarre congrats speech ever. Almost as if he’s trying to get a message out.....


Sounds like someone just gave him a script and forced him to read it right before his execution. Looks more like a message to all future actors and humanity overall rather than just Wright State’s class of 2020. A message to actually do their job instead of all what actors are doing right now...


He speaks in codes! He does't speak to the people, but a completely different group! Just listen very carefully. Seems like he's addressing new members of the Cabal! WWG1WGA The Netherlands


Sounds like you're trying to play a character and looking down at the script. Doesnt seem like you're connecting and mean it. Worried more about the oratory delivery. The delivery is like a white southern Baptist preacher.


He's supposed to be dead right?

This looks like a deep fake. Notice the wrinkles on the forehead is just constant. Absolutely no change throughout the video.