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先日取り上げたソプラノ一家というテレビドラマについて、先週のモーニングジョーというテレビ番組では20分近くこの番組について取り上げていました。影響の大きさを実感することができました。複数回を一気に見るBinge watchingもこの番組が始めたと言っていました。

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>> tony scott not only changed television but it changed the balance of power. I remember a column by andrew stanley in "the times" talking at when we would go to school, you would go in the morning and you would stand around the water cooler and talk about "the stain" or "jaws." people don't remember, this is a good time to talk about it. the demarcation of 1999 when "the sopranos" came on shifted and that's when we stopped talking so much about the movies we saw and instead started talking about the tv series we saw on cable.

>> people began to say, what you hear routinely now about the television shows are better than movies as far as the writing, the acting and the complexity of the character, the sort of narrative sweep. and it changed a lot or helped to change a lot about our viewing habits. I mean, I'm remembering what I was doing in 1999. I started subscribing to HBO because of "the sopranos." I heard about it and missed the first season. It's the first time I bought a tv show, I think it was then VHS.


Well, why has violence declined? No one really knows, but I have read four explanations, all of which, I think, have some grain of plausibility. The first is, maybe Thomas Hobbes got it right.
(なぜ暴力が減少したのか 誰もわかりませんが 私が知っている4つの説明は どれもある程度うなずけるものです 一つ目はトマスホッブズが正しいというものです)

Now, one way of dealing with this problem is by deterrence. You don't strike first, but you have a publicly announced policy that you will retaliate savagely if you are invaded. The only thing is that it's liable to having its bluff called, and therefore can only work if it's credible. To make it credible, you must avenge all insults and settle all scores, which leads to the cycles of bloody vendetta. Life becomes an episode of "The Sopranos."

さて 抑止力がこの問題の解決策の一つです 先制攻撃はしませんが もしも侵略されたらはげしく報復するという方針を公言しておくのです このポリシーは 虚勢と見なされがちですが 本気だと思われたときにだけ効力を発揮します 本気と知らせるためには 全ての侵入に復讐を果たし 借りは必ず返して やがて血の復讐に至るのです ギャング映画の世界です 

観客の反応は残念ながらあまりよくなかったですね。Life becomes an episode of "The Sopranos."は、翻訳では「ギャング映画の世界です」となっていますが、このテレビドラマになじみのない日本人向けの翻訳ですからこのようなやり方しかないでしょうね。まあ、「仁義なき戦いの世界です」と訳すのもありかもしれませんが。。。。