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What was the most … ever?という質問なので、選ばれたのはその番組が基本フォーマットになったものばかりです。こういうのを知らなくても資格もとれますし、テストでも良い点はとれるでしょう。でも、日本人だったら、「頭が高い!控えおろう!」という台詞を聞けば水戸黄門が想像できたり、太陽に吠えろと聞けばパラパ~ パパラ~ パラパ~ パパラパーパパーというテーマが想像できたりする人が多いですよね。


JUNE 2013
What Was the Most Influential TV Show Ever?
All in the Family, SNL, 60 Minutes, and more
MAY 22 2013, 9:58 PM ET

James Lipton, host, Inside the Actors Studio
All in the Family gave us not stereotypes but archetypes—Archie, Edith, Meathead—and drew a line between all TV comedy that went before and everything that has come after.

Jason Katims, co-creator and show runner, Parenthood
The triumph of All in the Family wasn’t that it introduced a racist character we could shake our heads at and disdain. The triumph was that it introduced a racist character we loved. The show paved the way for complexity on scripted television. It’s when TV started to grow up.

Liz Meriwether, creator and co–show runner, New Girl
Obviously, without a doubt, absolutely Saved by the Bell. Its influence on taste, fashion, and politics has reverberated throughout history and across the globe. Second only to Hey Dude, which aired during the Nickelodeon renaissance of the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Darlene Hunt, creator and show runner, The Big C
As a writer, I was most influenced by M*A*S*H. I watched it in real time when I was a kid, and watched reruns for years afterward. It molded my “laughter through tears” writing sensibility. If somebody ain’t dyin’, I ain’t laughin’.

David Benioff, co-creator and co–show runner, Game of Thrones
Hill Street Blues changed everything. The cops were flawed; the story lines were not resolved in a single episode; characters you loved died while having sex. It showed a generation of writers how ambitious television drama could be.

Beau Willimon, creator and show runner, House of Cards
Deadwood was the first show that made me think television could be a high art form. It took big risks, told bold stories, and employed elevated language—a revelation.

Chuck Lorre, co-creator, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men
Personally, it’s a tie between The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and The Ed Sullivan Show. Both were windows through which I could see the best singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, vaudevillians, raconteurs—and, of course, the Beatles. In my otherwise cloistered world, it was hugely impactful to have the opportunity to see mastery up close.

Lauren Zalaznick, executive vice president, NBCUniversal
Maude dared to portray a graying, three-times-divorced woman who wore a pantsuit and uttered the word abortion on national TV. Maude even scooped my beloved reality genre when both Bea Arthur and her character got a face-lift—all of this 40 years ago, on broadcast television, during prime time.