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Ugly Animals Need Love Too


可愛いものに注目してしまうのは人間の性。でも、そんな中、tyranny of the cuteに立ち向かいは虫類の保護を訴えかけている方もいるようです。最初の都議の話はこじつけかもしれませが、National Geographicのニュースレターをご紹介します。

Not All Endangered Species Are Cute and Fluffy
Ugly Animals Need Love Too

Roly-poly pandas may get all the attention, but they’re not the only ones that need our help: scientists and animal advocates warn that we’re losing more unique species to extinction every day. Explore our photo gallery of fuzzy bats, see video of 800-pound fish, follow the mysterious manta ray, and get to know the World Cup armadillo. Find out why National Geographic Explorer Lucy Cooke battles the “tyranny of the cute,” and how some animals are adapting to climate change. But can they change quickly enough?


Lucy Cooke
Digital Storyteller/Zoologist

Quick! Which species pulls at your heartstrings—a tiger cub or an algae-covered sloth? A panda or a toad? A lion or a dung beetle? When it comes to emotional attachment, research funding, global popularity, and conservation support, the fluffier your fur and the bigger your eyes, the better your chances—unless zoologist Lucy Cooke has a vote. She's on a one-woman crusade to show the world why some of the most unlovable animals are actually the most interesting and deserving of our attention, study, and protection.
Cooke's popular blogs, online videos, films, and TV programs bring her trademark humor and quirky storytelling style to a serious message: If we only care for the best known and best loved species, other enormously crucial parts of the web of life could vanish forever. With her unconventional attitude, she leverages the Internet to reach a new audience that more traditional wildlife programming has yet to tap.
"My goal is to preach to the unconverted," says Cooke. "A lot of conservation messages are difficult to hear; they make people feel guilty. I think humor is the sugar coating that helps people swallow the pill. If you manage to make someone laugh while you tell them something important, they'll stick around and listen to more."

Saving the Creepsのcreepは「はって進む動物」=は虫類のことを指しているんでしょうけど、人に使うと「陰気なやつ」「キモいやつ」という意味になってすまうようです。Creepと聞くとRadioheadの曲がついつい浮かびます。

[countable] (informal) a person that you dislike very much and find very unpleasant
He's a nasty little creep!