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King Learの案内とプレスリリース


完全な趣味ですが、Frank Langellaがリア王を演じる舞台についての案内とプレスリリースを見てみます。

King Lear
Frank Langella
By William Shakespeare
Chichester Festival Theatre
Directed by Angus Jackson

“Frank Langella offers a compelling King Lear teetering perilously between majesty and madness.”
—London Evening Standard

A legendary presence on stage and screen, Tony Award-winning and Oscar-nominated actor Frank Langella takes on King Lear. Betrayed by his daughters and shaken by his own mortality, Shakespeare’s aging patriarch wanders mad, as a kingdom disintegrates in the wake of his divested power. Langella joins forces with Britain’s Olivier Award-winning company Chichester Festival Theatre to present this monumental interpretation of the Bard’s tragedy.

最後の部分はマクミランにWilliam Shakespeare is sometimes referred to as the Bard or the Bard of Avon.とあるようにthe Bard’s tragedyで、「シェイクスピアの悲劇」という意味ですが、TOEIC的には動詞presentの使われ方をチェックしておきたいですね。

to present this monumental interpretation of the Bard’s tragedy

Frank Langellaって誰だか分からなかったのですが、映画『フロスト×ニクソン』でニクソン大統領を演じた人だそうです。いやあ、あのニクソンは憎たらしい存在感が出ていました。

次はプレスリリースです。We are absolutely delighted to announceやI am thrilled to welcome特にポジティブに伝える方法を学んでいきたいですね。また、and equally delighted toとalsoを使わずにequallyを用いているところなんかも参考になります。

20 June 2013
Frank Langella to star as King Lear at Chichester and BAM in 2013/14

Three time Tony Award-winning, Oscar nominated Broadway and film star Frank Langella will play the title role in a new production of William Shakespeare’s King Lear opening at Chichester Festival Theatre this autumn, prior to transferring to the Harvey Theater at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) in New York.

Jonathan Church, Artistic Director at Chichester Festival Theatre, said: “We are absolutely delighted to announce that this legendary American actor has accepted our invitation to lead the company of King Lear here at Chichester; and equally delighted to be returning to BAM after our previous collaboration, Macbeth, in 2008.”

BAM Executive Producer Joseph V. Melillo added, “I am thrilled to welcome one of our greatest actors to the BAM stage in January. The Chichester Festival Theatre production of King Lear will provide New York audiences the opportunity to experience Mr Langella perform perhaps the most challenging role in the Shakespearean canon. It will be a significant theater experience and a momentous occasion for BAM.”

King Lear will be directed by Chichester Associate Director Angus Jackson and designed by Robert Innes Hopkins.

King Lear will run at the Minerva Theatre, Chichester from Thursday 31 October – Saturday 30 November 2013. For further details, visit cft.org.uk or call 01243 781312.

Following the Minerva Theatre run, the production will transfer to BAM, New York playing from 7 January – 9 February 2014.


Frank Langella to star as King Lear at Chichester and BAM in 2013/14


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