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ハンガーゲームという映画について語っているので、映画についての知識が合った方が聞き取りやすいでしょうね。カットニス・エバディーンというのがジェニファー演じる主人公ということや、mockingjay pinという代々家に伝わっていたお守りのようなピンのことを知らないとピンとこないでしょう。ハンガーゲームの続編は日本では12月になるようですね。

あと気をつけたい点として、インタビューは原稿があってしゃべるということではないので、言い直しやkind ofとかlikeのような言葉を挟むことがあるので、そのような部分に惑わされてはいけないということでしょう。

また、音だけでなく文法的な正しさも必要になってくるかもしれません。冒頭の“The Hunger Games is the reason for my fame.”の部分も音だけ聞くと、from my fameのように聞こえますが、文法的には変ですね。下記のようなファンサイトでもfor my fameとしています。このファンサイトのインタビューの概要説明を読んでから聞き取ってみればさらに精度があがるかもしれません。

“The Hunger Games is the reason for my fame.”
She talks about learning to deal with fame and her similarities with Katniss, her excitement at putting the mockingjay pin on for the first time, a water stunt in Catching Fire that left her with temporary hearing loss, and admits that The Hunger Games taught her nothing about men and love.

The Hunger Games is the reason for my fame. I don’t know if it necessarily taught me about how to deal with fame but there are a lot of things I felt like Katniss. And I had a lot in common. She had to go to the capital and all of the sudden putting these weired cloths she didn’t feel like herself and kind of feeling like ragged off.

女)Chins up. Smiles on. 

男)There she is, Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire.

Now she's been there before and she's kind of like, found a character that she can become to be comfortable. I was a huge fan of the book so like --- we were figure out the mockingjay pin. We were putting the mockingjay pin on. There were a couple of moments like “Oh my god”.

But the second one. I mean the moments of like oh my god I can’t believe I have to do this are more like a sane stance. Like the reason I can’t hear out of my left ear. We were doing a water stunt and had to jump into water with all the jets and a jet went into my ear, I was deaf for like six days and never went to the doctor. Because I’m a genius.

My life is different and sometimes it's scary and sometimes it’s sad to see things go. Cause I still feel normal inside. So it's a kind of sad to see. Some of things changed. That I wasn’t ready to change. But I love acting. I wouldn't be able to do anything else.

Fortunately the Hunger Games has taught me nothing about men and love. That's just good old trial and error like anyone else. 

まあ、こういうのはあまり完璧さを求めても難しいところがありますから、気になった台詞だけでも自分のものにするという態度でいいのではないでしょうか。最後のThat's just good old trial and error like anyone else.