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"diabolical treble-strapped textual straitjacket"

前回の記事を書く時にしった情報です。David Mitchellがツイッター小説を7月に試みていたようで、下記リンクでおよそ280のツイートからなる短編を読むことができます。

The Right Sort, David Mitchell's Twitter short story
The Booker-shortlisted novelist has published his latest short story, The Right Sort, on Twitter this week. Here you can read the author's ongoing 280-tweet tale of a boy and his mother's valium pills in full, and in chronological order
theguardian.com, Monday 14 July 2014 10.16 BST

"diabolical treble-strapped textual straitjacket"とはツイッターで小説を書くことの難しさをDavid Mitchellが表現したものです。

Novelist David Mitchell publishes new short story on Twitter
Booker-shortlisted author submits to twitter 'straitjacket' for 280-tweet tale of boy tripping on valium
Alison Flood
theguardian.com, Monday 14 July 2014 07.11 BST

Set in the same universe as his much-anticipated new novel The Bone Clocks, which opens in 1984, as a teenage runaway meets a strange woman who offers a small kindness in return for "asylum", The Right Sort will run to 280 tweets. Mitchell described writing fiction for Twitter as a "diabolical treble-strapped textual straitjacket".

First, said the writer who was shortlisted for the Booker for number9dream and Cloud Atlas, "obviously, you're limited to 140 characters". Secondly, the tweets are visually sequential, "and I think this alters how the text is read. Reading off a page is like looking down at a landscape from a balloon – your eye 'sees' the story as well as reads it, its layout, its paragraphs and structure, and 'remembers' what it just read because it's still there, on the page, simultaneously. If you want to, you can reread any line instantly; or linger; or speed up; or optically 'flinch'. Reading a series of tweets is more like looking through a narrow window from a train speeding through a landscape full of tunnels and bands of light and dark. Each tweet erases its predecessor."

And last, "narrative tweets have to be at least two things: one, a balanced entity with its own (may I say haiku-like?) rightness, and two, a 'propellent' or maybe a kind of plate-spinner of character development, or mood, or plot, or idea, or a combination. So it's just as well that I love the escapological challenges posed by diabolical treble-strapped textual straitjackets. I can't say it was easy, but then again Georges Perec wrote an entire novel without a single letter 'E'. Now that's a straitjacket."

最後の部分にAnd last, "narrative tweets have to be at least two things: one, a balanced entity with its own (may I say haiku-like?) rightnessとあります。短い詩イコール俳句というイメージは英国人にもあるのですね。まあ、彼は日本に住んでいたのでその辺は差し引かなくてはいけませんが。。。

(from Japanese)
a poem with three lines and usually 17 syllables, written in a style that is traditional in Japan