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Boston accent
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The Boston dialect is the dialect characteristic of English spoken in the city of Boston and much of eastern Massachusetts. Sociolinguists frequently group these regions with Rhode Island and eastern Connecticut to form the Eastern New England dialect region.

The best-known features of the Boston accent are non-rhoticity and broad A. It is most prominent in often traditionally Irish or Italian Boston neighborhoods and surrounding cities and towns.

ケネディ一家やベンアフレックなどがボストンアクセントの有名人として番組内であげられていましたが、番組でも映画TEDの主人公Mark Wahlbergについて触れていて、彼は地元出身だっからアクセントは簡単だったでしょうと言っていました。NPRの番組でもJohnny, played pleasantly by Mark Wahlberg in his own Boston accentと語っていました。

MONDELLO: Well, there's that. Now, at this point, I'm still not really buying in. Johnny, played pleasantly by Mark Wahlberg in his own Boston accent, seems real enough. Mila Kunis is appealing as Lori and tolerant beyond words. And I guess Ted is animated persuasively, but despite this movie's boozing, profanity and bong hits, it's all striking me as a little precious.

またTodayの番組内でボストン特有の表現がいろいろ紹介されていたのですが、その中にwell dressed manに対しての褒め言葉Don't you look dapperが取り上げられていました。映画TEDの予告編でlook dapperって聞き慣れない表現だなと思っていたので、ようやく納得できました。ボストン的な表現だったのですね。

[Ted is dressed in a suit and tie as John helps him find a job]
Ted: I look stupid.
John Bennett: No, you don't. You look dapper.
Ted: I don't! I look like Snuggles accountant.
John Bennett: Come on. It's not that bad.
Ted: John, I look like something you give to your kid when you tell 'em Grandma died.
John Bennett: Look, I know it sucks, okay? But you gotta make some money so you can pay for an apartment.
Ted: I don't wanna work at a grocery store.
John Bennett: Yeah, but you have no skills.
Ted: I told you, I can totally be a lawyer.
John Bennett: You get the job, we're celebratin' after. Okay?
[John takes out bag of weeds and shows it to Ted]
Ted: Uh-huh. And if I don't get the job? Are we still gonna smoke that pot?
John Bennett: Probably, yes.
Ted: Uh-huh. Okay. Alright. Good talk, coach. Thanks.
John Bennett: Alright, buddy. Go get 'em.
[Ted goes to cross the street, as he's walking he turns to John]
Ted: And don't worry. I'll do my very best to get this job that I so crave.

[at his job interview]
Frank: So you think you got what it takes?
Ted: I'll tell you what I got. Your wife's pussy on my breath.
Frank: Nobody's ever talked to me like that before.
Ted: That's cause everyone's mouth is usually full of your wife's box.
Frank: You're hired.
Ted: Shit.



(a man) is dapper
"Dapper" is an old-fashioned word that means "handsome". You call a man "dapper" when he's clean, dressed nicely in a formal way, has a neat and stylish haircut, and so on.

Aside from calling a person "dapper", you can also say that a man's clothes are "dapper":

He wore a dapper white suit.

The word "dapper" sometimes appears in the combination "a dapper gentleman".