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Celebrate the grand opening of King of Prussia Mall with these promotions! Stock-up on key items for the season.

 Promotions valid 5/16-5/26.



HappyがヒットしているPharrell Williamsともコラボしていたんですね。

RETAIL | 5/15/2014 @ 7:59AM |1,551 views
Uniqlo Speeds Up U.S. Push With 30-Plus Stores Planned By Fall

On Friday, Uniqlo will open an outpost at King of Prussia Mall, an upscale shopping center just outside Philadelphia. It’ll be the 21st Uniqlo store operating in the U.S., where the Japanese fashion giant has grand plans.

By 2020, parent company Fast Retailing — Asia’s largest retailer — aims to run 1,000 Uniqlo stores in the U.S.

この記事の最後の以下のようにあるUniqlo US CEO Larry Meyerさんの動画もありました。

Uniqlo US CEO Larry Meyer met with Forbes at Uniqlo’s Soho, New York flagship to talk about the brand’s universal appeal, its comfortable clothes and a new partnership with the man behind this year’s pop hit ‘Happy’, Pharrell Williams.

Our store execution and store service is premised on Japanese mode. We are very proud of those standards and we want to enforce that and have that same sort of standard on a global basis including US. Currently we have 20 stores as we opened three new stores this past weekends.

Our customers… our store relate to everyone. We are about classical fashion. The products we have here. Polo shirts and over there
Gulf pair of pants
They are all about what you can wear casually or to work.

We work with the Japanese organization to evolve Global organizations. Global, in a sense our products appeal to global customers. We have a relatively consistent assortment across the globe. We transfer information back and forth. That’s what makes Uniqlo terrific. We change the color and we will change somewhat silhouette and because we’ve been focused on these products on a consistent basis.

Our production efficiencies get better and better. There’s difference in sizing to some grade. Grading systems are somewhat different. Different products will sett at different pace given different tastes. Overall assortment is very similar.

We are very pleased with affiliation we have with Pharrell Williams. He’s having a great year with all three songs that he’s been involved with, especially “Happy.”

In my mind, it’s sort of what we want Uniqlo customers to feel our clothes, in my mind, make you life easier to live and make you happy. Because it’s so easy to wear the products. So relaxing and such great quality.

Product is remarkably consistent from the point of view it’s what you’ve worn probably all your life. You know, a polo shirt or golf pair pants. You’ve worn that, if you are a Forbes reader.

Believe me, the price is wonderful. And the quality is better than most of the other people you buy a shirt from.