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ウクライナ情勢での off-ramp


Nick Schifrin:
Now, senior U.S. officials who I talk to are as concerned as they are, given the things that you're describing, and the capacities of Russia that are on the border, but they do say that Vladimir Putin has not made a final decision yet.

And, certainly, the U.S., the West, in what they say is a united way are trying to come up with a Russian off-ramp. But those things that the West are offering Russia are far from what Russia's core demands are.

So do you see any possible diplomatic off-ramp in this moment?

Michael Kofman:

I have sadly been pessimistic all along looking some months out at this.

And I have seen the likelihood for diplomacy to succeed is not very good, fairly slim. Now, of course, I agree. We don't know if Vladimir Putin has made a decision. That's very true. Is there a chance for diplomacy to succeed? Well, I think the window for it is unfortunately closing, right?


⦅米・南ア⦆(高速道路からの) 出口車線

North American English, South African English 
a road used for driving off a major road such as an interstate


We have both served in senior policymaking roles in our governments, and while we no longer represent our respective governments, we think we have identified an off-ramp for this standoff that could work for our respective countries.

We see four elements to a solution. First, restrictions on military operations along the NATO/Russia border. Second, a moratorium on NATO expansion eastward. Third, resolution of ongoing and frozen conflicts in the former Soviet space and the Balkans. And fourth, modernization of the 1975 Helsinki Accords, which created a pan-European forum and articulated agreed principles of interstate relations to undergird East-West detente.

こちらの記事でdiplomatic off-rampとあるように武力での解決ではなく、外交面で収める方策を指すことが多そうです。

By Rosalind Mathieson 2022年2月9日 20:11 JST

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As the West looks for a diplomatic off-ramp from tensions with Russia over Ukraine, there’s one grouping that’s again coming into focus.

Amid the warnings over Moscow’s military buildup near the Ukraine border (which it has sustained for months, while denying any plans to invade), there’s a push to re-energize the “Normandy Format,” named for the location of its first informal meeting.