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「政治家は功績を誇示するのが常とすれば研究者は問題点を指摘するのが仕事と言えるでしょうか。」と書きましたが、研究者が政治家になった場合はどうなるでしょうか。サマンサパワーさんがルワンダについて聞かれています。自ら批判したことを生かして中央アフリカ共和国の状況に対処できるのか?NPRの記者はthe old Samantha Powerとthe new Samantha Powerという形で聞いています。

GREENE: You know, a decade or so ago you were very famous for criticizing the Clinton administration's response in Rwanda and pushing much harder for the world and the United States to respond faster in humanitarian crises. How does that Samantha Power from before feel working inside the government now? I mean are the realities like you're talking about, you know, things so spread thin, questions about funding - are those new realities that you sort of have to accept or is the old Samantha Power there and kind of just having to restrain herself?

逃げ場もない追求型のインタビューをするよりも、こういった聞き方の方がいいかもしれませんね。サマンサパワーも誠実に答えています。喫緊の課題は中央アフリカ共和国だけでなく、様々な国で問題が起きていることのようですね。our challenge is not an absence of will, it is that the number of emergencies right now on the continentと答えています。

African Responses Night And Day From Rwanda, U.N. Envoy Says
April 11, 2014 4:38 AM ET

On whether the response is too late
It is a devastating situation and nobody should sugarcoat it in any way. But everything we do is itself an act of prevention. The more security we have, the more people who will be safe. But I want to be clear; our challenge is not an absence of will, it is that the number of emergencies right now on the continent — including the Central African Republic, including Darfur, including South Sudan, which has deteriorated, and of course including Mali — it's placing a lot of demand on African countries.


On comparing the old Samantha Power to the new Samantha Power
The old Samantha Power is the new Samantha Power; they get to talk to each other every day. ... I feel privileged. I mean, look, if I were outside government now I'd be writing editorials, seeking meetings with the U.N. ambassador [and] seeking meetings with the secretary of state. Instead I get to work with the secretary of state every day who's as committed to I am of dealing with the problem. I get to talk to the president about it, who has dedicated $100 million to get African forces in there in as timely a fashion as possible in tough budget times. So I'm in a much better position now to affect both the pace and the scope of our response, and we've come a long way. But ... neither the new Samantha Power nor the old Samantha Power can be satisfied when you still have Muslim and Christian civilians who are living in great fear.


国連WFP、UNHCR 、UNICEFが中央アフリカ共和国について東京で会見、支援呼びかける
国連WFP2014年4月10日 16時30分

Central African Republic: are we ignoring Rwanda all over again?
They said it would never happen again but 20 years on the world is doing little to prevent a similar tragedy, says Daily Maverick
Simon Allison for Daily Maverick, part of the Guardian Africa network
theguardian.com, Thursday 3 April 2014 12.07 BST