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コスタリカ大統領 現在の危機的状況を煽って
Today I will not come here with a lengthy speech, there is no time for it!
Not only that We are not on track to achieve the Paris Agreement goals, but on the contrary that We are on track for a climate catastrophe.
The 2021 Emissions Gap Report shows that with the current NDCs the global temperature right now will rise to over 2,5 degrees Celsius.
I would like to recall the need to cut our global emissions by 45% in 2030 with respect to 2010, to keep the 1.5 goal alive.
And let ́s be frank my fellows, keeping the 1.5 goal alive is a matter of survival, is a matter of climate justice, of equity.

オランダの首相 今年の夏の欧州の洪水を引き合いに出して
Ladies and gentlemen,
This summer, in the south of the Netherlands, I stood on the bank of the Maas River, which was threatened by flooding caused by extreme rainfall.
It was a terrifying sight.
There, the dikes held.
But elsewhere in the province and across the border in Belgium and Germany, raging torrents caused devastation.
This is only one sad example that illustrates today’s reality.
More and more people worldwide are being impacted by climate change. It’s serious, and it calls for serious action.

アメリカのバイデン大統領 歴史的俯瞰から
Ladies and gentlemen, to state the obvious, we meet with the eyes of history upon us and the profound questions before us.  It’s simple: Will we act?  Will we do what is necessary?  Will we seize the enormous opportunity before us?  Or will we condemn future generations to suffer?

This is the decade that will determine the answer.  This decade.  The science is clear: We only have a brief window left before us to raise our ambitions and to raise — to meet the task that’s rapidly narrowing.

オーストラリアのモリソン首相 コロナの経験を引き合いに出して
There is cause for optimism.
18 months ago we were staring into the abyss of a one in one hundred years pandemic. The vaccines we would need had not only not been invented, but there had never been a vaccine for a Coronavirus.
But here we are. Billions vaccinated and the world is reclaiming what COVID has taken from us.
The challenge of combating climate change will be met with the same way.
And it will be met by those who are largely not in this room. It will be our scientists, technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, industrialists and financiers that will chart this path to net zero. And it is up to us as Leaders to back them in.

韓国 文在寅大統領 開催地に配慮し、太古のイメージを喚起して
Your Excellency Prime Minister Boris Johnson,
Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC),

Oak tree forests in Glasgow lead us into the world of mythology where humans, animals and plants live in harmony.
Nature has long been waiting for us.
Now, it is our turn to act and return love to nature.
COP 26 will mark a starting point.
Which, I hope, will set us on a course to stop further global warming and respond to nature that has been so patient with us.

あと気になったのは、岸田首相が英語で挨拶してから、I will be speaking in Japanese from now on. May I ask you to put on your headphones? と語り、日本語で話し始める時の間が短かったこと。メルケル首相のように周りを見渡してデバイスをつけ終わるのを確認してから日本語を話し始めた方が良かった気がします。