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This is one of those years where no one can complain about the Nobel Committee’s choice. I’m so incredibly happy that she won.とJeffrey Eugenidesが語っているように今回の選出は異論がほとんどないようですね。


ワシントンポストにあったJeffrey EugenidesとJonathan Franzenの祝福コメントです。

Reactions to Alice Munro’s Nobel Prize
By Style staff, Published: October 11

Pulitzer Prize-winner and author of “The Virgin Suicides,” “Middlesex” and “The Marriage Plot” Jeffrey Eugenides:
People talk about Munro being a “master of the short-story form.’’ But she didn’t master the form so much as re-create it. Her traditional-seeming stories are anything but. She’ll shift multiple points of view or time schemes — hair-raisingly complicated stuff — not to show off formally but to find a means of packing her stories with maximum density. She’s the most savage writer I’ve ever read, also the most tender, the most honest, the most perceptive. This is one of those years where no one can complain about the Nobel Committee’s choice. I’m so incredibly happy that she won.

Author of “The Corrections” and National Book Award-winner Jonathan Franzen in 2005:
“Reading Munro puts me in that state of quiet reflection in which I think about my own life: about the decisions I’ve made, the things I’ve done and haven’t done, the kind of person I am, the prospect of death. She is one of the handful of writers, some living, most dead, whom I have in mind when I say that fiction is my religion.”

アリスムンローが受賞するということはMargaret Atwoodの受賞がなくなってしまったことになります。個人的には残念ですが、Atwood自身はムンローの受賞を喜んでいるようです。

Margaret Atwood: Alice Munro's road to Nobel literature prize was not easy
Initially regarded as a housewife whose writing was domestic and boring, elusive perfection drove Canadian to literary stardom
The Guardian, Thursday 10 October 2013

The road to the Nobel wasn't an easy one for Munro: the odds that a literary star would emerge from her time and place would once have been zero. She was born in 1931, and thus experienced the Depression as a child and the second world war as a teenager. This was in south-western Ontario, a region that also produced Robertson Davies, Graeme Gibson, James Reaney, and Marian Engel, to name several.

It's this small-town setting that features most often in her stories – the busybodies, the snobberies, the eccentrics, the cutting of swelled heads down to size, and the jeering at ambitions, especially artistic ones.

The pressure of cramped conditions may create the determination to break free, to gain some sort of mastery; but if you try this, you'd better do it well. Otherwise those who have laughed at you will laugh even harder, since an ice dancer who tries a triple axel and falls on her behind is hilarious.


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渡辺由佳里さんの洋書ベスト500にはアリスムンローはもちろん選ばれていますが、上に入っているZadie SmithやRichard Powersは入っていないんですよね。ちなみに2012年には村上春樹も選ばれています

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ミーハー丸出しですが、彼女の新作Dear Lifeを読んでみようと思います。