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映画を久しぶりに映画館で見始めるようになりました。007の後はこちらのマニアックな映画。キノコの珍しい側面を語ると同時にサイケな60年代サブカル文化との関わりもあったのですね。映画の原題はFanstastic Fungi。こういう語呂に慣れておきたいです。

There's over 1.5 million species. That's six times more than plants. Of all those species of fungi, about 20,000 produce mushrooms, and mushrooms come in an incredible diversity of shapes and sizes and colors and lifestyles. There are even bioluminescent mushrooms.

My mission is to discover the language of nature and I believe nature is intelligent.

There is a world under the earth full of magic and mystery.

You know these mushrooms they can heal you. They can feed you. They can kill you.

It's not like a vegetable and it's not like a animal, but it's somewhere in between.

Every footstep that you take and that's all over the world.

so the fungi becomes saturated with the oil.

So that includes stuff like oil spills. Pollutant problems. That's kind of the truth of it.

I have been a guide for around 350 psilocybin sessions

It made me feel more comfortable with living. Because you're not afraid of dying.

It's amazing what we don't know about mushrooms. They really are a frontier of knowledge.

We can heal the planet. We can build the future. And our world. Is fantastic.

映画の中でマジックマッシュルームの研究が国によって禁止されていて20数年ぶりに認められことを語っているシーンがあるのですが、そこで使われたIt's like a Rip Van Winkle effect.を「浦島太郎」と訳していました。

- We wrote the best design we could, we submitted it to the FDA, and they approved it.

This is 1999. And it reactivated psychedelic research after basically a 22-year dormancy in the United States.

- It's like a Rip Van Winkle effect. You know, it's waking up 20 years later.

Rip Van Winkleは有名どころなので辞書でも普通に扱われています。


Rip van Winkle
リップ=バン=ウィンクル 《Irving 作The Sketch Book中の物語(の主人公); 浦島太郎の米国版》; 時代遅れの人.

Rip van Winkle
リップ=バン=ウィンクル ⦅W. Irving 作 The Sketch Book 中の物語およびその主人公.山中で20年間眠り続け,目が覚めたとき世の中の急変に驚く⦆

うらしまたろう 浦島太郎
Urashima Taro; a Japanese Rip Van Winkle.

Rip Van Winkle
a person who is surprised to find how much the world has changed over a period of time
- Word Origin
From the name of a character in a short story by the US writer Washington Irving. He sleeps for 20 years and wakes up to find that the world has completely changed.