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Barty Party


テニスのオーストラリアオープン女子決勝は今日です。地元のBarty選手が決勝に出るため向こうでは相当盛り上がっているようです。その盛り上がりを端的に示している言葉がBarty Party。下記は2年前の動画ですが、現地での盛り上がりが分かります。

Ash is yet another example of the world-beating calibre of sporting talent Ipswich producesとあるように地元のIpswichという市ではBarty Partyを至る所で開いて試合を応援するようです。

Jack Doonar January 28, 2022

Ipswich’s cafes, restaurants, bars and eateries are preparing for a city-wide Barty Party as the World Number One aims to win her first Australian Open Women’s Singles final.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said the whole city, along with the rest of Australia, will be cheering on Ash Barty when she takes to Rod Laver Arena and makes history on Saturday night.


“In support of COVID-19 health restrictions and to keep our community safe, instead of coming together in one place we are encouraging everyone to attend the dozens of Barty Parties happening in hospitality venues across the city,” Mayor Harding said.

“We’re so incredibly proud of our Ash as she’s risen to the top of women’s tennis, and we can’t wait to watch her fight for her first Australian Open title after her magnificent 2021 Wimbledon triumph.

“Ash is yet another example of the world-beating calibre of sporting talent Ipswich produces, and is an incredible role model to our young athletes ahead of the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

最後のworld-beating calibre of sporting talent(世界で戦える能力のあるスポーツ選手)でのcaliberはなかなか日本人だと出てこないかもしれませんね。

caliber, calibre
(すぐれた)能力; 度量; 水準(standard)
a statesman of high caliber

次のリストがBarty Partyの開催場所なのですが、door prizeなどの抽選なども行われるそうです。

Ipswich venues hosting ‘Barty Party’ events on Saturday 29 January include:
Brothers Leagues Club – Broadcasting the match live. Staff will wear tennis-themed outfits and will serve a ‘Barty Burger’, food and drink deals as well as lucky door and best dressed prizes.
PA Hotel’s Tap’d Bar – Broadcast the match on the big screen with in-house specials available.
Club Services Ipswich – Broadcasting the match and raffling a tennis coaching prize for those who buy an ‘Ash Barty Parmi’ and pot deal on the night. The Ash Barty Parmi will feature vegemite, the recipe Ash and her sponsors Vegemite created. There will also be prizes for best dressed Green ‘n Gold costumes.
Brookwater Golf and Country Club – Broadcasting the finals on two big screens and there will be lucky door prizes from 3pm. Bookings are essential.
Orion Hotel – Broadcasting the match live and loud in the sports bar.

door prize

door prize
North American English 
a prize awarded to the person holding a winning ticket sold or given at the beginning of a party or other event
Sign up for a special day of golf with lunch, drinks and door prizes

Barty Partyには「Bartyの応援団」も意味するようで、その最初の応援団である家族を紹介する記事です。

But to come this far, Barty had a legion of fans behind her who've believed in her since day dot—and the very first of those were her family. 

As Barty continues to make history for Australia, we took a look back at her roots, and to the people who founded the original 'Barty Party', paving the way for the rest of the country to join in.