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Thu Feb 14 2013
In mentioning the economic recovery, President Obama mentioned that Apple will begin building Mac computers in America while Apple CEO Tim Cook was in attendance.
CBS News

先週オバマ大統領はState of the Union(一般教書演説)を行いましたが、一般の人の関心を引いて、参加させようという戦略は選挙後もしっかりと行われていました。以下がホワイトハウスからのメールの抜粋です。SOTUという略語はState of the Union(一般教書演説)を指しています。there's someone he especially wanted to speak to: You.なんて書き方はYouメッセージとされるオバマの特徴がよくあらわれていますよね。

Hello --

On Tuesday, President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address. He was talking to Congress, but there's someone he especially wanted to speak to:


That’s why we created Citizen Response -- a new tool that lets you to tell President Obama and his advisers what you thought of his plan to create jobs and build a strong middle class.

In fact, Americans from all over the country have given us their responses. They sat down with President Obama's speech, read through it line by line, and highlighted the ideas that resonated with them. People like you are telling us why the President's proposals matter to their communities.

It's an incredible thing. And you should be part of it.

All you need to do is visit WhiteHouse.gov/SOTU to get started.


Twitter: A live megaphone for lobbying groups, companies
By Cecilia Kang, Published: February 14

On television, President Obama spent a commercial-free hour delivering his State of the Union speech. But on Twitter, the nation’s biggest lobbying groups and corporations found a megaphone to place ad money and promote their views.

The National Rifle Association, AARP, Chevron and Microsoft bid for top placement of 140-character tweets aimed at spreading their policy and political positions and marketing their products.


AARPは、周知のように50歳以上の3,800万人の会. 員を持つ全米、そして世界最大の高齢者によるNPOである。 以前は「American Association of Retired Persons(全米退職者協. 会)」であったが、1999年から「AARP」が正式名称となった


The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Affairs won the most coveted keyword — “#SOTU” — so that people who searched for that term saw the gun group’s “sponsored tweet” pop up at the top of their personal feeds: “@BarackObama gives good speeches, but how would his gun policies actually work? Don’t be fooled by #SOTU.”

AARP nabbed “#POTUS” and “#JOBS,” and users looking for those words saw their message to protect retirees: “Keep your word, Mr. President. Protect seniors. No Social Security cuts!”


Four of 10 television viewers say they use smartphones and tablets as they watch shows, according to Nielsen. They were commenting on Beyonce’s fashion during the Super Bowl halftime performance and teasing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for breaking from his Republican response speech for a swig of water.

Advertisers who are able to capture those split-second flows of crowd sentiment can win massive exposure, as Nabisco did with its clever photo of Oreo cookies being dunked in the dark during the Super Bowl temporary blackout earlier this month.


To ensure speedy response, AARP had two people monitoring the speech. One staff member fired off regular tweets in response to the president’s remarks, and the other was bidding by the minute for better placement based on what the president was saying.

About halfway into the speech, AARP bid for the words “Desiline Victor,” the 102-year-old voter mentioned by name to illustrate problems in early voting during the presidential election.

In addition to the promoted spots on user pages, Twitter gave AARP data on how many people were responding to its tweets.


“Twitter has become a fact of marketing life. If you aren’t real time, you are missing marketing opportunities,” Greenberger said.