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IBM's more powerful Watson supercomputer is opening up for public use
By Russell Brandom on November 14, 2013 12:52 am

The program is launching with three partners, including a Fluid Retail deployment that plans to bring a Watson-powered personal-shopper feature to North Face's e-commerce shop in 2014.


2013/11/15 9:58 日本経済新聞


日経の記事は淡々と事実を伝えるストレートニュースでしたが、All Things Dの記事の書き方は読み物的に伝えています。

Want to Work With IBM’s Watson? Now’s Your Chance.
NOVEMBER 14, 2013 AT 8:05 AM PT

If you’ve been keeping track of IBM’s Watson — that’s the supercomputer that beat two human champions at the TV game show “Jeopardy!” — and ever wondered when you might get to work with it (him?) yourself, your chance has apparently come.

IBM announced today that it has opened up the Watson computing environment to developers in the cloud. You’ll have access to a development sandbox where you can work with the Watson technology, train it on the information in which you want it to become an expert, and even ready an application to introduce to the marketplace.

It’s called the IBM Watson Developer Cloud, and a few companies have already done some work with it. Welltok has developed something of a personal-health-and-fitness coach that will help you stay on target with your diet and exercise goals. Fluid has created an app that stands in for that one person at a specialized retail store who knows everything you’re going to need for, say, a backpacking trip. MD On-Line created a medical app.



IBM Watson’s Next Venture: Fueling New Era of Cognitive Apps Built in the Cloud by Developers
IBM Opening the Watson Cognitive Platform to Global Community of Entrepreneurial Software App Providers, from Start-ups and VC Backed Companies to Established Players

ARMONK, NEW YORK - 14 Nov 2013: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that, for the first time, it will make its IBM Watson technology available as a development platform in the cloud, to enable a worldwide community of software application providers to build a new generation of apps infused with Watson's cognitive computing intelligence.

The move aims to spur innovation and fuel a new ecosystem of entrepreneurial software application providers – ranging from start-ups and emerging, venture capital backed businesses to established players. Together with IBM, these business partners share a vision for creating a new class of cognitive applications that transform how businesses and consumers make decisions.

To bring this shared vision to life, IBM will be launching the IBM Watson Developers Cloud, a cloud-hosted marketplace where application providers of all sizes and industries will be able to tap into resources for developing Watson-powered apps. This will include a developer toolkit, educational materials and access to Watson's application programming interface (API).