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以前紹介した国連のClimate Summit直前の日曜日に行われるPeople's Climate Marchには潘国連事務総長やディカプリオも参加するようです。肝心の国連サミットは、中国やインドが参加しないようなので、ほとんど期待できそうもありません。

U.N.’s Climate Change Push Gains DiCaprio, but Loses India, China and Russia
By Lucy Westcott
Filed: 9/17/14 at 10:12 AM | Updated: 9/17/14 at 11:48 AM

国連のClimate Summitはこちら

ナオミクラインのThis Changes Everythingを読み始めていますが、米国のリベラル向け雑誌NationにConclusionを抜粋したものが掲載されていました。Editor’s Note: This article is adapted from This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, by Naomi Klein (Simon & Schuster).と注意書きがあります。


Climate Change Is a People’s Shock
What if, instead of accepting a future of climate catastrophe and private profits, we decide to change everything?
Naomi Klein September 16, 2014

Recent years have been filled with moments when societies suddenly decide they have had enough, defying all of the experts and forecasters—from the Arab Spring (tragedies, betrayals and all), to Europe’s “squares movement” that saw city centers taken over by demonstrators for months, to Occupy Wall Street, to the student movements of Chile and Quebec. The Mexican journalist Luis Hernández Navarro describes these rare political moments that seem to melt cynicism on contact as the “effervescence of rebellion.”

What is most striking about these upwellings, when societies become consumed with the demand for transformational change, is that they so often come as a surprise—most of all to the movements’ own organizers. I’ve heard the story many times: “One day it was just me and my friends dreaming up impossible schemes; the next day the entire country seemed to be out in the plaza alongside us.” And the real surprise, for all involved, is that we are so much more than we have been told we are; that we long for more and—in that longing—have more company than we ever imagined.

No one knows when the next such effervescent moment will open, or whether it will be precipitated by an economic crisis, another natural disaster or some kind of political scandal. We do know that a warming world will, sadly, provide no shortage of potential sparks. Sivan Kartha, senior scientist at the Stockholm Environment Institute, puts it like this: “What’s politically realistic today may have very little to do with what’s politically realistic after another few Hurricane Katrinas and another few Superstorm Sandys and another few Typhoon Bophas hit us.” It’s true: the world tends to look a little different when the objects we have worked our whole lives to accumulate are suddenly floating down the street, smashed to pieces, turned to garbage.

世界的にはイマイチ盛り上がっていませんが、ニューヨークのPeople's Climate Marchにはどれだけの人が集まるのでしょうね。