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In uncharted territory

このエントリーを書いている時点で、準決勝は1−1とタイです。番狂わせを期待しています。US Openのサイトでは、ブログタイトルと同じフレーズを使って、今回の快進撃を紹介しています。14才で単身アメリカに渡ったところから始めています。やはり、その頃から飛び抜けた才能があったようですね。

In uncharted territory
By Sandra Harwitt
Saturday, September 6, 2014
In 2004, Kei Nishikori arrived on the doorstep of the Nick Bollettieri Academy as a quiet 14-year-old from Japan with no English language skills in his repetoire.

From day one of his arrival in Florida it was clear that Kei was personally shy. But his game immediately came across loud and clear. This was a kid with talent, which is why Sony heir Masaki Morita sponsored Nishikori’s move to the U.S. to further his game.

At the academy he was quickly dubbed with the nickname “Project 45” by everybody. The moniker was a reference to the prime objective: guiding Nishikori to become the highest-ranked Japanese male player of all time, beating out the career-high No. 46 ranking that Shuzo Matsuoka had attained during his time on tour.

しかし、何と言っても注目はマイケルチャンをコーチにしたことでしょうか。特に今回はFamous coaches for all of the men's semifinalistsの記事でも触れられているように、ジョコビッチはベッカー、フェデラーはエドバーグと往年の名プレイヤーがコーチとなっているようです。

One person who is bolstering Nishikori at this US Open, and throughout this season, is his coach, Michael Chang. After the two five-set wins, Chang had a simple message for his prized student: “He told me congrats in winning this battle,” Nishikori said. “Two in a row. But he also say, it’s not done. Stay focus and try to recover these two days and, hopefully, I have another good one the next one.”

試合中の現在は、まだa wait-and-see situation that will be answered on Saturdayの状況ですが、良い結果になることを祈っています。

“I think if he’s able to play healthy through the course of a year, he’s almost Top 10 now with as little as he’s playing,” Chang added. “It’s going to take time. The physical part, it’s part of working on his conditiong. These things don’t happen overnight. But he’s improved and last night’s match is evidence of that.”
Chang expects big things for the future: “He’s only going to keep getting better,” he said, almost warning the rest of the field. Whether that includes a semifinal upset against top seed and five-time finalist Novak Djokovic is a wait-and-see situation that will be answered on Saturday.