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American Dialect Societyが発表した今年の言葉2020年版はCovidでした。親父ギャグですがcovidiotなんて言葉もありましたね。

“A year ago, the word Covid didn’t even exist, and now it has come to define our lives in 2020,” Zimmer said. “The selection recognizes how ubiquitous the term has become, from the time that the name for the disease caused by novel coronavirus was dubbed Covid-19 by the World Health Organization back in February. That was quickly clipped to Covid, which then appeared in phrases like Covid crisis, Covid relief, and Covid vaccine – and even Covid baking, Covid hair, and covidiot. It has become a stand-in for the entire pandemic and the societal impacts that we’ll be experiencing for years to come.”


freedumb: reckless or thoughtless invocation of “freedom,” for instance in refusing to wear a mask 19 (6%)

Yutaがfreedumbと聞いて真っ先に思い浮かべたのは冒頭の動画のBBQ, Beer, Freedomのおじさんでした。でも改めて聞いてみるとSteal the electionと騒いでいました。こういう人たちが議会に突入したと思うと今となっては全然笑うことができないです。

Urban dictionaryにはおバカな人たちを笑うfreedumbではなく構造的な差別や白人特権のような観点からfreedumbの語義を説明したものがありました。

When someone (most often Caucasian male of Southern upbringing) insists on doing something dumb that could cause harm to himself or to others siting his reasoning for doing so has protecting his freedumbs. This could also include deliberately NOT following an advice or order from the government that would otherwise protect them from harm because they think it obstructs their freedumbs.

1.The man was arguing with the flight attendant about his refusal to wear a mask on the flight because it restricted his freedumbs to breathe air. 2. The woman was surprised when her kids were not admitted to school because she was exercising her freedumbs not to vaccinate them.
by powertothesheeple September 28, 2020


A watered down version of freedom spouted by psudeo patriots in American who claim to love freedom, justice and constitutional rights for all but are in fact only in favor for a select few having them. Freedom supporters hide their agenda by wrapping it up in a false sense of patriotism to cover up their lack of willingness to share it with everyone in the country. Usually cutting off others right to freedom when it prevents a privileged group from having their way with a particular politcal/social/Religious issue they want to have dictated in their personal favor.
Freedom is for the everyone, while Freedumb is for the few...
by Libertatis April 24, 2014

トランプ主義が全然笑えないものであるとわかった今、いろいろなものを真面目に取らなくてはいけなくなりました。AOCも殺害の恐怖を感じているとか。これまで色々脅迫を受けているとVanity Fairの記事で読んでいたこともあり、大げさな主張でない気がします。議会突入の時もそうですが議員による扇動というのが怖すぎます。

By  Antonia Noori Farzan Jan. 13, 2021 at 6:13 p.m. GMT+9

Before Timesという言葉も選ばれていたのですが、まさに1月6日の出来事もbeforeとafterを示すものになってしまいました。

*Before Times: the time before the beginning of the pandemic (followed by Now Times or After Times) 114 (36%) / 189 (61%)