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King Learの上演告知記事とレビュー


June 20, 2013, 10:00 AM ET
Frank Langella to Play King Lear on Stage
ByBarbara Chai

Three-time Tony Award winner Frank Langella will tread the boards again, this time in the title role in Shakespeare’s “King Lear.”

The new production will be directed by Angus Jackson, and will run at the Chichester Festival Theatre in the U.K. from Oct. 31 to Nov. 30. It will transfer to the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York from Jan. 7 to Feb. 9, 2014.

Langella, 75, a veteran of both stage and film, received Tony Awards for his performances in “Frost/Nixon” (and an Oscar nomination for the film adaptation), “Seascape” and “Fortune’s Fool.” His other theater work includes “Dracula” (also the film version), “Match,” “A Man for All Seasons,” and “Man and Boy.”

つぎにレビューです。以下は5つ星満点で4つ星がついていましたのでpositiveなレビューです。what impresses is the spellbinding power of that fine American actorとほめていますね。Spellbindingのような大仰な形容詞もレビューでは登場しやすいですね。

King Lear – review
Minerva, Chichester
This return to star-driven Shakespeare has in Frank Langella a commanding Lear still driven by a craving for love
Michael Billington

We are used to director's Shakespeare. This production, which plays 32 performances in Chichester before moving to Brooklyn, is unequivocally actor's Shakespeare. It is staged with great clarity by Angus Jackson as a timeless moral fable. But what impresses is the spellbinding power of that fine American actor, Frank Langella, best known in Britain as the disintegrating president inFrost/Nixon, who plays Lear and wins.

Langella has that mysterious quality known as "weight". It is not merely that he is tall, has a voice that could be heard in Bognor Regis and is more oak than ash: it is that he has an authority that compels our attention. This is palpable from the start when he needs help ascending the steps of Robert Innes Hopkins's set, which looks like a miniaturised version of Chichester's hexagonal main stage with appropriately crazy paving. Langella even cups a hand to his ear to hear Goneril's fake protestations of affection. But, despite his slight stoop and white thatch, this is a Lear who looks born to command.

director's Shakespeareとactor's Shakespeareという区別はなるほどですね。日本でも蜷川さんのようにdirector's Shakespeareの方が主流のような感じですから。

以下が締めの部分ですがin Langella we have not only a star but a real actorと最後までLangellaを褒めています。

In many ways, however, the production is a throwback to the days when we went to see star Shakespeare. But after a glut of concept-driven productions, it makes a refreshing antidote. And in Langella we have not only a star but a real actor: one who follows the familiar arc of Lear's moral awakening, but who also makes the part his own. At the end, Langella's Lear lays out Cordelia's lifeless body with paternal care as if, even in death, still anxiously searching for the love he never achieved in life.