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Let Freedom Reign

ニューヨークタイムズもマンデラ元大統領を追悼してOpEd面は彼の記事一色ですね。エコノミストもA giant passesと彼を表紙にしています。(体調不良のニュースがあったので、予定稿を準備していたでしょうが、差し替えなど大変だったでしょうね)。Timeは金曜日の発売に間に合わなかった代わりとしてか、マンデラ追悼号を無料でiPad版アプリで配信していますね。


投稿日: 2013年12月06日 18時52分

Tribute to Nelson Mandela
Posted: 11/26/2013 9:59 am

Mr. Mandela could have easily spent those 27 years of incarceration abroad, protesting the evil from afar, safe from repercussions. Not him. If his people suffered, he would suffer with them.

I know something about protest. I know well the feelings and questions that run through the mind of those who stand against a system, braving everything for a cause. It is never easy. The personal price is high, but the greatest of people persevere for the greater good. Modern South Africa is built on the back of Mr. Mandela's sacrifice. It still amazes me, even to this day, that a man could give up two and half decades of his life, emerge from prison and forgive his imprisoners.

1994年5月のマンデラ大統領の大統領就任スピーチがペンギンのHistoric Speechesに収載されていました。動画もすぐに見つけることができましたので、最後のクライマックスのところと合わせてご紹介します。

Statement of the President of the African National Congress, Nelson R Mandela, at his inauguration as President of the democratic Republic of South Africa
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Source: ANC Website
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We dedicate this day to all the heroes and heroines in this country and the rest of the world who sacrificed in many ways and surrendered their lives so that we could be free.

Their dreams have become reality. Freedom is their reward.

We are both humbled and elevated by the honour and privilege that you, the people of South Africa, have bestowed on us, as the first president of a united, democratic, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa, to lead our country out of the valley of darkness.

We understand it still that there is no easy road to freedom.

We know it well that none of us acting alone can achieve success.

We must therefore act together as a united people, for national reconciliation, for nation building, for the birth of a new world.

Let there be justice for all.
Let there be peace for all.
Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.
Let each know that for each the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfil themselves.

Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world.

The sun shall never set on so glorious a human achievement

Let freedom reign. God bless Africa